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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Batman Call Sign

Last month I saw someone looking for Batman. Every night they would shine bright lights to the sky calling for Batman.

So Papa brought us there to see if we can help or not.


Eh! as we got nearer, we saw it's not calling for Batman. It's Funfair!

 Ferris Wheel. tall...scared scared leh.

Play catch Rubber ducky safer la. think I can do advertisement for Digi ka? Yellow ducky wor.

Haiz...."won" an Ugly Duckling Key Chain.

 *Scramble*scramble* CARS!!! I want. I wanna play cars! my wish! Wear seat belt and drive car car. Broom broom....

 Go home? No I don't wanna go home.

Don't wanna go home yet. Wanna play some more

Choo! Choo! Chugginthon

 Plane ah...scared scared..I don't wanna play this. Let me OUT!!!


Tak jadi play plane but I got a "Helicopter" . Papa bought this "Amazing Arrow Helicopter" for me. It's a slingshot. 

Once again say buy for name only. End up that two budak besar play.

P/s: you might notice the watermark on the photos. Mamarazzi edited them earlier before moving house. She was lazy to re-do again. ish ish lazy


  1. Next time take auntie along.. long time I never been to funfair liow.. But ask your mama papa take u to Gentings lagi shiok la.. or Universal Studio in Singapore!!! yehhhhhhhh!!!

  2. Seems like Small Kucing was having so much fun.... that's why it is called fun fair.

    But nowadays can hardly see any fun fair joh. Btw, where is this fun fair?

  3. where is this funfair? Nowadays hardly see this type of funfair liao~

  4. not small kuching call sign meh??

  5. Wah got funfair, where where? And SK seems like to pout a lot. Hahaha!

    Claire, No need go Genting or Singapore so far, Sunway lagoon also can liao ler. But expensive. If you don't play water better don't go. Not worth it.

  6. Was it there when I went to KL? Should have told me! I could have gone with you and you can sit on all the rides to your heart's content. I can't sit with you though - nanti kereta rosak! Muahahahaha!!!

  7. Jenny

    The funfair is at Subang Two.It's still ongoing.

    But the rides rather mahal. Kids around rm3/ride and adult about rm4

  8. Claire

    Fuih! Lucky you comment. If not i thought sometimes wrong with this bolog hahaha...whole day "0" comment .

    Genting and S'pore ah? expensive wor....

  9. Choi Yen

    It's at Subang Two. It's still least it is when we passby on Sunday.

  10. M-Knight

    ya hor....must drag Papa and Mamarazzi to go there again. I wanna play the choo choo train and car car again

  11. Chee yee

    Last time Mamarazzi has a friend who works in Sunway group. Can get ticket for half price. But now she resigned already :(

    The Funfair was/is at Subang Two

  12. STP

    Yes the Funfair was on when you came KL. But then you stay only a short time. Next time come to KL stay longer la. Then we can go Funfair and food hunting.

    Papa know u like p.o.r.k. We can go hunting :D

  13. I went there twice jor..i guess no third time kua...went jor..all tak mau balik..ishh ishh...and the prizes are &@#*..LOL!!

  14. Mommy ling

    the gifts are always like xxxx.

    The rides also more expensive than of at shopping complex.

    But then just for the thrill of it lo. I have never been to Funfair so Papa and Mamarazzi bring me there lo

  15. Prince and Princess mum

    It was fun and unexpected lo

  16. Wah he likes to play "duck catching" eh? Same with my siblings, they will ask again and again =="
    The funfair looks fun! Never go to funfair here hahaha I want to try once...^__^

  17. Angie

    I wanna go again and again too but Mamarazzi say "Rotan lai ler" if i dont go home

  18. BBO

    Thank you thank you. Do come and visit again :D

  19. smallkucing wanna catch batman kah? Well blessing in disguise no bat to catch but can have real fun until refused to go home..haha Always like that the adults aka overgrown babies would play the toy that they would have missed playing when younger ~:)

  20. awwww the pouty face is SHO CUTEEEE! :D :D

  21. Bananaz

    Ya lor..the two BIG kids curi my toys to play lor :(

  22. Sugarmouse

    i love sweet things and i am a mouse too. Born in the year of mickey mouse. Can we be friends?

  23. oh that's a funfair?? i thot our dear "Eye on Malaysia" is moved somewhere else again.. haha!! :D

  24. Sudah follow but tak tau why my gambar didn't appear...he hehe!

  25. SK

    Funfair la tu...If Eye of Malaysia moved oto here then sure pengsan. whole place will be jam up

  26. where is subang two? My boys never been to fun fair before.

  27. Annie

    Subang Two is behind Subang Airport. From subang airport, you go straight. Pass 3 traffic light. 3rd traffic light you will see Caltex on your left. At the traffic light turn Right.

    Immediately after turning Right, turn left. There is a sign that say Subang bestari (jln Cakerawala). Go straight. Take a left at the 1st junction. After the row of shops on your left you will see the Funfair site.

    If wanna go better go soon. It have been there for more than a month. Not sure how long more it will stay there.

    If you sesat give me a call. You can get my number thru AUntie Cleff


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