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Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Chicken Rice Shop, Tesco Shah Alam

Hehhehe...really got "Chicken". Interesting tray.

Mamarazzi came here to get Ngaku for frying but hungry wor. So we makan at The Chicken Rice Shop lor

Wah...whole jar of 7-up for me ah? 

We ordered one of the family set meal. Can upgrade the soft drink to a jar with and additional RM3.

But Mamarazzi was feeling a bit cold then. Too much goring-ing gua. 

She ordered a cup of coffee but it came in a rather ahem ahem cup. Hmm...the "ear" looked patah and glued back together geh. Or is it the design is like that?

Had Pai Tee for appertiser. Taste very good.

Stewed Beef. Look a bit like Nam Heong Stewed Pork but minus a whole bunch of vegetables that Nam Heong stuffed at the bottom to make the bowl look "fuller". Taste?Not bad not bad

The Roast Chicken. Taste normal.

The rice came with soup which tasted full of ahem ahem.... Had a sip and didn't drink anymore.

A bowl of Sai To Fishball. Papa walloped all.

 Xiao Bai Chai was overcooked. I didn't eat this.

Additional dish - Kerabu Mangga. sedap. Mamarazzi walloped half of this. The balance cannot finish coz too spicy. Mamarazzi forgot to tell them not to put Cili Padi.

Overall, the meal was average.


  1. i still prefer those chicken rice at hawker stall lor, more authentic and flavourful~~ :)

  2. we also had the branch here in KK. Never singgah before coz my friend said not nice...somehow...will try this place and see myself =p

  3. Aiyo, buy nagku some more ah? Want to fry until CNY ah?

  4. love the fish ball soup very much.. :)

  5. Wangsa Maju Carrefour punya Chicken Rice Shop, dun go... dahla food tak sedap, service pun teruk. Last time order their BBQ chicken wings, the chicken macam comes out from North Pole... sejuk like hell. Ask them to change chicken, they simply reheat the same thing in microwave until keras keras! GRRR!

  6. I never been to chicken rice shop.. over here, i dont think we have.. not so sure.. :)

  7. Tried the Chiken Rice Shop once.... very long ago. The kerabu mangoes look so tempting.

  8. I visited Chicken Rice Shop once. I still prefer chicken rice at the coffeeshop food stall. :)

  9. I see your happy!!! I've eaten most of the things you ordered - all quite good. Franchise shop standard - quite nice and a bit more expensive. The set deals/value meals are quite reasonable though...

  10. SK

    what to do..that is the only Chicken rice there since Mamarazzi wanna buy ngaku in Tesco. Malas wanna drive faraway to makan pulak. The food court food are so-so only

  11. Angel Bear

    It depends on branch also. The one at Tesco Mutiara Damansara taste nicer la/ Dont know why

  12. Pete

    Goreng jangan tak goreng...this afternoon Mamarazzi goreng honeycomb/kuih rose pulak

  13. Auntie Cleff

    Tarak go pun...anyway, C4 ngaku got cheaper than tesco meh?

  14. Claire

    Hmm...not fantastic but kira as okay la

  15. Inspired Mom1x

    But around Tesco shah alam dont have normal Chicken rice shop wor...only have food court of this choose this one lo

  16. STP

    ya the value meal is worth it.

  17. jfook

    dont eat too much ngaku this CNY. Very heaty leh.

  18. I love pai tee too! Mamarazzi loves mango salad? Should give the authentic Thai's Ya Mamuang a try, satisfyingly delicious(most important they separate the cilli and you get to add chili as you desire!)^-^


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