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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ganofarm, Tanjung Sepat

After walking the "Lovers Bridge" we went to the Ganofarm pulak. It's a place where they have lotsa lotsa mushroom.

*piggy mouth* photo again ah....tak mau la.

 I wanna see the mushroom many colorful mushroom.

Top- Lingzhi Mushroom- wow...a lot of "Khasiat". Aren't this mushroom that is being frequently sought after in the old Hong Kong Kung Fu Drama?

Bottom-Monkey Head Mushroom- Hmm...looks a bit lie cauliflower geh.

Top- Oyster Musroom- ah...this one I know..Mamarazzi like to ut it into the steamboat one

Bottom-Yellow Oyster Mushroom- Hmmm can eat ka? Aren't colorful mushroom means poisonous?

Top -Pink Oyster Mushroom-Very pretty. I wonder if my Dear would like it.

Bottom -Black Jelly Mushroom- nice nice to make Leng Chi Kang.

Many people are busy "borong-ing" I better grab a basket too.

Wah! One tong habis!

Wah lau many product made from mushroom. Even got mushroom BKT and Mushroom coffee ah? Mushroom extract essence ah? Don't play play leh.

Oh by the way, my Yee yee highly recommend the Lingzhi Healing Theraphy powder. Said if put on cut or wound will heal very fast one wor.

ALamak...kenot sit here to take photo. The "Japanese grass" tickle my bum bum eh. Got wear underwear also geli-geli.Very hamsum grass.

Hahaha...I got my wish. Mamarazzi bought me these Lingzhi drinks. A bit bitter. I like the "Ribena" taste the most.

After drinking can brooom brooommm motorbike...*sobs* but cannot wor...cannot drink and drive....moreover I don't have licence leh..Not even licence Lembu. Too bad...Then Papa said time to go home lor.


  1. small kucing wanna make the bear bangkrap by planning more trips to west....sobs sobs...

  2. Ah! The Monkey Head mushroom - that one Pete likes... My daughter loves mushrooms too...Bet she'll love this place.

  3. Lingzhi! those stuff have a truckload of benefits in de toxifying the body. :)

  4. Wow mushroom alone got 1001 types and so colorful. tQ

  5. wow so many colorful mushrooms !!!

  6. Waahhh so banyak mushroom I never see before!! I wonder what they taste like... hhhmmmm...

  7. Ganofarm.. something so new to me.. next time i must go tanjung sepat.. cepat cepat...

  8. Lingzhi there. Oyster mushrooms come in pink and yellow?

  9. Oh did not know oyster mushroom has pink and yellow color also. That one can eat?

  10. Angel Bear

    wont bankrupt one la. Tj Sepat is low cost area. No need use much $$ one.

  11. STP

    Saw in Pete's post too. Never makan that before . Wonder what it taste like

  12. Isaac

    Taste very bitter wor. Bought the drinks. Not bad la since it was diluted

  13. Claire

    got many other places too swiftlet farm, longan farm, fishball factory and dusun there

  14. Mummy Gwen

    Yup..duno know to be cook like usual or not

  15. Chee Yee

    Dont know wor. Should be can eat gua.. or else why they tanam?


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