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Friday, 31 December 2010

Kota Damansara Neighborhood FoodCourt

Lembik already. Hungry ah. Once again don't know what to eat. Then, Papa recall there is a new food court in town. Not really new la but kira new to us la. Kota Damansara Neighborhood FoodCourt.

The first round we went, Papa had the Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun. Taste not bad but Mamarazzi would love the thinner skin type

Mamarazzi had the Prawn Noodle. Portion quite big and soup base not bad also.
 Papa was not feeling that well the first round, so he had Mix Pork Poridge

 Mamarazzi knew that I love noodle so she prdered Wan Tan Mee for me. She ordered the flat Wan Tan Noodle but don't know why it come mixed with the thin noodle pulak

On our second round at the Food Court, Papa had Lemon Tea while Mamarazzi had Kedongdong juice

Mamarazzi order Salted Fish with Pork steam rice for me while Papa had the Pork with Yam Steam rice.

 Mamarazzi had Nasi Lemak. Tasty but rather expensive at RM6.

Perut kenyang hati senang liao loh.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Revenge or To Forgive and Forget?

Ah Kong saw a "Mickey Mouse" the other day and told us so. The next day, Mamarazzi saw pulak. She spend the whole night chasing the "mickey Mouse" around the house.

Weird.. where did this "mickey mouse" come from?

This "Mickey Mouse" must be a Pervert Mickey Mouse coz Mamarazzi found that it had chewed on two of her RED undies! Hamsup  Mouse!

After setting trap for 3 days, she finally caught this Mickey Mouse in her dressing room cum library. 

She haven't checked the status of her books yet. If this fella chewed her books, there will be hell to pay. shall we do with this fella?

  1. The Angry Mamarazzi says : Take a pot of HOT WATER and siram it till it die. Take that! for chewing on my undies!
  2. The Evil Mamarazzi says : Take it and let it loose at her enemy's so that it can make it as its home sweet home.
  3. The Humane Mamarazzi says: Take it and let it go in the forest nearby
  4. The Angelic Mamarazzi says : Keep it as a pet

Now, what do you think we should do with it?

Spice & Chill Noodle House @ Kota Damansara (2nd Round)

 We came to this restaurant middle of this year. Found that the Pan Mee quite tasty. Service also good. Gave me my own plastic bowl

 This round Mamarazzi had Lemon and Honey Lime drink while Papa had Tomato juice with Asamboi.

Mamarazzi would prefer plain Lemon Juice next time. Kinda with with Lime

 I stole a taste of Papa's Tomato juice. Tomato Juice la.

Mamarazzi had Prawn Pan Mee. At first from the photo in the Menu, she thought it's spicy one since the soup look a bit red.

But come out it's clear soup.

Taste? Not bad wor. The Prawns very sweet.
 Papa had the normal Pan Mee with Cakur Manis.

Papa did not like the texture of the Pan Mee but Mamarazzi and me like it. Slurpppppp...

Mamarazzi also order the Fried Dumplings. Chicken Meat. Surprisingly it taste quite good. The skin were very crispy.

The lady boss was very friendly. Even thought Mamaazzi to mixed these two Cili together. Taste nicer wor. Mamarazzi tried. Hmm...she said really nicer.

She also observed the Lady Boss advising one customer who want to use WiFi to sit at a table near the electric socket. Yup..this shop provides FREE Wifi and tarak charge RM1/hour if you use their electric socket to charge your laptop, unlike most Mamak Stalls.

Address : 62A-G,Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand Kota Damansara,47810 Selangor

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Restoran Soo Kee, Jalan Ampang

Papa loves Char Siew(BBQ Pork). He saw some blogs highly recommending the Char Siew from this shop. That is how we end up here one day.

 Wah...looks like true wor..nearly every table also ordered the BBQ pork geh.

Aiyo...bila boleh makan ni. Hungry la. Papa still haven't found parking ah? hard to find parking at this area.

Finally...Mamarazzi ordered BBQ Pork an Roast Pork
Let me have a taste first. Hmm...both taste so so only. The BBQ pork meat was rather tough.

 We also had the Roast Chicken. Mamarazzi ordered Chicken Gizzard but don't know why it turn into intestine pulak.

Gimme some Chicken please. Hmmm...the roast chicken very yummy but the intestine not that good. Not cleaned properly. Have bitter taste.

 Old cucumber soup.

I love the soup...yummm.....drank till the bowl is empty.

Overall.. kira okay la. At least the Roast Chicken and the soup is delicious. Total damage RM48-50.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I Met A Bear At BookXcess!

 Yesterday Ah Kong went for his follow-up check-up at the hospital again.

Papa dropped Mamarazzi and me at BookXcess. Wah! There were quite a number of promotions going on there. The Christmas Sale, The Back To School Sale and errr.....alamak..forgot what sale already la. It's a wonder that the staffs can remember which book is under which promotions.

The RM1-RM8 Bargain Bin is back! I wonder when did it started?

Of course la Mamarazzi korek there first. Hmm...found a lot of books for teens there-fantasy, romance and chic-lit.

These are the books from The RM1-RM8 Sale Bin. Each RM5 only

The two on the right are RM3 each only while "Fairy Tale of New York" was RM17-90 but Mamarazzi got it for RM9-90 under the Purchase With Purchase offer.

Finally Mamarazzi beh tahan and bought The Bookseller of Kabul. Jie Jie Salwa saw and said it's a good book. Hmm...didn't see Jie Jie Winnie. Maybe she is only leave kot?

After BookXcess, Mamarazzi brought me to McD. I had my favourite Sundae.
Today we went to BookXcess again. Coz Mamarazzi said a BEAR is coming to BookXcess today.

This BEAR not a grizzly bear. This BEAR have a very loving heart and passionate about Paintball. But most of all this BEAR is the "Mother Teresa" for all CATS. She don't care whether it's rich cat, poor cat, fancy cat, geeky cat, fat cat, skinny cat, fierce cat or timid cats. She loves all cats and would rescue cats that have been left for dead.

It's no wonder that I LOVE this BEAR. This ANGEL BEAR.

See! This Angel Bear is scared that I will go hungry with all Mamarazzi weird cooking. She brought with her a large Fruit Cake baked by her sister and some Kuih Cincin for me. Hmmm...kuih Cincin? First time saw this. 

Thank you very much Angel Bear. Love the goodies. I hide in the goodies already. If not sure Papa "ngap!" all. trip to BookXcess is not validated by a purchase. Mamarazzi saw this set of Darren Shan box set of 4 books. She bought it though it's book 9-12. She read book 1-3. Now looking for book 4-8. Anyone know of cheap Dareen Shan's book 4-8?

Mamarazzi dug up two RM5 books from the Bargain Bin and a RM9-90 Lipstick Jungle book from under the Christmas tree.

It's is indeed a good day. Hope to meet Angel Bear again soon. Such a lovely lady.

Busy Corner Claypot Chicken Rice, Damansara Jaya

 Have not been to this restaurant for quite some time. I wonder if the food taste.

Slight increase in the price. As compared to two years ago.

"Water Crest Soup" ...hmm...taste the same. Still have a lot of "liu". Got the dried sotong also.
Mmmm....smell so goooooood. We had the normal Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted fish. The Salted Fish comes in a separate small plate.

Saw another table, the add "Brands Chicken Essence" into their Claypot Chicken Rice. Nice ah? Next time must try and "copy"

The vegetable cooked just nice. Not over cooked not too oily. Yum....

Overall, food still taste as good as last time. Here is the address should you wanna have a try 83, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Ah Cheng Laksa at Giant Shah Alam Again

Was at Ah Cheng Laksa again. Hmmm...what to eat ah? So many choices.

Okie...Iced Coffee for Papa and refreshing Lemon Juice for Mamarazzi and me.

This round Mamarazzi had Curry Laksa. She said taste good. But Papa doesn't like the taste. 

As for me, I had noodle soup.

Wah lau big bowl. How to finish ah? Anyone wanna help me?

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers - The Shepherds and The Angels

 The Angels sang loudly for joy when Little Jesus was born in Bethlehem, according to the story in Enid Blyton Bedtime Stories and Prayers.


The Angels wanted to share the joy but everyone were asleep as it was in the middle of the night. The only people who are awake were the shepherds up the hills who had to keep awake to chase the wolves away.

The Shepherds were huddle together and chatting to keep awake.

And of course the Shepherds sheep were not as big as this moo moo cow and their "tongkat" are longer than the candy cane which I was holding.

Lo and behold...there were great shining light upon them. What could shine so brightly in the night???

Then they saw a beautiful angel standing nearby in the middle of the night. It was so bright that they can hardly look at the Angel.

Then Angel told them not to be afraid as he brings the joyful tiding and great news. Christ the Lord and Saviour have been born and they can find him wrapped swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.

The Shepherds nearly couldn't believe their ears as for hundred years men have been waiting for the Saviour and here He had come.

Every part of the skies they saw angels singing joyfully "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth goodwill towards men!"

As the angels fade away, the Shepherds were amazed and decided to seek out the Savior.

And they found him. Just as the angels  described, Little Jesus lying asleep in the manger. The Shepherds went and knee down before him and prayed.

After the Shepherd went off, Mary whispered to Little Jesus "You have only a Manger for your cradle, and hay for your covering. But angels from heaven comes to sing when you were born. Sleep peacefully, Little King of all the world".

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