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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Wang Wang Nine Restaurant, Happy Garden

My dear brought me to this restaurant. 

 Famous for it's Steamfish.

 Auntie Cynthia gave me some more "Rotan". Yummmmmy....

Come here of course la wanna eat Steam Fish. Taste? Hmm..sweet and fresh. Price RM26.

 Oyster Sauce Broccoli RM7. Portion a bit small. However it taste good. Not over cooked.

 Steamed Prawns RM15. Very tasty. Prawns were very sweet and fresh. There is a hint of wine in this.

 Next steam egg with minced chicken. RM7. Hmm...taste okay okay only.
Overall? Hmm not bad la. comfy environment and the food not that pricey.

No.1, Jalan 2/128A, Happy Garden, Off Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur.Contact No: 010- 2257119


  1. Arrggg, fresh steamed prawns! nice

  2. kedekut sayur betul. hehehehe
    the food look good. i miss prawn. T_T

  3. the fish looks delicious..and the steam egg very nice makes me hungry now =D

  4. Whaaa... go paktor, summore got drunken prawns... got wiwangwang after eat anot?

  5. the steam fish and prawns looks nice!! especially the prawns, i just love prawns cooked this way!! that broccoli, yalor, so small portion, i can also count how many pieces, haha.. :D

  6. Food looks good...and healthy. Wah...didn't hug and kiss your dear kah? Not enough man dat! LOL!!!

  7. i simply love steamed shrimps and fish!

  8. wah..u go alot of restaurants
    lately. :)

    u advertise for them.. they should pay u ! xD

  9. wei,...very cheap leh.. super cheap.. fish and prawns and the bill dint reach 50rm !

  10. Aunty wish Joshua, papa and Mamarazzi a very Happy Winter Solstice k? Have you eaten Tong Yuen this morning?

  11. I don't really like seafood. I never try steamed egg with minced chicken, sounds unfamiliar here haha

  12. Small kucing always busy with his curut *cigar* haha. Love steam fish & oh the prawns made me drunk already. tQ

  13. Small Kucing looks so much bigger than his dear. Remember to be gentle when play with her.

  14. Mars-Mell-o

    Steam egg very easy to make. Home made also can

  15. Auntie Cleff

    If wiwangwang then I can do the Drunken KungFu la

  16. LOL, I want the prawns! Wah, your girlfriend so cute!

  17. SK

    The prawn was good :D. Maybe Broccoli naik harga that day gua

  18. STP

    Kenot kenot ...kenot post too many hugging photos here..later ruin my dear's reputation :p

  19. Wenn

    Then when you are in KL can try out this restaurant la

  20. Jemsen

    In my dreams la if get paid LOL

    Sort of sharing with friends here on what food can be found where lo

  21. Claire

    Come KL and we go find my Dear and eat together

  22. Angeline

    Thank you and the same goes o you and your family

    Not yet eat Tang Yuen. Later in the evening baru eat

  23. Angie

    It's easy to make this steam egg at home

  24. Shenny's Mommy

    Will do will do :D

  25. I think there is a branch at Kepong too :)

    Happy WInter Solstice

  26. This coming sunday morning will going to Happy Garden,may be will lunch there if they open day time.

  27. I like the steamed egg the best but yours campur with minced chicken ka? that's why you commented taste so so only............

  28. how to cook it??? mind to share the recepi?? hehehe

  29. Choi Yen

    Ya ka? Kepong one nice or not

  30. Wai Kitt

    Not sure but most probably open la

  31. Eugene

    Coz I like steam egg with pork mah LOL

  32. Mars Mell-o

    see this blog

    You can omit the vinegar and the sesame oil

    Mamarazzi lazy bum. Always throw in the plate of eggs to be steamed together with the rice in the rice cooker. Short cut.

  33. Steamed food is very healthy. I'd like the fish and prawns too.

  34. Autumn

    Mamarazzi always steam this and steam that..not because of healthy but rather she lazy. Everything throw into the rice cooker and steam kau tim :p


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