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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Kedai Makanan Seri Binjai, Kuala Trengganu

Papa said he used to makan at this shop last time. If it is not mistaken, It's located in front of the traffic light of Jalan Sultan Ismail Near Hotel Seri Malaysia

Had fish. Not bad lah

Satay beef. Rather tough for Mamarazzi's old teeth.

Two piece of Beef. The kuah was nice but the meat was tough.

One plate of Ulam.

Total damage for this meal plus two cans of 100Plus RM20 plus minus.

Kira okay or not?

We also went to hunt for keropok lekor at Losong. Bought from the "Adik-Beradik" shop that Yee Poh recommended last time.

 While we were there, I saw a man was plucking mangoes from the tree. Some mangoes fell onto the ground and I ran to pick up one. Was amazed by that. 

Mana tau the lady saw me playing with the mango, she told me to "ambil-lah". So Papa  got a small plastic bag from the stall to put that mango in.
I thought the lady would put the one I picked up into the plastic bag. But mana tau she put so many into the plastic bag. Very generous of her. 

Yay...can give to My Dear's punya Mummy to make into kerabu mango and hope that she won't be angry with me for hugging the girl girl la.


  1. wah, they also have Jalan Sultan Ismail there huh?? haha.. yearrr, yalor, that satay look so kering, sure very tough texture lor..

  2. Bwhahahaha.... so this is the mango that ur mamarazzi made asam for auntie ah? Auntie yet to makan the asam... tunggu pening pening lalat baru makan. LOL!

  3. i think the food must be overnight one coz look so difficult to chew. hehehe. waaah, such a nice lady give free mango!!!! :D

  4. The food does not look good - the satay especially.!!! Make Thai mango pulut dessert - yum!

  5. OMG, the mango's looks yummy...nice or not kucing? Aunty here "lau hao shui" jor...

  6. Doesn't really use to eat this meal...

  7. Kerabu is nice..i just had that in Koh Samui recently.. i mean restaurant not the island...

  8. SK

    yup..surprised ?

    Satay was tough.

  9. Auntie Cleff

    Different mango la. Those I given to my dear dear coz her mommy love to eat kerabu mango.

  10. Gold Flower

    No la..cooked not long enough.

    Ya lor surprised the lady gave so many mangoes. Thought take 1 only...mana tau it was 1 PLASTIC. Hahahaha

  11. STP

    That's why gave the mango to my dear's mummy. Auntie Cynthia pandai masak. Sure will make delicious kerabu mango

  12. ANgeline

    I didnt eat wor. Gave all to Auntie Cynthia coz she loves kerabu mango. Can make into kerabu mango

  13. Prince and Princess mum

    Some stall are really nice

  14. Claire...

    ya lor....put some cili...some ikan bilis...some....

  15. Wah the lady so generous. Untung lor. Hahaha.

  16. Wah the satay really looked tough and dry ler.. How can they sell such satays one..

    So many mangoes! yUMM!!

  17. The beef there very tough cos the lembus exercise a lot kot? Roam freely in the fields ma.

  18. I agreed that the foods looks not so good in taste.

  19. Chloe's Mommy

    Like that also can ah?

  20. Wai Kitt

    as long as tummy full full :D


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