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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Makan-ed All The Way & Reckless Driving

On our journey back also non-stop eating. These are also called Keropok Lekor also but the colour is white instead of dark grey. These are smaller in size too. Bought from Kampung Tiong(Cina).

I can tell u that the Cili is super duper "HOT". Very spicy and very strong smell of belacan.

When we stopped at Petronas, Papa bought an Ice Cream. Yum yum.....

Not that far off Mamarazzi saw these two crazy buses. They were going very fast and sort of chasing each other. Kept over taking cars.

From there you can estimate how fast these buses were going if they can over take cars like that.

No wonder there are so many accidents involving buses.

Then we arrive at Kijal. Mamarazzi wanted to get the famous lemang but the usual Gerai No 8 was not open.

Papa had to buy from Gerai No 9. Does not taste as good.

Ngum ngum this Gerai No9 gave some Otak-Otak and Satar. Papa bought some. 30 sen a piece

 I saw Kaw Kaw opened a batang to eat. Before she can stop me, I took one too. Opened and sumbat-ed the Otak-otak into my mouth.

Bee boo bee boo..I'm on Fire~I'm on Fire~ Spicy ah....waterrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Then Mamarazzi peeled "Satar" . It's made of fish paste with cili padi.  I dare not touch.

Soon we arrived Auntie Woo's house. She brought us to makan at a restaurant nearby.

Not only that she belanja us makan but also gave us plenty of foooood. Satay, roti bun, Kelapa Pandan and this delicious coconut jelly.

The jelly very delicious. The coconut was very young and the jelly taste very sweet.

But then the horror...Papa started to feel very sleepy after the heavy meal and the non-stop munching since "bertolak" from Ah Mah's home.

Papa asked Kaw Kaw to takeover. Alamak....scary...very worrying leh...Kaw Kaw know how to drive in Malaysian road or not. 

No eyes see lor..I tidur with Papa la. But mind seat belt is still on. You can't see the lower straps only

Haiz....sampai near Genting, saw another speeding bus. Hmmm...I thought all heavy vehicles are supposed to stay in the left lane?

No matter's time to cari makan again.


  1. Really love to makan ah? Me love it too hahaha... I just same with Paparazzi, will get sleepy after heavy meal lol Hey, is that ice cream called 'Magnum'? I feel I know that ice cream shape *never mind haha
    Well, we have same situation with 'wild' buses over the road here in Indonesia. No wonder many accident happened. How irresponsible of that driver!

  2. Eeee... scary la the buses... auntie think ah... the bus punya driver must be an ex mat rempit!

  3. so cute!! man is he an eater!

  4. if i were u, these idiot drivers already kena complain kaw2 by me...take their plate number and sms to the relevant department (it was supposed to be at the back of every bus)..last time I did complain for one bus in KL for almost causing accident (hampir bang my friend's car with me in it!)...huhuhuh these ppl la bikin accident tu....

  5. good grief....look at his the frown... he is emotionally scarred for life!

  6. satar is not spicy right ? i think i have it before. wa so nice keep munching . hehehe

  7. Aha...this kind of food, I like...and so cheap too!

    Humph!!! That is why I will never travel by bus here and there in the peninsula...and that is why all those shocking fatal accidents.

    These bus drivers - if they do not think of the passengers and their families, they should think of their own. Maybe their families also sick and tired of them, this kind of attitude and mentality - go kill yourself...mampus bagus!

  8. I also like the 'steam' keropok lekok, better than those 'fried' one lei... also hoh, the fish with chili, how is it ah? nice or not?

  9. Angie

    LOL...drooling on the ice cream ?

    These bus drivers are really a hazard

  10. AUntie Cleff

    or maybe they are just trying to get as many trips in a day kot

  11. Angel Bear

    Complaint? Pretty much useless. The number behind the bus and the sms hotline. Nobody answer punya. waste money calling only

  12. LG

    ya lo...took him a long time to fall back zzz..ya

  13. So great travel with food all the way! Oh Ou...i miss keropok lekor again!

  14. Gold Flower

    Spicy. Have cili padi punya

  15. STP

    *fan fan fan* sabar down...

    Really scary the way they drive

  16. Auntie Cynthia

    Fish with Cili? Satar ah? Spicy for me but would be just nice for you

  17. Thank God you all came back in full armoured and protected!! Yes, each time I drive, I can see buses overtaking the cars like nobody's biz... some lorries too... they think they are king of the road...

  18. Wow, keropok lekor and otak-okak, they are my favourites! So many choices for nice food. You memang pandai cari makan. But when I see the picture of the racing bus, I will accidentaly choke if I am eating because it is very HORROR!

  19. Autumn

    Oooo u love those ya? Trengganu have a lot. ANd it's full of fish . Not tepung

  20. Claire

    scary but what to do. Have to be extra careful lor

  21. Angeline

    didnt know so many ppl love Keropok Lekor. Else can borong back and sell here :p

  22. Makan-ing angin and food in the car all the way phew this must be a fatso smallkucing..yeah the buses are a terror on the and furious.

  23. Bananaz

    Fatso also fatso la..nevermind coz more of me to hold and more of me to love :D

  24. I love keropok lekor. Sini mana ada..sigh.

    That's very bad driving..hmmph..bus drivers and lorry drivers..

  25. wah wah wah, really makaning non-stop lor, really salute!! haha.. by the way, that coconut jelly really looks nice woh.. where can we get it in KL??

  26. Mummy Gwen

    wait la when u in KL and we got balik kampoung. Then borong some nice K.lekor for you :D

  27. SK

    These coconut jelly from Kemaman wor. Not sure where can find in KL. Got la from pasar malam but taste more of sugar syrup than jelly :(

  28. The buses and lorries memang very reckless over there. We got scared too. Wah the satar makes me drool lah hehe. Miss that.

  29. Chloe's Mommy

    aiks you like satar also ah? Not scared cili spicy ah?


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