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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Nona...opps Nong Nang From Pasar Malam

Mamarazzi went to Pasar Malam the other day. Bought some "Nong Nang" which are nearly as big as my head.

My Kaw Kaw said these are not Nong Nang wor..said they might "look like Nong Nang, taste like Nong Nang but it's not Nong Nang". Hmmmm....sound like something that a politician said before .

Mine....all mine.

Can use as boulders for my car car to go around


  1. oh..i love this. Is it call apple something? They got purple color one also right?

  2. nong nang? never head of that word.... I saw this "fruit" before, but never know the name... whats the english name? nong nang? or is it a fruit or vege?

  3. Nong nang? :O

    never heard of it.. . ;D hahahha..

  4. Annie

    Ya ...something something apple. purple colour one also. But these one that Mamarazzi bought are larger size. Maybe kacukan or what.

  5. Fadli

    Nong Nang is a malay word in the east coast i think.

    Not sure of the english name. Some say Annona squamosa and some say sugar apple.

    Here is the phot...the one i bought was on the left side

    It's a fruit.

  6. Jensem

    ANg moh laici? heard before?

  7. Cherimoya la....looks like nonang but not nonang.....cherimoya has smoother skin, nonang has move curves???

  8. LG

    duno what la....someone said looks like nong nang taste like nong nang but not nong nang LOL

  9. by the i have one question, how did u transfer u blogspot to your own domian???

  10. Mars Mell-o

    Yes it's a fruit.

    A friend helped me to transfer into own domain

  11. HI whats your email???? by the if u dont mind did u see at the right side bar of my blogs ??? there a contact widgets there u can sent ur mail to me in private no one will see it only me.. =D hehe thanks advance.. i wanted to email u but i just dont know how to pass my mail to you in secure way..

  12. I googled it and it's called sugar apple. My parents used to plant this in our backyard. :)

  13. oh Nong Nang...I have never heard of this but looking at the fruit I think it is custard apple if I am not mistaken :p

  14. Yes, this is called a Custard Apple, Sweet Apple (common names) and Annona squamosa (scientific name). Many home used to have it in the villages. After we pluck the fruit, we will put it in the rice urn and let it ripen naturally. It is very sweet, as sweet as Small Kucing.

  15. Mummy Gwen

    ya Mamarazzi googled too . Got so many names for it

  16. Elin

    looks like ang moh laici mix with durian belanda.

  17. Autumn

    These the skin are smoother than those taman at home wor. Maybe kacukan kot

  18. oh, it's called Nong Nang in Malay?? hehe, i only know it's custard apple in English~~ :p

  19. nong nang.....sound very Vietnamese....ha ha ha! You can find huge ones in Vietnam Ben Thanh market

  20. Pete

    These are big ones wor...not like the small ones that tanam at home. RM10 for 3 or 4 biji

  21. What is Nong Nang? It looks like a big custard apple( sweetsop)to me, how does it taste?

    (Browsing through your comments)What...?! Sweet apple, really have no idea what it is. Guess I better start googling now!=_=

  22. Alice Law

    It's like mix between soursop and ang moh laici


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