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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Busy Corner Claypot Chicken Rice, Damansara Jaya

 Have not been to this restaurant for quite some time. I wonder if the food taste.

Slight increase in the price. As compared to two years ago.

"Water Crest Soup" ...hmm...taste the same. Still have a lot of "liu". Got the dried sotong also.
Mmmm....smell so goooooood. We had the normal Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted fish. The Salted Fish comes in a separate small plate.

Saw another table, the add "Brands Chicken Essence" into their Claypot Chicken Rice. Nice ah? Next time must try and "copy"

The vegetable cooked just nice. Not over cooked not too oily. Yum....

Overall, food still taste as good as last time. Here is the address should you wanna have a try 83, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya.


  1. I prefer the one near Atria

  2. yeah, i like claypot chicken rice.. you are right, the dried squid actually can enhance the flavour of the soup.. :)

  3. I love claypot chicken rice...or pork rice...but must have salted fish, baru wangi. This one looks so white leh? Belum kiaw, I guess?

  4. Haha...small kucing still remember to keep few grain of rice for his dear. Could see from his last picture. What a thoughtful little boy!

  5. i love claypot chicken rice..yummy!

  6. Joshua: Ur mommy bring you go Ipoh ar? Agnes told me u guys are coming, asking me to join n meet u guys...But I have something on. I just read Claire's blog about ur trip down to Ipoh! Next time we meet k?

  7. I kind of like claypot chic rice too,mine must go along with chili padi loads of them,without them,i rather won't eat it.............

  8. Hmmm...taruh Brands chicken essence? I dont think i want it...LOL

  9. Wah brands chicken essence with rice? That's something new! Try it and share with us how it tastes like! Hehe

  10. I used to eat this at Sri Petaling, but i don't know the restaurant's name, perhaps you know. Persons who cook are couple from Indonesia but can speak cantonese very well.

  11. I don't like they put raw onion >.<

  12. The claypot tom-yam prawn rice here is nice! Never tried their soup before though...

  13. The claypot tom-yam prawn rice here is nice! Never tried their soup before though...

  14. I like claypot chicken rice. But put chicken essence oready, nice meh? What will they think of next, maybe bird's nest ;>)

  15. SK

    The black black rice that stick to the bottom of the pot lagi sedap leh...

  16. STP

    Memang belum Kiaw. Eh there got many type of claypot rice wor...but tarak pork punya la...

  17. Shenny's Mommy

    Ya lor...must keep a bit for my Dear :D

  18. Wenn like to wallop also ya

  19. Angeline

    ya lor...met Claire, Elin and lenglui Jo only.

    Hope Agnes's eye is better now

  20. Eugene

    This one have Cili padi. Mamarazzi didnt snap photo of the cili padi only :D

    when u coming KL. Can go eat there

  21. Mommy Ling

    1st time saw people taruk brands chicken essense wor...maybe it enhanced the taste of the chicken kot?

  22. Lenglui Witch

    Will try it..if can remember to bring the chicken essence along next time

  23. Wai Kitt

    Good Tea restaurant ah? That one is quite good

  24. Choi Yen

    Mamarazzi dun like also. She korek away the onions and gave Papa lo

  25. Chloe's Mommy

    Next time try their soup. Nice

  26. Autumn

    Bird nest?? hmm yum yum...

    maybe put chic essence to enhance the taste kot?


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