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Friday, 17 December 2010

BookXcess & Uncle Snacks Corner, Amcorp Mall

 Went to BookXcess shopping again on Wednesday. many new books. Don't know where to start.

 I wanna see that one can or not?

A lot of new Children books. Saw a  Christmas Story Book Collection with Toys Story hero at the cover RM24-90. I bet Juan Or would love this one.

Then there is also Paddington Bear book.

Wah lau eh...even have Power Rangers Magnetic board book at RM17-90

Sampai at the Customer Service counter saw this Dinosaur Pop Up book. Terkejut. Vivid printing. Lucky the Dinosaurs didn't bite me. Mamarazzi didn't buy for me coz she say I would end up tearing up the book.

Mamarazzi pulak sibuk eyeing her book. Saw her Kylie Kwong book but The Treasure of China missing liao. Must have been grabbed by people or maybe placed elsewhere. After all, Mamarazzi got "four eye" sure can't see much.

Finally after browsing for about 10 minutes, Mamarazzi bought these. The Chinese cook book was a bargain at RM9-90 though some of the pages a bit crumpled la.

Yay...she finally bought the Kylie Kwong book. Hardcover. Original price nearly RM250. At BX, she got it for RM49-90 with extra 5% discount for purchases above RM50.

She really gone mad lo....she love the book very much. Paper quality and illustration all very good.

After shopping, went pick up Ah Mah and Kaw Poh from the hospital and went back to makan at Uncle Snacks Corner

 Ordered their set lunch. It comes with drinks. We had red dates and Barley. Yummm..

 I had clear soup yellow noodle. Wah...the taukeh gave me such a big bowl with lotsa noodle and "liu"

 Ah Mah had Fried Keoy teow. Not sure taste good or not but looks good la.

Papa's Ginger Beef Rice with Spring Onion. Also huge portion. Guess the portion here are all very big since it cater for office workers. Not that expensive also.

Mamarazzi's bowl of Curry Mee. Yumm yumm...very huge portion also with a lot of liu.

The same can't be said for Kaw Poh's bowl of Keoy Teow Curry. There were some misunderstanding hence she end up with Vegetarian Keoy Teow Curry. But the portion of the keoy Teow was still big.

Total bill RM37. Not bad , right? For 5 person wor.


  1. Was there last Sunday, we had a fruitful loot too! The staff were so kind to wrap the books with pressie wrappers, ribbons and tags for my kids, my kids were laughing with glee when they see their pressies from BX!^-^

  2. not bad la. coz big portion plus drink ma.i saw cooking book and went mad liao. small kucing buy la for this auntie. later auntie cook for u. mwahahahah

  3. he love to read too ya??? just like his mama.. =D

  4. Auntie go BX never go to this Uncle Snacks... lol... always Dan neh noh oni. =S

  5. Ah! Looks like it's true what they say - KL ckt is darker... Looks good.

  6. Kathy....I want to go BookXcess !!!! I never get the chance to go there unless I want to travel again on a day's drool only la at your cookbook :p

  7. Lots of books and yummy food.. :)

  8. Wah portion really very big! Especially the rice your dad had!!

  9. We've been to Uncle Snacks Corner a few times too. Overall good... service also fast and efficient. Talk about BX, we've never been to Amcorp Mall so OFTEN in our lives before this haha!

  10. Wow, not bad, look like BookXcess has more new books nowadays. Certainly will drop by coming weeks.

  11. Hahaha! I am recently shopping for cloths and shoes,but you and your son are shopping for books.Should bring my son to book shop often too.

  12. Alice Law

    Yup..the staffs are well trained. Sometimes when they are free and not many customer they will ask what color and ribbons u like and whether it's for boy or girl

  13. goldflower

    got there tmw train will stop there

  14. Mars Mell-o

    He like to press press those musical books

  15. Auntie Cleff

    Next time go la..but lunch time always full one

  16. Elin

    Uiks..i thought you went already earlier this year.

    You can actually buy online from them. Saveyou the petrol and toll :D

  17. Chloe's Mommy

    I bet next year you will go there at least once a month LOL

  18. Shenny's Mommy

    They have new stock this week. Their Dec/Christmas just came in. I just received an email from them. Better go and grab fast .

  19. Wai Kitt

    This one a nice and friendly bookstore. But tarak chinese books la. Their children book very nice. Suitable for kids to read and a gift

  20. Ahhh books! I still don't have any chance yet to go to the bookstore after I finished my latest book that I bought last Tuesday. Me want to go so badly T_T What is that book about? Kylie Kwong one?!
    RM 93 for 5 people? not bad la, all of that foods and drinks looked OK too! Kwetiou make me *hear unpleasnt sound from my tummy*

  21. Wah...books shopping again. :) The food lokks good and the price is reasonable too.

  22. Angie

    aisay...u in Jakarta now or in KL? If KL then go la BX.

    The Kylie Kwong one is about Kylie traveling back to China. There are photos of her time there and some recipes. time come to this blog must be with a full stomach or else there might be weird sound coming from your tummy :P

  23. Angel Bear

    Got stock just came in.

  24. I've never been to Bookxcess. Are the books there 2nd hand? Have only recently discovered pay less books and got some really good bargains for children's books.

  25. mom2kiddos

    No, BX is not 2nd hand book store. Their books are all brand new. They are a "remainder book" store. Got those over printed books from publishers

    I find that for children books, i preferred BX coz the books are new and price is just a tad more than PLB.

    As for fiction, PLB does have some awesome TPB. Love those. Used to borong from there.


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