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Friday, 3 December 2010

Kuih Bom & Carrot Cake at Kampung Cina Market, Kuala Trengganu

Well, as usual..on the morning before we came back KL. We went food hunting again. This round to bring back KL.

First we went to Pasar Payang to collect the Paung (roti bun) from my Grand Uncle who have a noodle stall there.

Saw a lot of fresh vegetable. Then Papa saw some buah Salak. RM7/kg. Bought some.

Then we went to the Pasar at the Kampung Tiong(Cina). Can any one translate what's written here? "Old..." what?

Everytime we come here, Papa would buy his favourite Carrot Cake. The ones in the yellow plastic bag are not fried yet. Can buy back and fry.

There are a lot of Kuih Muih here. Not very enviromental friendly for using a lot of plastic, but at least it look clean.

Mind you, don't expect it to be cheap. One packet of Kuih cost around RM1-30, usually 3 or 4 pieces in it.

Then Mamarazzi noticed this stall selling "Yau Char Guai". 

Top- Mah Kiok & Ham Chim Peah. Wow..the Mah Kiok so long one leh. Very sexy.

Bottom-Looks like Ham Chim Peah but it's not. Can you guess what is the "inti" apart from red bean? It's durian paste!  Durian bom! and another is Fish Bom.

This is what the one with Fish inti looks like. At first Mamarazzi bought 4 pieces. Then Papa ngap-ed all. We went there one more round to buy 6 more pieces.

This is buah Salak. Geli or not? The skin looks a bit like snake skin. I see Kaw Kaw syok-syok eat this. Papa said the ones from Indonesia taste nicer.

With our hoards, it was time for us to go back KL.


  1. Sigh...nothing that tickles my fancy here. :(

  2. STP

    Lucky else you will bising LOL

  3. Durian ham chin peah, nice? I like buah Salam, but has never tried the local one.

  4. Errmmm..buah salak. Havent taste b4, if sweet ok!

  5. carrot = orange colour la....turnip??? salak....yummyyyyyy

  6. Oh i know i know how to translate it:D. It's called "Old Dad Well",is there a well over there?
    The buah salak really looks geli lah,i not dare to buy even seen this in market.

  7. Borong a lot ah??? haiyah... no need to ask actually.. :)

  8. Chee Yee

    Didnt taste the durian bom. Pass to Auntie Woo. She become the guinea pig LOL.

    Auntie Woo said inside really have durian pulp wor

  9. Mommy Ling

    Mamarazzi tasted once. Dont reli like .

  10. LG

    hentam aje la...stall here call carrot cake geh

  11. Wai Kitt

    Tak nampak well but got a chinese temple with very big ular

  12. Hehehhe....I hve tsted buah salak before and don't like it.

  13. Wah driving with the leg ar??
    HCP with fish inti.. that's something new to me... looks like tuna bun tho.

  14. Chloe's Mommy

    hahaha...not same like tuna bun gua

  15. I went to KT once and can't find a decent good food there.

  16. Buah salak from indoniesia nice ah? I will keep a look out for it at the supermarket.

  17. aunt beetle got comment re carrotcake?

  18. Ken

    should ask my Yee Poh to bring you around :D. She pandai cari makan

  19. Mummy Gwen

    Heard Salak from indonesia very sweet as compared to local. Papa brought us to buy from the road side in Jakarta before. But Mamarazzi cant recall the name.

  20. Alamak... look yummy. Cilaka... make auntie lapar liao!

  21. waaa i want to try the one with durian paste

  22. 老爹井 should be translated into "Old Papa Well" i guess..

    wah, carrot cake!! at first i thot the western dessert kind of carrot cake, hahahahaha!! i actually like to eat fried carrot cake a lot, especially with lots of "choi pou"~~

  23. wor..buah salak...havent had it for so long..later wanna ask my friend from Sandakan to send it to me...(it's sold at RM3-4 per kilo only) =)

    the kuih all looks i am hungry!

  24. AUntie Cleff

    go la cari makan...sotong sotong ...salad Chicken....LOL

  25. Gold Flower

    When u go Kelantan next week drop by KT la.

  26. domokun

    Hungry? Then it's time to eat. Jom cari makan

  27. SK

    Papa loves these. These are deep fried

  28. Angel Bear cheap over there....


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