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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Auntie Cleffairy Bought Me A New House!

Mamarazzi memang leceh. Just l"redecorated" my house in April. Now thinking of moving house pulak.

Haiyo! just think of the cost of buying a new house and the headache of packing. Some more I might loose my friends from this house leh. Some may not wanna follow me to my new house leh.

She asked Auntie Cleffairy opinion and advices as she is the expert.

Omigosh!!! the next thing I know, Auntie Cleffairy told me that she had bought me a house as an early Christmas pressie!!!

Yikes! She even found a good moving company to help with the moving in to the new house. If you need service to move your house, do check out this Fat Cat Moving company.

Broooom Broooommm I go moving to my new home. Will you follow me to my new home? Hope you will follow me to my new home.

My new address is WWW.SMALLKUCING.COM . Do come to my new house for a visit and stay. 

As usual with the moving and all, some things will go missing. Very sorry for that. Hope you will drop by my new home, gimme me your address so that Mamarazzi can link back to you. 

Thank you very much for supporting me here and hope to see you again at my new home.


  1. My calling card is and in case you like to see my other houses, they are and

    btw, got housewarming party or not?? I will bring gifts...

  2. Auntie Claire.

    Wokay ..kau are in my blog list and reading list jor :D

    House warming ah....wait ah..I go Ipoh in December and we have a gathering there okie

  3. Congratulations for owning a house.

  4. *pengsan* Finally can masuk new home ah?

  5. AUntie Cleff

    ya lor...everything still a bit messy la

  6. so nice of cleff! Xmas came early! waaaweee!

  7. Irene

    Ya lor..cham lo...every1 gvg Christmas pressie in Nov. Then Dec no more pressie jor

  8. thanks visit my blog ya...cute boy u have..:)

  9. Mars mell-o

    thank you and you have a nice blog too :D


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