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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

What I Did When I "Mabuk-ed"


You remember or not in previous post, Papa fed me some Shandy and a gulp of Red Wine?

Not long after that, a relative brought a little girl over to say "hello". Don't know what happened but Mamarazzi said I straight went hug and kissed the girl-girl.

At the end of the dinner, Ah Kong came over and bring me up the stage for the dancing session.

At first I was a bit shy and scared.

Then out of the blue they were playing my favourite song and there was a pretty girl girl dancing next to me. Though she looks younger than me but she was dancing like a pro.

My dancing pulak consist of monkey jumping here and there cum Bollywood style.


Soon, things got heat up a notch.

Gosh! I really hope My Dear don't see this. How can I explain? Alcohol got into my brain? Forgive me for I know not what I did. I was me but I was not me.

 At the end of the song I went and bowed. Papa was surprised. He didn't know that I learnt this from watching Handy Manny show.

Really more face to see my readers liao.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Wedding Banquet at Primula Hotel, K.Trengganu

We were invited to a Wedding Dinner middle of this month at Primula Beach Hotel.

Wow...not only have cakes but also this cute "basket" with nice smell coming out from it. Can makan one or not?

I was hungry, I ate the piece of fruit cake.

Then I was thirsty. There were some 2 bottles of soft drinks on the table and a few cans of Shandy.

Mamarazzi poured some Coke for me which I finished in no time. Then I saw Papa having some Shandy. I want too. He gave me some.

I finished nearly the whole can.

By the way, they also served Chinese Tea. Mamarazzi tried the whole night to get these two pieces of wood to pour us some Chinese tea. One even give Mamarazzi "Talk to the Hand" sign. 

It's seems they were just too "busy". Too busy being ornaments gua. 

After snapping this photo of the two piece of wood chatting, Mamarazzi stood up; walked pass them to the pot of Chinese Tea (which they were supposed to be serving) from the table behind them and brought it to our table. 

That is very rude but what to do? Mamarazzi asked for tea since the beginning of the dinner till the 5th dish served, still no tea. Being shown Talk To The Hand sign while these two was busy chatting is just a bit too much already.

Continued with the story. Papa gave me drink "Ribena".


Yikes!!! what the heck is that? That is not Ribena.

 First dish 5 Season Cold & Hot Dish Combination. Yummm...Mamarazzi love the Pacific Clams

While I love the Crab Claw. I had two. Mamarazzi gave hers to me.

Next come the Sharkfin Soup. One for me please. "noodle"(mushroom) in it. Nice.

Next come the crispy Chicken and Roast Duck combination. I didn't get to eat this as am not good at chewing meat.

But I love the Cereal & Yam Prawn with Thousand Island dressing. 

Next come Yum Sing session.

Me big boy already. Everyone use glass/cup. I also wanna use cup la.

After that comes the Fried Brocolli with Assorted Mushroom and Dried Scallop. Papa loves this dish very much. Even asked Mamarazzi try to cook this at home but that is another story

Deep Fried Garupa with Sweet and Sour Sauce. I did not eat this too coz I wanted to go toilet. I told Mamarazzi I wanted to go poo poo.

Mamarazzi looked at me one kind. But then when I arrived to the washroom, I don't feel like poo poo any more. I just "shh shh-ed"

We come back when this lovely fried rice dish was served. 

Yumm yumm I love it. Maybe coz I was hungry gua.

Then come the Dancing session. Ah Kong came and brought me to the dancing session. But that is another story. Pretty embarrassing. Hope my Dear won't read that post or else....

After the dancing, I came back to this cool and refreshing Longan drink. Yummmm...just nice to quench my thirst

And thank you very much for inviting us . May both of you have a Blissful Wedded life together forever and ever.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Blind Sight by James H. Pence

 Had a lovely dinner with Auntie Cynthia, my dear and Auntie Little Bird's family last night.

Came home with a whole bag of goodies. Usual lah. Whenever all these Aunties meet sure one bag here and one bag there. Oh ya...Mommy Ling, please come and collect your goodies ya.

Well, among the goodies passed around was this book. Blind Sight by James H. Pence.

Mamarazzi saw Auntie Little Bird blogged about this book a two days ago and asked Auntie Little Bird to lend her.

Very interesting book. Story is about cult.

Thomas Kent used to be a God fearing man and had a lovely family till his family was taken from him in an incident. Then on he felt like he had died.

In his misery, suddenly he received an encrypted message. At first he thought it was just a prank. That is unlike he received a message in his answering machine. The dying man last words haunted him ""

He found the children but he was not really prepared for the horror that follows. The children were members of "Fellowship of World Renewal". The followers of this cult outwardly look harmless. They are caring for the environment, planting flowers, caring of their neighbour, non-aggressive but on a word from their leaders they would turn into cold blooded killers.

Now the children are on the run as their father have stolen something important from the cult and it is to be pass on to the children mother.

Thomas Kent was looped into this mess. Although he was hurting as the children reminded him a lot of his lost, he kept on trying to help them.

Mamarazzi finished this book in a jiffy coz it was so good. Although this book is just fiction, there are real dangerous cult out there which involves mind control and even murder. The followers would listen to the cult leaders/elders blindly. They would not listen to their family and relatives advice. She had read a true story on such cult long ago.

Some think only "ang moh" have such things but even in Malaysia there are/were cult. The recent ones being the "Sky Kingdom"? No idea of that? what about "Ayah Pin"?

Anyway, back to this book. There is a "bonus" story behind this book.

At end end of the book, the author revealed something which is short of a miracle. God used this book to turn someone life around.

March 1. 2008, Terry Caffey's home in Texas was broken into and his  whole family was brutally murdered. Somehow, he was saved.

He was devastated. He was going to commit suicide. He cried out to God in despair "Why did you take my family? Why didn't you take me too? I don't understand".

No sooner that he said that, he look down and saw a scrap of paper burnt at the edges. It was a page out of Blind Sight. When he read the page, it was like a direct reply from God to his question.

This was in AOL News. Check it out. The article titled "Father Uses Family Massacre to Help Others"


Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-Ask and It Shall Be Given You

Not long ago Mamarazzi was given complimentary copy of this book by Tyndale Publishing House and she have reviewed the book here.

Reading today's Enid Blyton Bedtime Stories & Prayers reminded her of the said book. According to Enid Blyton's book, Jesus disciples  spoke to Jesus and asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.

Jesus told him that he must pray as if he really mean it. Must think what he is saying. Must want what he is asking and must think that he will get it if it is the best thing for him. Must never pray without thinking and did not bother whether God is listening or not.

To illustrate, Jesus told him one of his stories. A man went knocking at his neighbour's home asking to borrow some bread for a house guest. The neighbour told him to go away for his had lock up his house and his kids are asleep. But this man did not give up. He called and called again. And the neighbour then knew that he is earnest in need of the bread and give it to him.

The same goes for God. If we ask and ask, God will see that we are earnest and would give it to us if the thing is good for us. Coz according to Jesus,  a father won't give his son stone to eat if the son is begging for bread.

In Almost Heaven, Billy Allman also prayed earnestly and most of the time he did not get what he pray for. But he did not give up and he continued to believe in God.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Mamarazzi's Weird Cookings

You must be wondering why I always cari makan outside. Coz Mamarazzi tak pandai cook mah. 

Everytime Papa come home, she would do "experiment" on us.*sobs*

"Wat Tan Hor Por Choy". Hmm...not tasty geh. Papa had a mouthful only. Not like the one at Restaurant Yin Her punya.

 Curry Patin Fish. The Curry was tasty but the vegetables were over-cooked.

 Ikan Bulus. Papa and Auntie Florence loves these.

 But how come Mamarazzi fried not as nice as Auntie Florence fried for Auntie Siew's Birthday geh?

 Sengkuang fried with dried shrimps. 

Put into the salad leaves and eat like eating Popiah. The only thing is that my mouth not big enough wor.

 Steam fish. This fish is called Ikan Ayam. Eee...looks so ugly geh. The only thing I like is that this fish not much bones one. Only have one main bones.

So far the only dish I love is the steam eggs. 

I wonder what will Mamarazzi next experiment will be. But am sure the next few days I won't have to be "white mice" to Mamarazzi coz I'll be "balik kampung-ing". Can bodek Ah Mah to fry keropok for me to eat.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Santa Came In November For Me

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa must have got his calendar wrong. He came early by a month this year.

The other day Auntie Little Bird bought me a new house.

Earlier of the month, Anonymous present me with a Doomagic Dinosaur pillow pulak. I can't wait for Christmas. I pestered Mamarazzi to open and let me use first.

Not enough with that, Anonymous also gave me a bag full of goodies. There is a cute Kitty Purse for Mamarazzi too.

 Next, came Auntie Claire who gave me this lovely Ben 10 t-shirt pulak.

Then met up with Santa Claus from Sibu. The gifts came in this Christmassy bag

 No prize in guessing what was in the bag. Yummy fooooooood.

 And a T-shirt

Then Auntie Elin sent me this smart looking shirt. See! I am handsome or not? Jie Jie Joanna helped to choose one.

Jie Jie Joanna also tak kurang. She tumpang-ed a big bag of candy for me. Sorry ah...Mamarazzi belum sempat snap photo, I already opened and ate 1 piece. Let just say, 1 piece is not enough. Mamarazzi said I can only eat one piece a day.

Then we "balik kampung-ed". My Kaw Kaw bought me two more lamb-lamb. One for me and one for my Dear. Can you spot which two are new?

Also a new suit for me to go swim swim. Nice leh. 

Sampai Auntie Woo's place, got some more gifts. These I have yet to open.

A big THANK YOU to everyone for showering me with gifts. Chamz! means come December, no more gifts?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Meeting VIP From Sibu At Restaurant Muar

This is a very late post.  I met with a VIP from Sibu at Restaurant Muar earlier this month.

I was rather nervous.

 But then I saw My Dear and her Mummy came.  .

Auntie Cynthia gave us a BIG tub of delicious mousse cake which we shared with everyone.
As I was checking out the mirror to see if am "presentable" or not, somebody else was checking out my bum bum.
This is the first time that I had Barley with Lime. Taste....hmmm..not bad.

We had Sambal Sotong with Petai. Fulamak! sedap. Sekejap only finished. I bet Auntie Little Bird will still drool at this dish.

 Mamarazzi loves this. Very long time didn't have Belacan Kangkung

Muhahahaha...taugeh..nothing special. I thought of "sabotage" Auntie Little Bird with the taugeh but the paiseh la since VIP was there.

Asam Fish..the fish was okay but the taste and colouring a to say ah? Not attractive enough.

The VIP also order this huge plate of Fried Chicken in BBQ sauce for us kids. Very thoughtful of him.

 This fried Egg would have been wonderful if they added oyster . hahaha...can become "Oh Chien".

 Next comes the famous Otak-Otak. Large portion. Mamarazzi and me didn't eat this but I saw everyone syok - syok makan.

Since we ordered the set meal, we were entitled to order their Cendol for RM1 a bowl. Size wise rather small for adults but just nice for me.

Thank you very much for the dinner and the gifts, Uncle STP. Hope we can meet again soon. Really enjoyed myself that night.

Here is the address just in case you wanna try out the food there :

Restoran Muar
No. 6G Tengkat Tong Shin
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-2144 2072 & 012 219 2199

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