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Friday, 26 November 2010

Santa Came In November For Me

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa must have got his calendar wrong. He came early by a month this year.

The other day Auntie Little Bird bought me a new house.

Earlier of the month, Anonymous present me with a Doomagic Dinosaur pillow pulak. I can't wait for Christmas. I pestered Mamarazzi to open and let me use first.

Not enough with that, Anonymous also gave me a bag full of goodies. There is a cute Kitty Purse for Mamarazzi too.

 Next, came Auntie Claire who gave me this lovely Ben 10 t-shirt pulak.

Then met up with Santa Claus from Sibu. The gifts came in this Christmassy bag

 No prize in guessing what was in the bag. Yummy fooooooood.

 And a T-shirt

Then Auntie Elin sent me this smart looking shirt. See! I am handsome or not? Jie Jie Joanna helped to choose one.

Jie Jie Joanna also tak kurang. She tumpang-ed a big bag of candy for me. Sorry ah...Mamarazzi belum sempat snap photo, I already opened and ate 1 piece. Let just say, 1 piece is not enough. Mamarazzi said I can only eat one piece a day.

Then we "balik kampung-ed". My Kaw Kaw bought me two more lamb-lamb. One for me and one for my Dear. Can you spot which two are new?

Also a new suit for me to go swim swim. Nice leh. 

Sampai Auntie Woo's place, got some more gifts. These I have yet to open.

A big THANK YOU to everyone for showering me with gifts. Chamz! means come December, no more gifts?


  1. Wah, so good! I sometimes X-mas also not present :(

  2. Wah sooo many pressie!!!!! But I'm not jealous. LOL!

    Anyway, I agree with Mamarazzi - 1 day 1 candy. :) And still need lamb lmab???!! You are going to be 3! Nice swim suit, but how come u r not smiling geh. Seems not happy wor.

  3. T____T yalorr... anonymous oso kasi auntie dinosaur to hug hug... T____T kasi so early, by Xmas tarak pressie liao. LOL!

  4. Wah! You've got ALL your come Christmas, no more! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  5. wa wa, so many gifts, can share some with me? lol

  6. hey..those are november gifts.. ok, no more gifts for joshua then.. but for mama, lots coming eh???

  7. Wow...really wor...Santa must have got the date wrong ! LOL! hope you like it ...the chews....must have rmemeber gosok gigi after the chews. That shirt looks a wee bit too big...nevermind keep it till you can wear it :p Next time, Santa must get the size right for you :)

  8. Wuaaaaah! Really a lot of pressies wor. You are such a good boy, sure a lot of people sayang. Tell aunty what you want in Dec... aunty buy for you ok ;)

  9. LOL!! Cos all santas will be busy during xmas. So passed all the gifts in advance...hahahahah

  10. Wah...SK...not even December many christmas presents came showering already.
    Ur mummy has to get a really big tree to put all those underneath it...

  11. hi... can ask kawkaw where he bought the little lambs? as u know, i m crazy over them... thanks.

    my email rtohlive @ yahoo com

  12. hahah... lucky boy. :)

    btw, thx for the visit ya.

  13. Kelvin

    No pressie for xmas? Gimme ur address. I send u one :D

  14. Chee Yee

    I got so many lamb lamb but then i still love the 1st one the most. Coz I raba raba the tail till busuk already

    Not smiling for swim suit coz no swimming pool to try it on lor.

  15. Prince and Princess Mum

    and my Christmas tree not even up yet

  16. Auntie Cleff

    Maybe you will get surprising Xmas pressie soon leh LOL

  17. STP

    yalor.....But Christmas time I think will have the greatest pressie of all :D

  18. Auntie Claire more for me :(

  19. Auntie Elin

    Brush teeth ah...alamak ...forgot to brush...But I got brush in the morning and night la.

    Nice nice T-shirt ah. I like longgar one coz then I can eat more. :D

  20. Chloe's Mummy

    Anything? Anything at all? *evil grinz*

    Thank you but nevermind la. Coz come December we will be going to see Auntie Claire and Auntie Agnes.

    You wanna tumpang anything to them, let Mamarazzi know la

  21. Mommy Ling

    ha...all Santa busy ah..then Santarina also can la...must be sexy sexy ones wor like in Kenwooi's blog.

  22. Leona.

    No need big tree coz I opened most of my pressie already. LOL. Kiasu. But I think Mamarazzi have hidden one or two pressie. I will hunt them down .....

  23. Little Lamb

    The Lamb lamb were from New Zealand. Kaw Kaw bought them for me from there.

  24. Santa sure come early for the lil one, so start giving pressie from now till the real date ya.....

    great weekend to you

  25. WOW, already received so many presents before Christmas, share with Aunty Choi Yen lah, hehe ^^

  26. wah!!! so nice, still way long before christmas already received so many christmas gifts from the auntie-auntie sekalian!! cool man~~ i don't have present at all yet :(

  27. Wah... lucky you, got so many prezzies, not even Christmas month yet! You are definitely 'Uncle Santa's Pet' lar! So envy~!!^-^

    Have a joyful weekend ya!

  28. Wow, so many gifts! This is celebrity kucing kah?

  29. SK

    LOL...soon you will get pressie :D

  30. Alice Law

    Don't envy wor...coz come Christmas no more gifts :p

  31. Hilda Milda

    Can become model or not?

  32. Autumn

    Not celebrity...just a small small kucing


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