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Thursday, 9 December 2010

I Cried At Mark's Asam Laksa

Some time last month we went to 1Utama. I was very naughty that day. Run here and there and don't wanna hold hands.

Papa and Mamarazzi decided to go Mark's Asam Laksa to makan. 

At one point while I was engrossed with my sight seeing(so many girl girl), I lost track of Papa and Mamarazzi.
I was not afraid. I just wander off. Maybe if I walk walk walk, I will bump into them again. Meantime, I could do some sight seeing.

Unknown to me, Mamarazzi was secretly tailing me. She reads too much of those mystery story books. Guess she got tired of tailing me so she showed herself.

I was reliefed so see her but I didn't show it. In fact I wanted to walk some more. Mamarazzi got angry and left me there. I chased after her (crying) till we came to Mark's Asam Laksa where Papa was waiting. 

Papa asked why and Mamarazzi told him.

At the restaurant, both scolded me but I buat muka selamba aje. Pretend tak dengar

Then, they put me to sit away from the table. Said Joshua boy lost liao. Don't know who is that sitting there. 

It was then I started to cry softly. Guess I must have used this trick once to often. They ignored me.

Mamarazzi said the lemon  juice is supposed to be for Joshua but since Joshua lost already, she will drink all lah.

 Papa had his Nasi Briyani. I can only look on.

 Mamarazzi had Asam Laksa. Looks delicious but I didn't get to taste.

 I didn't get to taste the Chee Cheong Fun too.

 But in the end they relented. Papa saved half of this delicious ABC for me.


  1. So boy, next time must hold mamarazzi hand k, if not bad people catch u go then u know!

  2. Aiyor...sooooo kesian! Come, Uncle STP sayang, timang-timang, kiss-kiss...and buy you anything you like, give you anything you want to eat. Come, be Uncle STP's anak, want or not? LOL!!!

  3. Pity smallkucing! But naughty naughty never listen to mamarazzi and papa lor! Next time must be more obedient ok! :)

  4. aiseh....dont scold in public la..
    discipline at home...

  5. Poor boy, don't be notti next time!

  6. Next time must listen to papa and mama ok. Mama quite garang also huh..hehe. I'm drooling over the chee cheong fun.

  7. I scare my Sam will naughty like u ler~~~

  8. Aiyo kesian... can see cannot eat ar? Next time cannot simply run... got a lot of bad-bad uncles and aunties out there you know. Must listen to Mamarazzi ya!

  9. That was bad, lil boy! I couldn't imagine to avoid that foods.
    Next time you should listen carefully to your parents and don't be naughty so they will sayang you more and let you eat :P hahaha
    But you're a brave one ;)

  10. see see, this time you don't get food.. next time maybe you kana tinggal at the restaurant.. be good ok..

  11. Angeline

    sobs..sobs..but I always forgot especially when I see lenglui

  12. STP

    Bluff me u ran to Penang already. Tarak bring me along..I want Penang asam laksa..penang fried oyster...

  13. Little Lamb

    Mamarazzi say sampai home already I will forget already lor

  14. Mummy Gwen

    Drooling also no use coz Papa walloped all already :(

  15. Choi Yen

    Mamarazzi said next time go gai gai wanna tied me up with a tali liao

  16. Chloe's Mommy

    I saw many lenglui there wor...

  17. ANgie

    Sobs sobs....can see cannot eat lor but at least I got to eat the ABC a bit la

  18. Auntie Cynthia

    Okie okie...if not kena rotan :p

  19. hehehe, so next time must hold mamarazzi's hand tightly, so that you can have the whole bowl of ABC and the assam laksa~~ :p

  20. Poor boy, only got to eat ABC kar? Auntie bet you have learnt your lesson liao, next time must hold hand with mamarazzi!

    Just wonder how was the food taste?

  21. part of the reason why AngeLBeaR is still single..I know that I will not able to handle little bears =.=|||

  22. LOL... Padan muka u, smallkucing. Nottie summore... padan muka kena mamarazzi and papa sabotage. LOL! Next time still wanna run around summore anot? Lucky tarak feed u oni... if leave u to jadi child labour at the kedai, lagi teruk! LOL.

  23. Angel Bear

    hahaha...maybe Little bears will be better behave

  24. Auntie Cleffairy

    sobs...kena scolding some more . Thought you would have sayang sayang me one

  25. Alice Law

    Food not bad la. THe asam laksa nice

  26. Cis... tarak kesian kesian. Lucky u tarak hilang or kena cat-napped! Next time u nottie liddat summore...Auntie tell ur dear dear u so nottie... let her piakk u kao kao! *evil grin* See next time u wanna nottie summore anot...tsk tsk tsk!

  27. Auntie Cleff

    sobs sobs dun wanna friend you liao...scolding one..

  28. Yes, good lesson for Joshua! Aunty support Mamarazzi and Papa's move to teach you a good lesson. After all, it's for your own good.

  29. Alice Phua

    sad to say he still yet to learn his lesson


  30. Lucky Mamarazzi keep an eye on u... if not.... *cant imagine what will happen*

  31. Chee Yee

    What to do? I saw some lenglui there

  32. So kesian smallkucing - yau tak tai mou tak sek :-)

  33. padan muka lo since naughty ma..


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