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Friday, 28 January 2011

Choo! Choo! adVenture!

Chill Babe! Papa bringing me for a Choo choo adventure. Ya...I have been on a choo choo long time seems like a lifetime ago.

Yellow box...cannot enter. Later kena saman. Errr...which platform should I wait ah?

Cool or not? Or look like Ah Beng out from kampung?

 Papa say bring me eat at the Big Jagung wor. We went makan at Little Penang Cafe on the 4th Floor of KLCC.

Order Pai Tee. Hmm....this one really yummy. Fresh and crunchy. Papa love to have it with the cili sauce but I like it plain.

The soya bean was for me and the sugar cane was for Mamarazzi.

But then, I "monopolied" Papa's coconut pulak. Hmm...I wonder how they managed to cut the coconut like this. The pulp still intact.

Papa had the Asam Laksa RM10+ . Not much of Asam Laksa taste nor smell. Pasar Malam one have a stronger taste.

Maybe coz this is tourist area, they have tone down the taste to accomodate the ang moh? Most Ang Moh can't take food that is too spicy gua.

Mamarazzi had the Dark Soya Sauce Chicken with hard boiled egg and mushroom that comes with Sambal Petai Prawns and Ju Hu Char/Kerabu Paku Pakis

Haiz...when the food come, Mamarazzi tak habis habis pokpekpokpekpokpek...looking for her Sambal prawn. Cari punya cari ...baru found it in the soya sauce plate kena timbus with sambal. At 1st glance she thought it was just sambal.

She found 7 half slices of petai and 3 prawns as show in the photo above.

Then Papa said can't expect much la. After all this set cost RM15 only mah. Haiz...this got Mamarazzi goes on another round of blah blah blah....sakit telinga lo.

Coz I monopolied Papa's Cococnut, he had to order something else. He ordered ABC. When I saw the ABC comes, I very clever wor. I push back the coconut to Papa and said the ABC is mine.

Alamak...why ABC have banana inside geh...must ask Uncle Eugene if in Penang they put banana in their ABC or not. Hmm...maybe B=Banana?

After makan, we walked around a bit. I played a bit.

Then we bumped into a group of Iranian tourist. The "aunties" memang ganas leh. They snatched Papa. Aiya...thought they asked him to snap photo for them. Mana tau they asked us to pose for photos with them wor. Ish...3-5-6-7(sam em six chat) also wanna take photo together. Weird...more terror than Japanese.

On our way back, the choo choo train was quite crowded. There was a man who gave up his seat for me.

I know this place. XcessBook. I wanna go XcessBook.

Hmm...why don't wanna go Xcess....why tired...


  1. sometimes its fun to go around on choo choo train...less fuss...but too bad whenever I am in KL the driver insist to drive around =/

  2. LOL, speaking about train ride... you just reminded me my boy haven't have one official train ride leh!

    So 'generous' of the restaurant, with the money you paid they gave you a little this and that(shake head).

    Wah, paparazzi must be really Yeng Zai(handsome) or perhaps looks like an artist! I also tempted to pose with him liao(joking)!^-^

  3. New ABC, apple, banana and chempedak......ha ha ha!

  4. *bodek mode on* Mamarazzi's sambal petai is the best in the world. kalah only to aunty punya mummy's sambal and auntie punya late grandma's sambal belacan. LOL!

  5. I want!!! I love pai tee.... Btw, your t-short is very nice,so you!

  6. wah...SK looks so cool ying ah...

  7. Seronok nyerr!! And why that ABC got banana one?? I never makan ABC yang ade banana.. pelik betul.

  8. Till today I have yet to bring my son on the LRT. He is complaining. hahaha...

    KLCC food quality bad and expensive. And the Iranian women really so ganas ah? aiyoh...scary!

    Your son is too cute! :)

  9. Angel Bear need to worry about parking :p

  10. ALice

    hahah.this CNY if tarak balik kampung can bring to ride LRT lo

    KLCC food wise are more expensive coz tourist area lo. And the taste could be tone down to cater for foreign tourist that cant take much spicy food gua

  11. Pete ketinggalan zaman jor

  12. Auntie Cleff

    soli ah...not petai season leh..but i see durian seanson coming back again wor .*hint*hint*

  13. Kimberly

    Like what Pete's said...maybe it's the new banana chempedak LOL

  14. Ann

    hahaha...CNY good time to bring him ride the train. Not many people mah.

    Ya loh,.reli terkejut kena pulled by the Iranian women to have photo taken with them

  15. yeah very true pasar malam asam laksa have stronger taste. i love the asam laksa pasar malam (leisure mall) very nice really nice. Chinese made it, but halal one that's why i ate. :D

  16. Chloe also kena "grabbed" once by some tourists who wanted to take a photo with her. Hak sei ngor! Want to take her photo for what? I almost wanted to say no but gave in...

    Nice choo-choo train ride to KLCC. Must not show this to C or she will sure bising wanna go too :p

  17. Handsome boy! It is sure fun going around in train.

  18. Such a fun trip, I always love to ride train too!;D

  19. I think with this kind of price, go Madam Kwan better la.

    I went to wedding dinner, then don't know from which country the people (this friend's father buka kilang one, so got those buruh asing) asked to take the kids picture also. In fact, they already carry the boy from the chair. I straightaway said No. Scarely ler.


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