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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Revenge or To Forgive and Forget?

Ah Kong saw a "Mickey Mouse" the other day and told us so. The next day, Mamarazzi saw pulak. She spend the whole night chasing the "mickey Mouse" around the house.

Weird.. where did this "mickey mouse" come from?

This "Mickey Mouse" must be a Pervert Mickey Mouse coz Mamarazzi found that it had chewed on two of her RED undies! Hamsup  Mouse!

After setting trap for 3 days, she finally caught this Mickey Mouse in her dressing room cum library. 

She haven't checked the status of her books yet. If this fella chewed her books, there will be hell to pay. shall we do with this fella?

  1. The Angry Mamarazzi says : Take a pot of HOT WATER and siram it till it die. Take that! for chewing on my undies!
  2. The Evil Mamarazzi says : Take it and let it loose at her enemy's so that it can make it as its home sweet home.
  3. The Humane Mamarazzi says: Take it and let it go in the forest nearby
  4. The Angelic Mamarazzi says : Keep it as a pet

Now, what do you think we should do with it?


  1. Letting it go into the enemy's house is not bad la, actually... let it beranak there... but horr...tangkap lipas den release into the enemy's house is more nice la... cuz lipas beranak faster and harder to exterminate...

  2. Mouse is a pest & should be exterminated - do not confuse with the cute virtual mickey mouse LOL

  3. P.S- Ask mamarazzi to release the rat at nearby bush or wud la... dun kill... kesian... it must have sesat-ed inside the house la... release it... but dun release into auntie's house ah... auntie's house got meow meow... later meow meow makan this as dinner!

  4. keep it as pet. ahahahhaha!

  5. hey.. I m no hamsap mickey.. i dont go bite undies one.. i love to curi makan only.. hahaha..

  6. Today very panas, so i will choose angry mamarazzi...LOL!!!

  7. Your dinner, kucings?

  8. *faints*
    traumatizing decision, lol.

    happy new year, meow and family!

  9. I'll choose no. 1 :P

    Happy New Year 2011 ^^

  10. Muahahahahahahah at STP's comment, that's a hilarious one!

    Just drown that fella lar, mouse will normally get back to its nest if you let it free!>_<

    Happy 2011!

  11. ahahha...Mickey Mouse xP

    let it go the bushes or somewhere far away..

  12. Sir small kucing you wanna mouse chop rare medium or well done?

  13. cute..i would just let it loose into the big longkang.

  14. I think I will choose Angry Mamarazzi but leave the job to 'others' :P So keep us posted :P

  15. release it alive la... why so cruel! Throw it in the jungle and let the snake devour it... :P

  16. Yaaa... auntie support Uncle Chris... release it alive la... T_T so kesian. The mousie dun deserve cruel's a living thing oso ma... the mousie din rape ppl, din rompak ppl, din kill ppl...din rampas ppl's husband or make ppl divorce oso... aiyo... pls la... beg ur mamarazzi to release it.

  17. My mom sure will want it die under the hot sun loh.

  18. This is Peeping Mouse lah! Can sell on Ebay!

  19. Eww... I hate this "mickey" and definitely won't be "angelic". The easiest way for me is to throw into the tong sampah and sacrifice the trap.

  20. still want to think what you want to do with it?? sekali before you have any decision, it's starved to death in there already, haha!!! :p

  21. Erm, I say sub contract the disposal to some one else.

    But I say kill lah.

  22. Huh? As pet? Wah!

    What my mom did last time is "sun burn" it. Anyway, I don't think it is cruel to kill it lor. It brings more harm to us than anything else.

  23. Ending.....

    Let it go at a nearby bushes lor...

    Although it's a rodent but how to kill...some more new year leh...depend on its luck..if lucky then will survive...if unlucky then kena telan by biawak or snake lor


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