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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Samy and Ah Her Bak Kut Teh @ Taman Berkeley, Klang

Last month, Mamarazzi was on a "crazy porky" mode again. Wanting to have BKT. Hence, we head out to Klang on a rainy evening to look for BKT.

Papa very clever. Found this BKT. Said to be very famous in Klang wor. 

This BKT is very similar to Pao Xiang BKT. It does not come in one big pot but ordered by bowl punya. Different part of meat different bowl.

Baru 7 p.m. but a lot of things finished already. No more "spare parts".  We had the "Half fat and half lean" meat.

The lean meat.

And the small bone.

All these plus 3 rice, tea and soft drinks comes up to RM27 only. Much much cheaper than Pao Xiang BKT.

Taste wise? Yummy Yummy...delicious to the bone. I wanted to bring this doggy bone home but Mamarazzi said cannot.

You know the famous house decorator Eric Leong? I saw him makan-ing there too as we were finishing. EEee...he also botak and hensem boy like me.

Mamarazzi said the BKT is delicious but a tad oily as compared to others.

Here is the address just in case you wanted to have a try No. 17, Ground Floor, Jalan Angsa, Taman Berkeley, 41150 Klang, Selangor


  1. Ahhhhh, Samy BKT....ha ha ha !

  2. We also had klang BKT last Sunday wor, I always prefer thick soup(those u had) compared to diluted soup base!

    Happy weekend ya!^-^

  3. Had bak kut teh in Penang - Jalan Mandalay. Best lah...better than anything I had before in KL. Never been to Klang though...hint...hint!!!

  4. Small Kucing, the bone is so big! I see food scraps on your little mouth too. Must be very delicious. Did you take deep fried devils (yew char koay) with your BKT?

  5. good weather to have BKT!!! But why the Chinese tea so black? =.="

  6. I love BKT too especially the bones with meat falling off. Yumz..

  7. "Samy & Ah Her"? San mei izzit kakaka. Why smallkucing dont like doggie bone? Can eat there what no need to take home haha~;). Guess the prices in Klang Valley more or less quite standard only difference is the taste unless small township which I heard going for RM4.50 tQ.

  8. Klang got lots of bak kut teh! But i only taste before Ta Su Xia branch at kota kemuning

  9. hey...u like BKT? i take u then.. to one shop in Ipoh.. see got time or not.. remind me..

  10. Pete

    Ya...the banner said Samy BKT bluff one

  11. ALice Law

    Thick soup punya ah...found one at roadside in Kepong. But exact location I duno how to guide you a. That one was great

  12. STP

    no need hint hint la...when u coming to KL again? But this round must stay longer la

  13. I don't like BKT, but someone said it's healthy 0__0
    Anyway, Have a wonderful weekend ^0^

  14. Hey Kathy, BKT is my fav but now must cut down lah,you know something to do with the age,, hahahah.

    hey thank you very very very much, received the book yesterday,it came just right on time for i just ran out of material to read,bingo,it came and guess what the book is so exciting,,, thank you once again,truly appreciate it

  15. How to stay longer? Send daughter off...back to NZ, in February - missus not ikut, sure face like horse...if I stay longer. Cannot let her ikut all the time as airfares so expensive... Trip to Penang that day, all in all...some RM3-4K...or maybe even RM5K, all in...and my pencen so little!

  16. Autumn

    No wor..tarak Deep fried ghost :(

  17. Choi Yen

    Duno why so black wot the Chinese Tea. Maybe we brew too long kot?

  18. Inspired Mom1x

    Ya...very soft and yummy...imagining the soft meat...

  19. Bananaz

    That was what written on the Banner at the shop. Maybe that is the name registered kot?

    I like the bone it so much till wanna bring home to chew some more

  20. Eugene that ah...then when u come to KL must go to Kafe O and try their vegetarian BKT. The "meat" taste quite "ori".

    You are welcomed.

  21. STP

    buy la the ticket early...mana tau AA might have the zero fare tickets. Only pay airport tax less than RM50.No need to travel high class MAS la. Cheap cheap enough lor.

    Save the money come KL and makan.

  22. Wenn

    Nice for a rainy day ..just like steamboat

  23. i in a porky mood here too, heehee.

  24. Tuti

    Jom...let's go find porky again


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