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Friday, 14 January 2011

Flaming Steamboat Buffet, Danau Kota Branch

We had steamboat for our New Year dinner with Auntie Cynthia and Auntie Little Bird. We went to Flaming Steamboat Buffet at Danau Kota.

I can tell you it was a real "flaming" experience.

Knowing that it was New Year day, Auntie Little Bird called and make a booking earlier by a few days. It was a rather worrisome experience. When Auntie Little Bird called them up, the one who was online seems to be rather impatient. Told Auntie Little Bird, okay and hang up just like that without asking for her contact number or anything. Hey..don't restaurant normally would ask for name and contact number when you make a booking?

Auntie Little Bird got worried and e-mailed them. Only then did they gave her a booking number but without asking her where we preferred to be seated.

Hence when we arrived, we found ourselves seated at the sidewalk. Guess, it's the "smoking area" gua. Gua okay leh but my Dear how? She is not comfortable if it's hot leh.

Okay la...nevermind la. Maybe the food here is worth the slight discomfort. Got penyakit berjankit from Mamarazzi. Am now turning into "anakrazzi". I take photo first before eating.

Wah...CKT with such a large size prawns..impressive leh. Don't think you can find it anywhere else in KL

 Taste first. Hmm...kira okay la. Prawns were fresh. 

 Mamarazzi went on snapping photos of the food but halfway she lost "mood" already. Sort of start "boiling".

 Went to the soft drink machine wanted to get some soft drinks to cool of the soft drink habis..then she tried others pulak...what?? all habis? Woi...baru 7pm wor.

Asked the staff there and he replied "rosak". *Pengsan*. According to Auntie Little Bird, this branch was around for less than 6 months. So fast the machine rosak ah?

The more disappointing thing was that Mamarazzi couldn't find the 2 Chocolate Fountains. Tarak fountain. Only found a bowl of chocolate being heated in a bowl like machine.

We arrived that place around 7pm. Previous diners must have been very fond of fingers foods coz most of the finger food advertised was no longer there. Tarak french fries, tarak potato wedges, tarak yam roll, tarak chicken nugget and tarak curry samosa. Ish..ish.. ish... sikit also tarak left for us.

Then Mamarazzi thought of having a cup of hot coffee might cheer her up. Mana tau..take the cup...found this black thingy inside. Looks like residue from previous user.

Then look for another a clean one. She poured a cup of coffee for herself lor. Then see see..uiks...why not hot geh? Asked the staff. Staff said "opps...lupa 'on' the machine. Haiz...looks like it's just not her day.

Apa lagi..she drowned her sorrow in a few plates of prawns lor. One thing good about this place was the prawns and scallop were fresh and big big punya. Very worth it. Walloped those things kao-kao loh.

As for me, tarak Chocolate Fountain pun nevermind la. Mamarazzi went and took a bowl and cedok the chocolate from the heating machine for me to eat with Biscuit Stick lo.

Eat punya eat..they all laugh at me. Calling me "Hail! Hitler!" . Ask me to raise my hand pulak tu. Hmm...don't know why Auntie Little Bird and Mamarazzi laughing till rolling at the sidewalk. Lucky tak kena car langgar.


  1. When business good service also drop lah!

  2. sure is a 'flaming' experience! huhuhuuhuhuhu~

  3. RM22.80 plus? Sooooo cheap. Those prawns, uncooked, already cost more than that. I want! I want to go there!!!!

  4. Sounds like not a good makan place but the company you were with, made it worth it!! Happy Walloping!

  5. Hehe... anakrazzi(what an unique adress) so pannai, know how to take picture liao, got potential!

    Since you gave it a bad verdict, sayonara lor... to this flaming restaurant, won't want to patron either!;p

    Happy weekend!
    p/s: Your eyes so sharp, other people might have just grab the cup and feel with drink!^o^

  6. looking at the ad that cleff showed me is so tempting..mana tahu pergi, tarak tempting but a bit disappointing..

  7. Hah mamarazzi and the rest must be disappointed. Never mind la, next time go somewhere else. :)

  8. @Cikgu... if wanna go there, can la... if u can turn blind eye to the bad service... the other day I oso boiling jor, spoil our new year dinner mood!

    But den, i'll be fair. The prawns, king prawns, crabs, scallops... and all those expensive seafood is worth the money. So if wanna makan there, kenot care so much about the shitty service.

    Remember the 'Cincai' restaurant that Smallkucing blogged about? There, the service is better, but too bad they're out of business liao. =(

  9. Hahaha punya la funny this Mamarazzi :D Still got lots of hiccups cos baru opened for less than 6 months. I guess the operation is not smooth yet.

    We've been to this Flaming in Sunway a few times.. we find their spread quite good.

  10. matters at time when it comes to eating with all your good friends, the food will be secondary. I love steamboat :)

    My son told me there is a place ..famous for steamboat. Can't remember a village set up RM23 per head . He goes there very often...that boy really knows how to enjoy :p

  11. hahahahhahahahahha! mini hitler so cute, gone la this place, no more visit by the food queen aka the kucing

  12. Lil boy Ada bakat jadi camera man =D

  13. Pete

    Written to complaint to them. Their reply say coz holiday season wor. Not enough staffs and a lot customers.

    But when you open a restaurant you should have expected these thing already mah. Peak season hire mor staffs lo

  14. Angel Bear

    Memang Flaming hot. Nak ajak u go to this that day but lucky you didnt go else you also flamed

  15. STP

    Ya the food was good and fresh la. NOw if only the service is the same as the food then it's good la

  16. Claire

    Next time will try the Sunway main branch and see

  17. Alice Law

    Only this branch la..maybe the Sunway main one is better. Or maybe after kena complaint they will take note and upgrade their service lo

  18. Chee Yee

    Lucky you were not well that day else you'll be disappointed too from driving all the way there. Your hse is so far from the place. Next round jom go Sunway br. Maybe there will have two choc fountain

  19. Chloe's Mommy

    Next time we too have to go Sunway better.

    Aiyo..this one already open 6month. Tak kan la wash cup and make sure it's dry properly also tak tau :(

  20. Elin

    I think I know that place.

    It's in Seri Kembangan near the Chinese School. Name is Hai Tien. Prise used to be RM18 naik harga liao ah.

    That one is good. Can have soup and have BBQ one

  21. Irene

    memang la..go so darn faraway to makan leh..saw the brochure got two choc fountain la..this la that la...sampai sana...fountain become bowl..drinks dispenser rosak..macam cinderalla story pulak...carriage turned into pumpkin

  22. Tuti

    Mamarazzi geram geram baham I think got two Kg of the prawns LOL

  23. yalor, wallop kao kao all those fresh prawns and scallop already worth back the money~~ :p

  24. cute..looks like Hitler indeed..

  25. feel like been cheated hor, cannot get what u see at the broucher or menu i hate those too >.<

  26. SK

    Cholestrol level also higher liao


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