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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Shall I Steal Christmas Tree From BookXcess?

 Everyone are busy putting up Christmas Tree. I also wanna put la. complicated one...just dump everything on top cannot ah?

Maybe I should just curi the one from Bookxcess. See...these two are the photographs that Mamarazzi "curi-ed" from BookXcess Facebook. Their tree so big and got so many beautiful Christmas decorations.

Mamarazzi happens to see this lovely offer in BookXcess Facebook page also. They are having Christmas Christmas Promotions again.


Also the annual Charity Drive. Last year we went and join in the fun. Mamarazzi just need to pick a pre-wrapped book from under the Christmas Tree and paid at the counter. Then they will send the book to the kids and the homes.

I wonder will it be the same this year?

Maybe I'll ask Papa to bring me there next weekend coz by next weekend sure got a lot of people going there for Christmas shopping. Sure nobody will notice when I curi their beautiful Christmas Tree. No need susah susah decorate own Christmas Tree.


  1. Wah...your mama sure has a lot of books to donate, no? Then they may let you have the Christmas tree... LOL!!!

  2. STP

    Hmmm...ya wor need to curi LOL

  3. this time la BookXcess! I'm invading KL!!!

  4. ANgel Bear

    Muahaha...remember to bring lotsa $$$ hahahaha...

    Invading KL for BX ah? hey time to go cari makan also. Halal CKT at USJ and Asia Cafe at Kota Damansara

  5. Kimberly

    Thanks :D

    Mayb you have a lovely weekend ahead

  6. wow...that's a good idea. Kids will love this gift.

  7. oh.. i am so lazy to put the tree up... malas la..

  8. aiyoh, don't curi lah, isn't it nice to have your own christmas tree?? hehe~~ :p

  9. Smallkucing! Stealing is a no no! Bodek papa to buy one for you instead! LOL!

  10. Me time to put up the tree and you know what...putting up everyone will help but when taking it down after the festive celebration is over, the poor Momsie will have to clear everything away. Now, we just buy whatever pressies we want and that's more under the tree myth that Santa brings the pressies from the North Pole but from the parents wallet !! LOL! *This is for Kathy to read and not Joshua...I won't spoil the fun for little Joshua :p

  11. I can't wait to go and check out their christmas sale as well.

    Bought anything?

  12. Mommy Ling

    Yup :D some more it's not only books. There are some toys also

  13. Claire

    aisay...ingat can ask your help to put up my tree

  14. SK

    after curi-ed then it become "mine" lor LOL

  15. Auntie Cleff

    Already have Christmas Trees but tarak pandai decorate aje

  16. Elin

    If i help Mamarazzi to "clean up" then will kena scolding. Say I kacau her do work :(

  17. ANn

    Not Yet...maybe go there next week or so

  18. Aiyo SK stealing is no good. Later police will come catch u lock u up. Scare or not? Muahahaha! Ask ur dear come help u decorate ur tree la.

  19. Auntie Chee Yee

    You come help me la

  20. LOL! The BookXcess Xmas tree looks very tempting eh!?


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