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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Blind Sight by James H. Pence

 Had a lovely dinner with Auntie Cynthia, my dear and Auntie Little Bird's family last night.

Came home with a whole bag of goodies. Usual lah. Whenever all these Aunties meet sure one bag here and one bag there. Oh ya...Mommy Ling, please come and collect your goodies ya.

Well, among the goodies passed around was this book. Blind Sight by James H. Pence.

Mamarazzi saw Auntie Little Bird blogged about this book a two days ago and asked Auntie Little Bird to lend her.

Very interesting book. Story is about cult.

Thomas Kent used to be a God fearing man and had a lovely family till his family was taken from him in an incident. Then on he felt like he had died.

In his misery, suddenly he received an encrypted message. At first he thought it was just a prank. That is unlike he received a message in his answering machine. The dying man last words haunted him ""

He found the children but he was not really prepared for the horror that follows. The children were members of "Fellowship of World Renewal". The followers of this cult outwardly look harmless. They are caring for the environment, planting flowers, caring of their neighbour, non-aggressive but on a word from their leaders they would turn into cold blooded killers.

Now the children are on the run as their father have stolen something important from the cult and it is to be pass on to the children mother.

Thomas Kent was looped into this mess. Although he was hurting as the children reminded him a lot of his lost, he kept on trying to help them.

Mamarazzi finished this book in a jiffy coz it was so good. Although this book is just fiction, there are real dangerous cult out there which involves mind control and even murder. The followers would listen to the cult leaders/elders blindly. They would not listen to their family and relatives advice. She had read a true story on such cult long ago.

Some think only "ang moh" have such things but even in Malaysia there are/were cult. The recent ones being the "Sky Kingdom"? No idea of that? what about "Ayah Pin"?

Anyway, back to this book. There is a "bonus" story behind this book.

At end end of the book, the author revealed something which is short of a miracle. God used this book to turn someone life around.

March 1. 2008, Terry Caffey's home in Texas was broken into and his  whole family was brutally murdered. Somehow, he was saved.

He was devastated. He was going to commit suicide. He cried out to God in despair "Why did you take my family? Why didn't you take me too? I don't understand".

No sooner that he said that, he look down and saw a scrap of paper burnt at the edges. It was a page out of Blind Sight. When he read the page, it was like a direct reply from God to his question.

This was in AOL News. Check it out. The article titled "Father Uses Family Massacre to Help Others"



  1. There is none so blind as he who will not see...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. STP

    LOL or when Mamarazzi lost her specs

  4. Hehe will ask to pinjam this book next year before CNY break. :P

  5. Chee Yee

    I think should be no problem since Cleff memang generous with her books

  6. sound like a good read. i click the article. what a horror, a daughter pakat with other killing her own family!???!!!

  7. Goldflower

    It is a good read and just look at the miracle in the end of the book.

  8. I want to read but I'll have final exams soon. Wah, I'm so curious la ;(

  9. @Smallkucing...LOL... ur Mamarazzi baca so fast? I feel abit depress after read... dono why... ooo... Eh, Auntie Cheeyee wanna pinjam, ask ur mamarazzi pass to her next lor. LOL!

    @Cheeyee... wanna pinjam? Join us next balik kampung session lorr... den can pass to u. Bila can jumpa? Oh yea... wud else books u wanna pinjam, must remind me ah... I kip forget punya. Must remind me.

  10. Angie

    Good luck on you examination. Nevermind, you can enjoy this book after the examination

  11. Auntie Cleff

    why depressed? Coz kesian is it?

    wokay will pass to AUntie Chee Yee the net balik kampung session

  12. Dun nid return back Auntie the Blind Sight book... Auntie intend to gv Mamarazzi wan... lupa pulak say =.= ngam la... ur mamarazzi like the book and auntie pulak depress wif this book... dun return ya?

  13. AUntie Cleff

    Oooo..thank you very much


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