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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Cat & Dog = Fight?

Hello, Labbie. How do you do?Nice to finally meet you. Saw Auntie Claire blog a lot about you.

Ooo...make myself at home? Okay, I'll lay down beside you ya. Let's have a chat while Mamarazzi busy inside the house.

She is having "photography" session with Auntie Claire, Auntie Elin and Jie Jie Joanna.

 So...what do you do during your free time? Got a boyfriend yet?

I like to play with my imaginary motobike and car. Broooom....brooooommm.... tangkap me pulak. I tengah syok syok playing with Labbie leh Chocolate Cake to eat ah...looks rest of you eat the small pieces la...I'll kau tim the rest of the cake, ok?

Wow! Even have The Heart of Passion Cookies leh. Lucky me! I got to taste this cookies. Jangan jealous. They are delicious.

Aiyo...Mamarazzi got the "penyakit muka tembok". Don't know jangkit from who? Makan not enough. Take pressie from Auntie Elin lagi.'s not Domino Pizza...the kotak's one BIG BOX of Christmas Fruit Cake made by Auntie Elin

Wah lau aje the aluminium foil can smell the rum...*pa rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum*. Cubit a bit...mmm... yum...not too sweet.

Mamarazzi also got pressie from Jie Jie Joanna wor.. Thank you very much, Jie Jie. I guess Mamarazzi will be burning midnight oil soon.

Well, that is not all to the story...there is a part 2 leh.


  1. Kathy was nice meeting up with you and your family ...Joshua cute in person..rosy cheek handsome...jaga ohhh...after too many gf don't who to choose leh :p then you busy choosing which one to be DIL LOL! Hope to meet up some other time :)

  2. eh...kucing so brave, not afraid of big big dog!

  3. hehe dominos pizza i use to call for the delivery if im lazy to go out my sis love that pizza. i like slim chicken classified it tasty yummy.

    i was thinking which one the pic is mama kucing...=)
    anyway have a nice day thanks for dropping by ya.

  4. *jealous!!! Never tried any of Elin's tempting stuff!!!

  5. hahaha. make me giggle reading this. labbbie is a cute dog
    waa so many pressie and all so happy! :D

  6. hahaha.. small cat finally met up with big dog.. i worry joshua scared of Labbie, see see, so fast friend liow time i dont have to tie up Labbie already...

  7. Wah, you visited Claire and Elin at Ipoh?! That's really sweet of you, a lovely gathering indeed!

    1st time seeing Elin though! It seems Joshua loves to mingle with the lab leh, get him one lar.. a puppy perhaps!;p

  8. Elin

    Nice meeting you and your family too. Some more finally get to taste your delicious cake :D

  9. Chris

    Labbie very friendly doggy leh

  10. Mars Mell-o

    Domino box only..hahah...inside got delicious fruit cake :D

  11. STP

    then time to drop by Ipoh lo

  12. Gold Flower

    ya lor....memang cute dog . Paiseh lo...Mamarazzi bring "banana" only. Tarak pressie

  13. Claire you know i am not afraid of doggy then next time can let Labbie run lor. But good also you tie up when got visitors. Some people scare of dogs punya.

  14. Alice

    Pengsannn....kenot la...hse too small for a doggy.

  15. Oh smallkucing met a dog? No fight ah hahaha... Is he loves dogs? Not seems afraid to big dog, brave boy ^^
    Were those books written by Nora Roberts? I almost buy Nora Roberts's novels yesterday but I put a little doubt so I didn't take it. I wonder if it's good, I will buy next time...;D
    Happy New Year, sorry I said this late ah, wish you a good lucks through this year ;)

  16. That's *kai toong up kong* chicken and duck talking equals to cat and dog talking~;).

  17. Wah SK not afraid of big dog! If my boy ah, sure beg me to carry him liao. LOL!

    Btw, tell me if the Nora's books nice or not. Saw this series at BBWS earlier but I did not get them. Instead I bought another book (also from Nora) but not part of the series.

  18. Wah you're so brave can play with the big dog like that. I'm really scared of dogs lor! Or cats. Or any animals! :P

  19. The fruit cake looks so delicious!! Miss it so much la!

    The dog looks so huge!!

  20. Hahah...kucing n dog also can be good frens mer.

  21. So nice can meet up each other.
    Now no more cat and dog=fight,but
    cat and dog are friends friends now. Even cat and mice too.
    Because now cats,dogs and mice are easy to foods every where.

  22. LOL... ooo... Labby... Auntie's weight same as Labby wan... hahah... 34kg!

  23. ahahah.. :) the dog like Hachiko! XD

  24. I couldn't stop smiling while reading the cat and dog's conversation hehe... too cute! :D The fruitcake sounds yummy.

  25. I couldn't stop smiling while reading the cat and dog's conversation hehe... too cute! :D The fruitcake sounds yummy.

  26. hehehe, cat and dog can sometimes be friends one, you don't know meh?? :p

  27. Ha ha ha cute, Labrador is a good family dog, very suitable for children!

  28. wah, long time haven't comment! SmallKucing getting so tall! And he's very brave to go so near and play with a dog that big..I also don't dare go lor..haha

  29. Smallkucing making friend with the cute lah the pics. The doggie looked worried though..LOL. went to Ipoh rupa rupanya. :)

  30. Oh, small kucing not afraid of Labbie?

    The conversation between small kucing and labbie are so funny!

    You are so lucky, got to taste Elin's baking.

    Next time i go Ipoh, i want announce big big and meet up with claire, so i got the chance to try Elin's baking too.

  31. Angie

    Happy New Year to you too

    Ya those are Nora Roberts books.

  32. Bananaz

    what to do...but Labbie seems to understand me wor

  33. Chee Yee

    Okay after Mamarazzi finished she lend u la

  34. Lenglui witch

    Labbie very friendly leh

  35. Mommy Angel

    Yummy fruit cake.

    Been looking at Elon's blog with her delicious food. Finally got to eat :D

  36. Mummy Gwen

    maybe doggy scared of kucing :p

  37. Annie

    ya la...must annouce big big so that can do a big blogger meet up :D

  38. Haha, like the post title! Hmm, he is so Dai Tham wor! I dont dare to go near to any big dogs! But puppy ok for me :P

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  40. Mummy Moon

    Coz never been bitten before not scared lo

  41. Ching Seng Kong

    Thank you for the information


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