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Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-The Little Girl of Nazareth

Adoi....what story to ceita ah...pening already some more fever. Lucky Uncle Hock came the other day and bought me some Bye Bye Fever. Now, am okay already.

Lucky Mamarazzi dug this book up from her "treasure chest". There are 51 stories in this books, retold by Enid Blyton.

Jangan jealous. Mamarazzi got this book from Nationwide book store at RM6-90 last time. That was more than 20 years ago.

The first story in this book is "The Little Girl Of Nazareth".

There was a little girl by the name of Mary who lives in the village of Nazareth a long time ago. Everyone loves her as she was a good listener and forever ready to help.

She lives with her mom and dad. They were poor. Sometimes, she would heard her parents talking about the good old days. When she asked about it, her parent told her that they were once a great nation but now they are ruled by the Roman.

Mary asked if there is anyone who can make them great again and her mom told her that it there is some one..a great king that would come and save them as God has promised them Mary heard that the coming King would be greater than David.

Oh how Mary wish that he would come soon and that she can see him

Mary thinks that it's strange that all kings are tiny babies in the beginning and wonder that the king would most likely be born in a great big castle well equipped with everything with a lovely princess as his mother.

Then her other told her a piece of news. They were poor then but their family used to belong to royal family of David. And the same goes for Joseph the Carpenter in the Village. His family used to belong to the royal family of David a long long time ago.

Mary thought about think great king a lot and wish that he would come soon. How she wished that she is a royal princess and be the mother of the king so that she can love him and help him

Mary went to Joseph and asked him if he had heard of this great king or not. Joseph told her he had heard of God promise and surely now it's the right time for him to come as the Roman rule them harshly. He is confident that one day this king will be born and it will be a wonderful day for people of Israel.


  1. Aiyor....kesian!!! Come, come...I timang you, sayang-sayang. Chinese New Year coming soon...cannot fall sick lor. Get well soon!

  2. OH thats no cool..hope the cute boy get well soon!

  3. Be it Bye Bye fever on his forever...he still looks so cute.

  4. STP

    This is the great time to fall sick la...when CNY arrived would have recovered lo

  5. Mars Mell-o

    wokay already. Thanks :D

  6. Get well soon, Joshua, CNY is coming soon, otherwise you won't be able to enjoy yourself as much as you want to. Yes, I was exposed to this Bible sotry too when I was young.

  7. Wah... salute you wor, 20 years liao the book still look great in excellent condition! Memang pandai jaga buku! Thumbs up!

    Glad that Joshua has recovered, drink more 100 plus to keep cool ya!^-^

  8. Alice Law

    Coz Mamarazzi sayang books one mah


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