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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Two Dinosaurs and An Energised Bunny Going Up The Hill

In case you are wondering, the hill that I mean was Fraser Hill

Very narrow and winding road. Hence they imposed contra flow traffic. Odd hours for cars to go up and even hour for cars to come down.

 The reason we come is to play water and ride horsey. first stop, Jeriau Falls.

 It's a long walk to the water fall site.

 Along the way saw small stream going downhill. The water very clear.

 Stopped halfway to play with the swings there

 Enjoying the scenery. 

Finally arrived. Hmmm...rather disappointing. Thought the Waterfall would be huge and a lot of gushing water. This one very small only.

There were two man made "pool" there to catch the water from the fall. Papa brought me to the one which water not so deep.


 Water no so deep. But it's freezing cold.

 Nevertheless I love it very much.

Nice to play water here. Won't kena sunburn

 Splash ah! Splash water at Papa.

 Alamak! Papa revenged. Brrrrr...cooooooooold....

 Cabut lari lu.....Help me Mama!!!!!

 Alamak! Water went inside my ears.

 Don't want. Don't wanna take photo lah. Tired already lah.

The journey back from the Fall was...ahem ahem...painful and slow. So slow that I managed to spot a bird nest on top of one of the trees.

The two "dinosaur" was crawling slower than a snail. Coz have to climb back up from the waterfalls mah.

By the time got back to the car, no more energy to go horse riding anymore.  Mamarazzi sat there like a dead piece of meat. Guess she needs more exercise gua.

For the rest of the journey, we just sat in the car. Papa drove around Fraser Hill. Didn't get down from the car to snap photos as both were too tired

I saw this lovely Pos Office The wall full of green thingy plant. Is it called Ivy?

 Then I saw this clock tower too. Mamarazzi told me last time it's not full of the green leaves. It was bricks. But that was many years ago. A lot of things had changed.

We got down from Fraser Hill around 4p.m. Just nice to cari makan for dinner.


  1. Ah...Fraser's eh? Never been there, never been to Cameron either... Wish somebody would take me...but wait a minute! CLIMB???, thank you! Muahahahaha!!!!

  2. oh Kath, i never been to Fraser Hill all my life.. where is it actually? on the way to KL from Ipoh, right?

  3. wow it must be an awesome outing! looks fabulous, where will you be heading this weekend?

  4. never been far issit from KL?

  5. wah...the water so cold and smallkucing dare to dip inside.Seeing the pictures, I'm shivering here. hehe

  6. Claire

    If coming from KL, it's before Cameron.

  7. STP

    Ya Fraser Hill. Wakakaka..have to CLIMB a lot of steps to get to and fro from the Falls. Jom....*evil grinz*

  8. Angel Bear

    Hmmm about 2hours drive from KL.

  9. mNhL

    really cold leh...brrrr....Mamarazzi also takut

  10. Medie007

    Recommended for youngsters for group outing or "pak tor-ing" but not recommended for "dinosaurs" like Papa and Mamarazzi.

    Got Jungle trail to explore, water fall, horse riding, lake and generally nice for youngster lah.

  11. i went there once and did not swim there. we just stay there to relax and also caught some insects like beetles and butterflies.

    the foods there wasn't bad, too.

    the thing i don't like is that you have to wait for the right time to go up and down the hill and the road is very narrow! haha.

  12. Yeah, my guess was correct. Been there many years ago with Shenny's papa when courting time. :) Went there just to feel cold air.

  13. Oh, so it's Fraser's Hill. No wonder you didn't answer my question in your previous blogpost. Hehehe....Anyway, love the photos of Joshua enjoying himself when Papa took his 'revenge'.

  14. Eh Fraser's more winding than Cameron? Actually I can tahan Fraser's road but not Cameron (old road). The old Cameron road makes me vomit EVERY time! But Fraser's nothing much to do.. even the food there also very limited...

  15. Hey, you still remember the last time we altogether went to Fraser's Hill? Oh, so miss the place,but the road make us easy pengsan and muntah...scare lah.

  16. still can play water at such cooling weather? geng wor...

  17. went there twice i think, no stay overnight, just for day trip, many many years ago, more than 15 years ago?? How is the weather there, is it cool?

  18. Ooh, I guessed correctly :) Nice place... but after so many years, the road is still like that. Wah, the lil boy can really tahan cold!! So shiok playing in the cold water.

  19. Oh Fraser's Hill. Looks boring only the place.

  20. Faisal

    Great place for relaxing as not many tourist. Recreation wise have to sendiri cari programme lo. Great to go with large group of buddies. BBQ...jungle tracking and etc

  21. ALice

    LOL...the "pond" was fun.but very colllllddd

  22. Shenny's Mom there...hmm...maybe I will bring my dear go dating there when am older and ditch the two dinosaurs :p

  23. Lenglui Witch

    Fraser road worse than Cameron leh. Narrow ulak tu.

    Good to go in large group la coz can do BBQ..jungle tracking and stuffs

  24. Wai Kitt

    Hahaha...last time can go la. NOw all old already. Cannot take winding road lo :p

  25. Annie

    Ya it's still cool. But now the riding place they have proper fencing. The Houses there also properly done up.

    but nothing much to do there la unless u like jungle tracking and things like that

  26. Mummy Gwen

    Coz we didnt stop for horse riding and boating lo. Good for youngsters la but not for dinosaurs like Papa and Mamarazzi.

  27. Chloe' Mommy

    Not much changes for the road. But they have fixed up the houses there la

  28. I have been there once when I was a kids.

  29. Joanne

    Papa and Mamarazzi went there before. But that was when they were younger la


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