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Monday, 31 January 2011

Restaurant Yin Her, Sg Buloh (Jan 2011)

Earlier this month we went to Yin Her again. Neh..that Auntie Little Bird kepunan sotong again la

My Dear sit here is it? Dear no mood today. Lekat at mummy. Maybe coz she was not feeling well.

Maybe this Seong Thong Lala would make her fell better? Hmm but then the portion a bit too small. Not enough to distribute for all.

Auntie Cynthia likes to eat Pucuk Paku with Belacan.

Meantime, this dish is for me. Taufu .

You see got Sotong photo here, you know its for who punya la. Hmm..this round sotong taste not that fresh.

Hahaha...this one is Mamarazzi's cholestrol filled Crabs. I love to eat the crunchy "hair". Yummy....

Complimentary Thong Sui. 


NOTE : We went Yin Her again last Tuesday after Mamarazzi's and Auntie Florence's frying marathon. Food seems to be more expensive than normal. Maybe CNY price? And tarak complimentary Thong Sui. Anyway, they closed on the 3rd February 2011 for CNY

Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-The Journey to Bethlehem

In the story book, this story was much longer and nicer to read.

The one winter some men came to town and put up posters. It states that the people will have to pay taxes and they are to go register their name in their respective own town.

Joseph and Mary are of the House of David and therefore their hometown is in Bethlehem and not Nazareth.

Poor them, the journey "balik kampung" was not easy as nowadays. ...can take plane, car or bus which takes just a few hours to arrive. Plane lagi faster. But in the old days they would have to walk or ride on a donkey, horse or carriage.

Poor Mary was heavily pregnant.Haiz..what to do? Have to go lor.

They walk and walk and walk... Mary was exhausted when the came to Bethlehem. Joseph met an Innkeeper and tried to secured a room for themselves but the Inn keeper informed him that everywhere were fully booked. No more rooms. 

The Inn Keeper had a good heart and saw that Mary was very pale. He offered them the cave behind the inn where he kept his ox as he felt pity for Mary. Joseph took the offer.

They went to the stable and Joseph tried to make Mary as comfortable as it is possible.

That night, Mary gave birth to Baby Jesus.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Chicken Rice Shop, Tesco Shah Alam

Hehhehe...really got "Chicken". Interesting tray.

Mamarazzi came here to get Ngaku for frying but hungry wor. So we makan at The Chicken Rice Shop lor

Wah...whole jar of 7-up for me ah? 

We ordered one of the family set meal. Can upgrade the soft drink to a jar with and additional RM3.

But Mamarazzi was feeling a bit cold then. Too much goring-ing gua. 

She ordered a cup of coffee but it came in a rather ahem ahem cup. Hmm...the "ear" looked patah and glued back together geh. Or is it the design is like that?

Had Pai Tee for appertiser. Taste very good.

Stewed Beef. Look a bit like Nam Heong Stewed Pork but minus a whole bunch of vegetables that Nam Heong stuffed at the bottom to make the bowl look "fuller". Taste?Not bad not bad

The Roast Chicken. Taste normal.

The rice came with soup which tasted full of ahem ahem.... Had a sip and didn't drink anymore.

A bowl of Sai To Fishball. Papa walloped all.

 Xiao Bai Chai was overcooked. I didn't eat this.

Additional dish - Kerabu Mangga. sedap. Mamarazzi walloped half of this. The balance cannot finish coz too spicy. Mamarazzi forgot to tell them not to put Cili Padi.

Overall, the meal was average.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Choo! Choo! adVenture!

Chill Babe! Papa bringing me for a Choo choo adventure. Ya...I have been on a choo choo long time seems like a lifetime ago.

Yellow box...cannot enter. Later kena saman. Errr...which platform should I wait ah?

Cool or not? Or look like Ah Beng out from kampung?

 Papa say bring me eat at the Big Jagung wor. We went makan at Little Penang Cafe on the 4th Floor of KLCC.

Order Pai Tee. Hmm....this one really yummy. Fresh and crunchy. Papa love to have it with the cili sauce but I like it plain.

The soya bean was for me and the sugar cane was for Mamarazzi.

But then, I "monopolied" Papa's coconut pulak. Hmm...I wonder how they managed to cut the coconut like this. The pulp still intact.

Papa had the Asam Laksa RM10+ . Not much of Asam Laksa taste nor smell. Pasar Malam one have a stronger taste.

Maybe coz this is tourist area, they have tone down the taste to accomodate the ang moh? Most Ang Moh can't take food that is too spicy gua.

Mamarazzi had the Dark Soya Sauce Chicken with hard boiled egg and mushroom that comes with Sambal Petai Prawns and Ju Hu Char/Kerabu Paku Pakis

Haiz...when the food come, Mamarazzi tak habis habis pokpekpokpekpokpek...looking for her Sambal prawn. Cari punya cari ...baru found it in the soya sauce plate kena timbus with sambal. At 1st glance she thought it was just sambal.

She found 7 half slices of petai and 3 prawns as show in the photo above.

Then Papa said can't expect much la. After all this set cost RM15 only mah. Haiz...this got Mamarazzi goes on another round of blah blah blah....sakit telinga lo.

Coz I monopolied Papa's Cococnut, he had to order something else. He ordered ABC. When I saw the ABC comes, I very clever wor. I push back the coconut to Papa and said the ABC is mine.

Alamak...why ABC have banana inside geh...must ask Uncle Eugene if in Penang they put banana in their ABC or not. Hmm...maybe B=Banana?

After makan, we walked around a bit. I played a bit.

Then we bumped into a group of Iranian tourist. The "aunties" memang ganas leh. They snatched Papa. Aiya...thought they asked him to snap photo for them. Mana tau they asked us to pose for photos with them wor. Ish...3-5-6-7(sam em six chat) also wanna take photo together. Weird...more terror than Japanese.

On our way back, the choo choo train was quite crowded. There was a man who gave up his seat for me.

I know this place. XcessBook. I wanna go XcessBook.

Hmm...why don't wanna go Xcess....why tired...

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sentul Ah Yap Charcoal Hokkien Mee Restaurant Again @ Kota Damansara

Hmm ...why so dark geh..Who turned off the light? Opps...forgot to take off my specs. No wonder.

Hmm...that's better.

Katt Chai Shuen Mui ah? Tak mau. Papa drink la. Ice lemon Tea? Good ah? Don't want also.

I want this one.

Yong Chow Fried Rice. Wah...for one person portion so big ah? Smell so nice. Tummy kru kru sound already. Yummm...

Next...Mun Yee Mee. Also very tasty. Can smell from far far away already.

Marmite Chicken. The chicken meat was fried till crunchy. taste like keropok pulak. Not bad not bad...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Restaurant Sri Nirwana Maju, Bangsar

Saw in Annie Q's blog last year about this Sri Nirwana Maju Restaurant. Finally got the chance to go and makan there. and white stated there...or rather Red and White...what you will get when you order Banana Leaf Rice.

Hmmm...let see

Papa's set of rice. Rasum mana?

Mamarazzi's Nasi Briyani. She said manyak sedap wor.Pricey at RM11 but worth it.

My Mango Lassi RM6 and Mamarazzi's Teh O Ice Limau RM1.80. They don't have soft drinks nor coconut.

Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt.....don't eat first. I snap photo first.
Overall, the food here taste good. The only two down side is the parking and the space. Hard to find parking around this area. When we arrived, it was nearly 3pm. The restaurant was still very crowed. Very cramp.

Papa loves the curry here. Say taste better than Kanna's
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