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Friday, 22 October 2010

Restaurant Sam U Claypot, Petaling Jaya

Haiz...once again round-round-round don't know what to eat. Papa look at Mamarazzi. Mamarazzi look at me. From Shah Alam round to KL then to PJ.  End up at this restaurant.

Hope the food is good.

 Menu style is like Old Town Coffee wor. There is a paper on the table for us to Tick Tick Tick.

Okie..order Chicken Hor Fun for Mamarazzi la. She didn't know what to eat. But then hor...I end up walloping nearly the whole bowl of Hor Fun. I love it. Very yummy.

Papa and me had Chicken Rice. Not that pricey. RM4-50 for a single person portion. Papa kept drinking the soup. Said tasty. However, later he become very thirsty in the car. Maybe it's loaded with MSG?

Chicken. big portion...but then poke poke a bit, found that "ada taugeh disebalik ayam". 

Aiya..cannot complain la since portion is for 1 person. Have 5 pieces of chicken meat and taugeh kira as very good already. Moreover the chicken meat was tasty leh.

 Additionally we ordered "Chicken Feet Kerabu" and "chicken Gizzard". The portion were big and taste delicious. Papa love both.

We will definitely come again if we want nice Chicken Rice. Seems to be cheaper than Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing.

But one thing bad is that parking is hard to find at this area. Here is the address if you are interested to have a try No: 12, Jalan Tengah, Petaling Jaya. Tel : 03-7956 2262


  1. the name "Sam U" sounds familiar to me leh, i think i've read about it in some books introducing nice food in Klang Valley..

  2. Hi SK, wow! You guys eat out very often, huh?
    But I guess where you are its easy, makan shops everywhere, only have to decide what to eat.

    Here, especially now, it's dressing up, put on jackets as weather abit chilly....tonight the temp has plummeted down to ZERO! 0'c!!! And its already snowing up North, 70 miles away.
    Holy Smoke! Its still oct, ha ha.

    Love the food dishes you have here....looks delicious.
    Have a nice day, best regards, Lee.

  3. SK

    Didn't know that it's listed in Makan makan book

  4. Uncle Lee

    Over there so cold ah? Goo time to eat Tomyam

  5. The hor fun looks really good! Not really crazy about chicken rice...but don't mind eating - not chicken feet and gizzards!!!! Eyewwwww!!! Ya...eating out at these places, always a lot of msg one!!!

  6. yooooo... i like chic gizzard, shiok to chew chew chew! haha!

  7. Luckilly the name Sam U Claypot not Sam I Claypot....ha ha ha


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