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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Bedtime Stories And Prayers - The Story Of Easter Sunday

The story of Easter Sunday is the last story in Enid Blyton's Bedtime Stories and Prayer book.

Last week, the story of Jesus death. It was a Friday. It was a sad day for Jesus friends and family. 

Saturday came and went. Then came Sunday.

A group of women went tho the caves where the body of Jesus was placed. They planned to anoint the body with sweet spices but then they remember a great big stone was placed in front of the cave. They were thinking of how to get rid of the stone.

 But when they arrived at the cave, they were surprised that the stone were moved. The body of Jesus was no longer there. But a young man dressed in a dazzling white robe was sitting nearby. They were very frightened.

Then the Angel told them not to be afraid and that Jesus had risen from death. He told the women to go and tell Jesus's disciples the news and that they would soon see Jesus again.

Mary Magdelene also went to the cave that morning and found that Jesus body no longer there. Instead she found two Angels there. They asked her why she cry. She told them that she cried because Jesus body was taken away and now she does not know where he is.

As sheturned to leave, she found a man standing behind her. She was temporary blinded by tears and she could not see the man's face clearly.

The man asked her why she cried. Once again Mary told him and asked if he know the new resting place of Jesus. Then Jesus spoke a word to her so lovingly and she immediately know that it was Jesus standing in front of her.

Oh joy of joy...Jesus had risen again as he said he would and he went around comforting his friends before he went to his Father. in heaven

Now that is a lovely story. It's also end of this Enid Blyton book. What shall Mamarazzi write for next weekend? You want to hear more Bible stories or what?


  1. you know all the stories now. Btw, are you Christian? Go to church or to playground Christian? LOL!!!

  2. Good idea... more biblical stories, pls, smallkucing? Auntie like stories. =D

  3. easter stories! cool! means got easter eggs soon too.

  4. got choice ah....sempena hari raya akan datang..can have 2-3blogs a day ah

  5. Auntie Cleff

    have to cari idea 1 more Enid Blyton Bible stories book but have to korek


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