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Friday, 7 January 2011

Buffet Breakfast At Polo Cafe Heritage Hotel, Ipoh

 The next morning, we rise early. Lovely view from our hotel room.

 Went downstairs to the Polo Cafe to have the complimentary Buffet Breakfast. The Cafe have a very nice environment.

Got fish swimming leh. Maybe I'll catch a fish for breakfast?

 Quite a large variety of food. Got chinese, western and our usual Malaysian  Nasi Amak!(Nasi Lemak)

The Nasi Lemak smell really great leh.

Mamarazzi took a plate of Nasi Lemak. But then this Nasi Lemak really alamak lo...why? coz the rice not fully cooked leh. End up eating the Curry Chicken only. Not bad la the taste.

Then I try some Western food pulak. You can't go wrong with western food right?

Mamarazzi saw some mini pau and granned 3 for me. I ate one only. Not that nice. They have peeled off the paper at the bottom of the Pau and steamed it on top of Banana leaf. Hmm....feels kinda weird lo.

Last but not least, I also had favourite!

I really love to show off my "slurping" skills. 

Hmm...tum tum full already and it's time to go shopping pulak.


  1. The food looks good. And Small Kucing is enjoying his food hahahaa

  2. Hotel got nasi lemak not fully cooked one kah, so teruk like that. But the place looks nice...and the view from your room looks really fantastic. How much one night? Maybe I go Ipoh one day, can stay there...

  3. Wahh.. nasi lemak I LOVE!! Aih but cannot have too much coz of cholesterol!

  4. Beautiful view!Kucing no need to eat raw fish liao,hotel got plenty of yummy foods waiting for you ma!

  5. I love hotel buffet breakfast, many variety, I can can as much as I can :P

  6. the scenery looks so calming..=D

  7. eh..back to Ipoh again geh? hehehe.. i wanna see what u borong in Ipoh.. :)

  8. Ohh, yummy. Nasi lemak is my girl's favourite

  9. i love the buffet breakfast in hotels..

  10. Woa beautiful view~!
    Didn't have a really good breakfast then? I can see the rice wasn't fully cooked by looking at ur pic...
    But cozy place :D~

  11. Too bad you missed catching the fish for breakfast..happy slurping..~;).

  12. The scenery shows Mount Korbu, second highest mountain in Peninsula Malaysia.
    wow... kucing eat and eat ... later become 'tai fei chai'....

  13. looks like all the very local food.. is it because of the name of the hotel?? HERITAGE.. haha~~ :D

  14. LOL, lined with banana leaf pao baru fragrant mar! LOL, so cute with his slurping skill!^-^

  15. buffet style always makes me crave for more! =D it's the best way to gain weight, dont u agree?

  16. jfook

    food so so la...but I love the noodle lo

  17. STP

    The place was really good. Nice view and everything.

    As for the food, passable la,

    Maybe the cook was sleepy lo :P

  18. Lenglui Witch

    Been crazy about Nasi Lemak lately :p

  19. Choi Yen

    ya lo...and enjoy the air-cond leh...We ate a bit la...cannot stuff tummy till full coz have to leave room for the Ipoh lovely food

  20. Mars Mell-o

    yes, it was...just dawn..

  21. Claire

    LOL...ya lo..."detoured" a bit mah

  22. Rose

    Mine too...Mamarazzi asked wanna eat what..I would answer Noodle or nasi "amak"

  23. Wenn

    SOme hotel have large variety some aare not much..

  24. Angie

    ok-ok la .. got noodle mah...anyway, have to leave so room for the delicious food in Ipoh leh

  25. Bananaz

    Ya lo...else will have colourful "sushi" for breakfast

  26. Chris

    AIks...ya ka...hehehe...Mamarazzi didnt know thim...saja snap since it look nice...STadium is down ther but it's dark so cant see.

  27. SK

    aiya...for us local la...for the ang moh who visit Msia will be "local Cuisine" jor lo. hahaha..That's why the Sambal and the curry for the Nasi "amak" not that spicy lo

  28. Alice Law

    no leh...tarak fragant pun...

  29. Euniceee

    Hmm...Mamarazzi really need to gain more weight...looks like have to go for more buffet :D

  30. Nice view! My kids love hotel buffet breakfast. So many choices but not sure about Ipoh ones! I think your boy can't wait any longer. lol! haha...

  31. Kristy

    Ya usually a lot of choice. Her also quite a lot of choice


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