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Monday, 10 January 2011

Hawker Food at Restaurant Hoong Fook, Seri Petaling

When we arrived K.L after the journey back from Ipoh, we went delivering goodies from Ipoh to friends

The last stop was Seri Petaling. 

Finished delivering barang, our tum tum were growling also. Then Mamarazzi suggested we eat at Restaurant Hoong Fook. Quite a lot of Hawkers food there and the food were not bad also

Mamarazzi ordered the famous Yong Tauhu from a stall there. RM0-90 a piece. Taste good and the soup is brew from pure fish bones.

Papa felt like eating Char Keoy Teow. Fried by a "foreigner" but surprisingly the taste was quite good.

Mamarazzi and me had Hokkien Mee. The Hokkien Mee by this stall have enough "Wok Hei" and ample crunchy pork lard. Anyway, the "Siew Chow" by this stall is normally taste good. Mamarazzi used to "tapau" from this stall previously.

Papa wanted to have Fried Oyster so Mamarazzi went and order a small plate of RM7. Hmm...the eggs was quite crunchy. Not bad. Hmm...if only they would put more oyster into it then it would be wonderful.

Overall, it was a good meal.


  1. mmmm looks so delicious! late but happy new year!

  2. hokkien mee wow.. i love this meal hehe kalau campur prawns mars mell-o can finish the whole plate alone!

  3. The hawker stalls at Seri Petaling not bad one. I'm drooling over all the food there.

  4. Yummmmm!!! Everything looks soooo nice! Who stays in Seri Petaling? Not Lizard Bird, I'm sure...

  5. I am sure if i were to be there makaning with you, the or chian will be the first one that i would wallop,,, sampia habis,, lol

    hey have a great week ahead ya,, remember next time if you are in Penang, let me know, i take you to one place selling or chian you would droll over,,, Suituapui tried it already,,

  6. FRanky

    Happy New Year :D

    Yup food was delicious

  7. Mars Mell-o

    this one got prawn le...but not much la

  8. Mummy Gwen

    So many new shops sprung up in Seri Petaling

  9. STP

    Nah...not auntie Little's Mamarazzi non-blogger friends in Seri Petaling and other places. Gotta send them their goodies before it's spoilt mah.

  10. Eugene

    Will do...memang gila Oh Chien and Asam laksa...will call you up to see where got good place to makan which only local know about.

  11. Hey, you sound like staying close to me and Alie Phua! We are the regular of their Char Kuew Tiao, not bad hor?!

    Have a nice day to you!

  12. I love the Hokkien Mee which have enough wok hei! The colour looks good too!

  13. So much delicious food! Somemore near to my office. Will go and try them out during lunch one day..

  14. are tempting me with fried oyster again.....

  15. Wah foreigner also picked up the skill of frying then in future our local people susah cari makan.

  16. the HKM and the orh-jian looks very nice woh.. i am hungry now leh, almost dinner time already~~

  17. Hokkien mee is my favorite. The is one near my home which is really good. Next time you come to KL, let me know so I can bring you to this place:D

  18. Alice

    Used to stay in SP. That's why know a bit bit la

  19. Lenglui Witch

    what?? your office nearby there and you havent tasted the awesome food there ah? aiyoooo

  20. Mommy Angel

    these memang enough wok hei

  21. Bananaz

    Pasal local dun wanna do they hire foreigner to fry lor...daily goyang kaki kutip $$ enough la

  22. SK

    hahahaha....time to cari makan lo

  23. Quay Po Cooks

    where about? Cheras?


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