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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Mamarazzi's Weird Cookings

You must be wondering why I always cari makan outside. Coz Mamarazzi tak pandai cook mah. 

Everytime Papa come home, she would do "experiment" on us.*sobs*

"Wat Tan Hor Por Choy". Hmm...not tasty geh. Papa had a mouthful only. Not like the one at Restaurant Yin Her punya.

 Curry Patin Fish. The Curry was tasty but the vegetables were over-cooked.

 Ikan Bulus. Papa and Auntie Florence loves these.

 But how come Mamarazzi fried not as nice as Auntie Florence fried for Auntie Siew's Birthday geh?

 Sengkuang fried with dried shrimps. 

Put into the salad leaves and eat like eating Popiah. The only thing is that my mouth not big enough wor.

 Steam fish. This fish is called Ikan Ayam. Eee...looks so ugly geh. The only thing I like is that this fish not much bones one. Only have one main bones.

So far the only dish I love is the steam eggs. 

I wonder what will Mamarazzi next experiment will be. But am sure the next few days I won't have to be "white mice" to Mamarazzi coz I'll be "balik kampung-ing". Can bodek Ah Mah to fry keropok for me to eat.


  1. many dishes...
    this evening i also very hardworking..
    i did steamed kampung chicken, steamed talaphia fish, stir fry broccoli and fun kwok soup...

    geng or not? :)

  2. Haha, at least mama got cook for u very good already XD

  3. ha!ha!ha! keep on trying-- I'm having the same challenge with my eldest daughter

  4. Aiyoh, you are so lucky to be able to enjoy mom's cooking. Don't worry, small kucing. In time to come, you shall learn to enjoy Mamarazzi's cooking and after eating more and more of her 'saliva and sweat', there's no turning back, because Mom's cooking that is cooked with love is the BEST!

  5. Smallkucing ah, can ask Mamarazzi to make the sengkuang+dried shrimp for Auntie anot? Kempunan jorr! LOL~!

  6. I like the ikan ayam, very meaty~~

  7. LOL!!! I can tell...seeing that you people always eat out. Ask your mamma to follow my simple cooking - sure you will like one! Easy...and nice.

  8. good!!! at least mamarazzi still never give up experimenting thought paparazzi only eat one mouth, haha!!

    i like ikan ayam too, no bones and all meat, nice!! errr actually i think for vege, simple stir fried will be nice enough lah, don't do all those "creative" things leh~~ :p

  9. Auntie Claire that I go to you house and tumpang makan la

  10. Kelvin

    LOL...thank god no food poisoning

  11. Autumn

    Cham....have to suffer till I get a wife :p

  12. Auntie Cleff

    Now u say...if I know I tapau all and give to you LOL

  13. Choi Yen

    Yup...delicious if make ikan bakar

  14. SK

    Yup but cant find ikan ayam at restaurant. Mostly at ikan bakar stalls

  15. aiya.. got food to eat don't complain liao la.. at least ur mamarazzi cook for you.. auntie cynthia also don't have ah.. :p

  16. something BIG coming soon to my blog... pls visit. thx.

  17. Hahaha.. keep going.. mommy. Mama's cooking is always the best.

  18. Auntie Cynthia

    Mamarazzi lausy cook leh.

  19. Jemsem

    Can't wait. what is it? A giveaway?

  20. I love the veggies looks yummy make me wanna eat now =D

  21. don't worry! it'll be early December! =)

    Thx for visiting my blog!

  22. Wah smallkucing pandai complain..careful nanti kena grounded by Mamarazzi and give you cat food everyday then baru tahu..So that's how an ikan ayam looks like what about ikan itek then? tQ

  23. However for me those foods are looks well prepared.Home foods are the most healthy foods and its show the love to your family.Of course, practise will make perfect.

  24. Hahaha my Ma can't really cook either! But whatever lah, most important I still get my food and you too :P

    Go go go mamarazzi! :D keep trying

  25. Bananaz

    If Mamarazzi ground me then I tell Uncle STP. He will bring me stay with him in Sibu :D

  26. Wai Kitt

    hahahaha...look good but taste wise LOL

  27. Angie

    sob sobs later i become guinea pig again

  28. Where got weird? Looks good to me... well, at least they are all homecooked :)

  29. Chloe's Mommy

    sometimes Mamarazzi cook till dont know what to cook


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