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Monday, 29 November 2010

Wedding Banquet at Primula Hotel, K.Trengganu

We were invited to a Wedding Dinner middle of this month at Primula Beach Hotel.

Wow...not only have cakes but also this cute "basket" with nice smell coming out from it. Can makan one or not?

I was hungry, I ate the piece of fruit cake.

Then I was thirsty. There were some 2 bottles of soft drinks on the table and a few cans of Shandy.

Mamarazzi poured some Coke for me which I finished in no time. Then I saw Papa having some Shandy. I want too. He gave me some.

I finished nearly the whole can.

By the way, they also served Chinese Tea. Mamarazzi tried the whole night to get these two pieces of wood to pour us some Chinese tea. One even give Mamarazzi "Talk to the Hand" sign. 

It's seems they were just too "busy". Too busy being ornaments gua. 

After snapping this photo of the two piece of wood chatting, Mamarazzi stood up; walked pass them to the pot of Chinese Tea (which they were supposed to be serving) from the table behind them and brought it to our table. 

That is very rude but what to do? Mamarazzi asked for tea since the beginning of the dinner till the 5th dish served, still no tea. Being shown Talk To The Hand sign while these two was busy chatting is just a bit too much already.

Continued with the story. Papa gave me drink "Ribena".


Yikes!!! what the heck is that? That is not Ribena.

 First dish 5 Season Cold & Hot Dish Combination. Yummm...Mamarazzi love the Pacific Clams

While I love the Crab Claw. I had two. Mamarazzi gave hers to me.

Next come the Sharkfin Soup. One for me please. "noodle"(mushroom) in it. Nice.

Next come the crispy Chicken and Roast Duck combination. I didn't get to eat this as am not good at chewing meat.

But I love the Cereal & Yam Prawn with Thousand Island dressing. 

Next come Yum Sing session.

Me big boy already. Everyone use glass/cup. I also wanna use cup la.

After that comes the Fried Brocolli with Assorted Mushroom and Dried Scallop. Papa loves this dish very much. Even asked Mamarazzi try to cook this at home but that is another story

Deep Fried Garupa with Sweet and Sour Sauce. I did not eat this too coz I wanted to go toilet. I told Mamarazzi I wanted to go poo poo.

Mamarazzi looked at me one kind. But then when I arrived to the washroom, I don't feel like poo poo any more. I just "shh shh-ed"

We come back when this lovely fried rice dish was served. 

Yumm yumm I love it. Maybe coz I was hungry gua.

Then come the Dancing session. Ah Kong came and brought me to the dancing session. But that is another story. Pretty embarrassing. Hope my Dear won't read that post or else....

After the dancing, I came back to this cool and refreshing Longan drink. Yummmm...just nice to quench my thirst

And thank you very much for inviting us . May both of you have a Blissful Wedded life together forever and ever.


  1. Muahahahaha!!! Papakucing so clever, make you drink a lot and then no appetite to eat liao - then he can eat more. Hehehehehe!!!! Hotel banquets, not really nice lah - not like in the real Chinese restaurants. The broccoli dish something like mine leh? But mine no dried money to buy. LOL!!!

    Wah! Service so poor! Should complain to the management. Those must be the part-timers - they employ them for bog functions. Here also, these people - service so poor, not properly trained. Tsk! Tsk!

  2. wow...drink shandy somemore...lucky never get drunk oh..hahaha:)

  3. STP

    If Chinese restaurant, muslim friends wont be able to join lo.

    Ya..the brocoli dish similar to yours. How to cook ah?

    Other restaurant also hire part timer but they were assigned table to jaga. These part-timer was not properly assigned tables. Nobody seems to jaga our table one :(

  4. Mery

    I got drunk out for tomorrow story..someone is going to skin me alive

  5. Wah, you look so handsome all dressed to a wedding dinner! All the way to K.T. I bet you had fun. Did you bring along the beach set?

  6. Lol, u caught them slacking~

    The sweet sour garupa and the cereal prawn looks damn nice ^_^

  7. Autumn

    Yes I bought along but then no time to go to the beach

  8. Kelvin

    Ya lor...the host pay them to work and the slacking there. Deduct salary!


  9. Wah..some more caught in the act.. the 2 waiters gossipping there. Huh..smallkucing drank Shandy? *speechless*

  10. Auntie was in Primula many donkey years back. Their service was terrible back then. Now still same kah? Walao... more than one decade liao still like this!

  11. Auntie Cleff

    wait for the next installment :P

  12. Hi SK, Wow! Primula Hotel, Trengganu!
    I love that hotel! Would always take the high rooms with a view of Pulau Kapas in the distance.

    I used to stay there every other week too for a few years. As well KB's Perdana hotel.

    Wow! Love the food dishes. Sure looks good too.
    I can practically smell the sea air from here, ha ha.
    And we had ice this car looked like made of ice!
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  13. Uncle Lee

    So when are you coming back to visit K.T?


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