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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Seri Langat Seafood Restaurant, Carey Island

In the "old" 5 years ago, Carey Island is famous for its seafood. Many people would venture to Carey Island for Seafood.

There are two seafood restaurants opposite to each other. Papa and Mamarazzi found that Seri Langat Seafood Restaurant food more suitable for their taste.

They have not been to this place for quite some time. Surprised that the restaurant have been renovated. Now the kitchen is at where the car park used to be.

Ordered Coconut for me since I have been eating a lot of fried keropok.

They gave pickled mango as appetiser. Delicious.

I was enjoying my coconut juice when we were "attacked" by a swam of insects. Cantonese called it "Dai Shui Ngai". The kind of insect that circled the lights just before it rain.

Hence we had to moved to the air-conditioned room to avoid the insects.

Mamarazzi gila salted egg crabs again(top left(. Ordered that. Sadly, it doesn't taste good. They put too much flour on it. Not much of salted egg taste.

Next comes the Claypot Taufu(top right). Taste quite good with a lot of seafood in it. The size a bit too much for the 3 of us to finish.

The Bihun Steamed Fish (bottom left) was a huge disappointment. It used to be very tasty. This round there was a weird taste on the fish and/or bihun. Not sure which one. Papa said smell of cockroach but Mamarazzi said maybe the bihun was inferior quality.

Mamarazzi cooked this dish before and it taste better than this. Click here to view the said post.

The Sweet Potatoes leave dish(bottom right) was quite special. They used ginger instead of garlic. Heard that eat Sweet Potatoes Leave will have a lot of "wind". Maybe that is why they stir-fry it with ginger.

Found this "smiley" face in the Taufu Dish. Sayang to eat but the it fell onto the floor ...sob sob...

Errrr...why my face so "comot"? Don't know. I was playing with the "kiap kiap" for the crabs and the next thing I know was Mamarazzi laughing at me.

Conclusion? Not going to purposely come to makan at this restaurant anymore since the food quality had deteriorated. Total bill came up to RM90-90. Should buy nombor ekor ka?


  1. kinda costly for food that you not satisfied with, kan?

  2. Carey Island... sounds like overseas US.. so it is not so good? then dont take me there next time... go Yin Her ok liow..

  3. wonder if this is the one further one of the two from the main road. hahaha. last we went was soooo long ago... but nevermind, will find time to go when i'm in banting. kekekekeke

  4. So long didn't visit Carey island liao!

  5. i love the last picture :) very very cute!! I want a coconut drink too! must be refreshing lah! yumms.

    Have a happy weekend!
    jen @

  6. Claire

    Ya YH is much nearer and nicer

  7. Medie

    Yes it was. Right next to the "river"

  8. Ladyyjae

    Been eating a lot of "heaty" stuffs. So drink coconut drink

  9. Wenn

    The taste not as good as old days already

  10. Straw mushroom! My daughter loves those - dunno why. I prefer button mushrooms. Aiya...your photos so small, how to drool over the food leh? Looks nice though... Yum!

  11. eih, i like the appetiser!! coconut is refreshing and cooling, and the mango just add your appetite to eat MORE!!

    that mushroom is cute, i never have thot of looking it in that way~~ :)

  12. Most prob they changed the chef too?

  13. I have more than 5 years not visiting Carey Island.

  14. wah..previously i go..damn expensive d ler..but taste just so so only..i prefer go kuala selangor for seafood

  15. STP

    Purposely make photo small that you wont drool all over your PC mah :p

  16. SK

    Hahaha...maybe that's their purpose give mango jeruk

  17. Shenny's Mommy

    You too? Kakakaka

  18. Nikel

    Seems like it's not worth going all the way to Carey Island anymore :(


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