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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I Met A Bear At BookXcess!

 Yesterday Ah Kong went for his follow-up check-up at the hospital again.

Papa dropped Mamarazzi and me at BookXcess. Wah! There were quite a number of promotions going on there. The Christmas Sale, The Back To School Sale and errr.....alamak..forgot what sale already la. It's a wonder that the staffs can remember which book is under which promotions.

The RM1-RM8 Bargain Bin is back! I wonder when did it started?

Of course la Mamarazzi korek there first. Hmm...found a lot of books for teens there-fantasy, romance and chic-lit.

These are the books from The RM1-RM8 Sale Bin. Each RM5 only

The two on the right are RM3 each only while "Fairy Tale of New York" was RM17-90 but Mamarazzi got it for RM9-90 under the Purchase With Purchase offer.

Finally Mamarazzi beh tahan and bought The Bookseller of Kabul. Jie Jie Salwa saw and said it's a good book. Hmm...didn't see Jie Jie Winnie. Maybe she is only leave kot?

After BookXcess, Mamarazzi brought me to McD. I had my favourite Sundae.
Today we went to BookXcess again. Coz Mamarazzi said a BEAR is coming to BookXcess today.

This BEAR not a grizzly bear. This BEAR have a very loving heart and passionate about Paintball. But most of all this BEAR is the "Mother Teresa" for all CATS. She don't care whether it's rich cat, poor cat, fancy cat, geeky cat, fat cat, skinny cat, fierce cat or timid cats. She loves all cats and would rescue cats that have been left for dead.

It's no wonder that I LOVE this BEAR. This ANGEL BEAR.

See! This Angel Bear is scared that I will go hungry with all Mamarazzi weird cooking. She brought with her a large Fruit Cake baked by her sister and some Kuih Cincin for me. Hmmm...kuih Cincin? First time saw this. 

Thank you very much Angel Bear. Love the goodies. I hide in the goodies already. If not sure Papa "ngap!" all. trip to BookXcess is not validated by a purchase. Mamarazzi saw this set of Darren Shan box set of 4 books. She bought it though it's book 9-12. She read book 1-3. Now looking for book 4-8. Anyone know of cheap Dareen Shan's book 4-8?

Mamarazzi dug up two RM5 books from the Bargain Bin and a RM9-90 Lipstick Jungle book from under the Christmas tree.

It's is indeed a good day. Hope to meet Angel Bear again soon. Such a lovely lady.


  1. Haihh... ur mamarazzi damn lucky la that your papa is such a considerate man. If it was auntie... auntie dun tink auntie's husband will just simply drop auntie to some bookshop to gai gai while waiting for his mother or father to do checkup in the hospital. Sure have to wait in the hospital....haihh marry liao have to become court jester sometimes...even if you know that people dun like u., no matter how hard u try.

    You must learn from your papa, smallkucing. Must be considerate, especially to your wife next time, because she will be the one who live the rest of her life with you and teman u... not other ppl.

    Here's a bible verse for u...

    Genesis 2:24 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

  2. Oooo...ur mama so mabuk with all the books, forgot to feed you kah? Eeee...don;t take food from strangers. Come...become my anak, I feed you kau-kau one! LOL!!!

  3. nice meeting you also! Will post my blog...when I figure out how to use this macbook....too canggih for me =.=

  4. I didn't know they have PWP offer though, gonna check with them on my next visit!>_<

  5. One of these days I must go to Amcorp Mall, just to visit BookXcess. Small Kucing, you seem to be enjoying your ice-cream sundae. I like McD ice-cream too, it is the Mocha Twist ice-cream for me.

  6. I thought BX has a bear mascot or something haha. Yummy gifts from Angel Bear :) Wah, 2 consecutive days to BX also got "sau wok"!

  7. Wah wah... so many books yet again! They should make you their VIP member! LOL!

  8. Auntie Cleff

    *faint* as long as you tarak pantang go hospital enough lo.

    Some people pantang go hospital one.Bad "feng shui" or will bring bad luck wor. Tunggu orang mati-ed baru wanna visit and boo hoo cry.

  9. STP

    Got feed me ah..feed me McD...nugget and fries. LOL

  10. Angel Bear

    wahh MacBook ah...Mamarazzi gave me scrapbook only wor :(

    Thank you for the goodies :D

  11. Alice LAw

    Every month also have. U go in facing counter..the books will be at your left hand one big column say "new arrival". Every month the put PWP books there

  12. Autumn

    Disclaimer : will not be responsible if you got hooked with BX. LOL

  13. Chloe's Mommy mascot? The wolf & Bear

  14. Sales time in BookXcess again? The last two books I bought there are collecting dust already hehe. Small kcuing thought you would straight away read the books but instead makan Sundae pulak? lolz

  15. Bananaz

    Of course eat sundae 1st mah...Mamarazzi fed me cukup cukup then i go zz and wont kacau her reading lor

  16. Hah I told myself cannot go BX until after CNY. LOL!

    Anyway, I still have lots of eBook to read. :)

  17. Chee Yee

    I bet by CNY they will have some more promotion lol...

    some ppl will pantang step into Bookstore during CNY..coz books sound like "shui" mah...haiz...


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