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Monday, 11 October 2010

Peng Heong Hakka Paikut Restaurant, Klang

Remember to wear your seat belt. Buckle up. Ready? Let's go cari makan. Papa gila Paikut. Mamarazzi gila vinegar pork knuckle.

Don't know why round round at Klang. Saw one Hakka restaurant. A lot of people makan-ing there. Must be good gua? Yes?

They have beautiful Menu with price for each portion stated there. Papa and Mamarazzi ordered mainly portion for one person. Saja wanna cuba -cuba.

Pepper pork stomach soup(top left). Taste so - so only. Not enough umph. The one at Seri Kembangan is much better.

Taufu with egg(top right) also taste so and so. A bit too oily. And this is a portion for two person. Got two eggs there

Bottom left. Something mince meat. Taste not bad la

Bottom right. The famous Pai Kut. I saw Papa ngapped syok syok. Mamarazzi tasted a bit and said it's too sweet.

Vinegar Pork Knuckle, portion for 1 person. There was like 3 or 4 pieces of meat there. Taste also so-so only.

Hmm...yet to find what is so special about this restaurant which makes so many people makan here. Maybe they are like us. Saw a lot of people makan here, they also follow.

One thing good about this restaurant is that it's clean and the waiters very attentive.

Maybe you would like to have a try here . As you know, taste is relative. You might find the food here suit your palate. Do let us know what was it that we missed out. Here is the address : Peng Heong Hakka Paikut Restaurant, No 2 Lorong Gudang Nanas, Off Jalan Pasar, 41400 Klang, Selangor. The funny thing is that this restaurant is located right behind of a mosque


  1. AGAIN? How many times have you people been going for vinegar pork knuckles? Constant craving kah? Your mamma pregnant, by any chance? you want a little brother whom you can bully... Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. Oh the restaurant you went served so-so food. Looks like restaurant with waiters & waitresses to serve you one may not be as good as those shop under trees or sideways? haha

  3. STP

    You la...coz you went and post Vinegar Pork Knuckle mah LOL

  4. i definitely love it..yummy.

  5. Bananaz

    Yup...sometimes roadside food taste nicer. Maybe got the "extra" ingredient kakakaka

  6. wah, ribs specialty restaurant?? first time heard of that leh.. but then in Klang ah, that is so far away for me lor..

  7. Have food will travel, hor? do u refer to other food blogs before u go cari and wallop them?

  8. Claire

    Ya Mamarazzi drooling at your Batu Caves restaurant food.

  9. SK

    The ribs nothing to shout about. :(

  10. ok ok...will take note of this outlet...taste so so only...hehehe

  11. Wow... the vinegar pork knuckles looks good... I want to try cooking this dish..reminds me of my confinement :p now think of it makes me salivates only !

  12. I dare not try pork vinegar....the smell too strong... but my mum loves it!

  13. Wah nice paikut. I cooked pork trotters today!

  14. Elin

    Seems like a lot of work cooking this wor. Have to clean it properly and boil and etc

  15. Vialentino

    Depends on individual taste. Maybe Mamarazzi is just being choosy :p

  16. mNhL

    smell to strong? hmmm... a bit la

  17. Choi Yen

    Hahaha...meatballs so that's what they were ah :P

  18. Pete

    Say earlier mah....I could have go makan at your place :P

  19. Wow you went all the way to Klang?? Salute!!

  20. Lenglui Witch

    Klang is not that far from our place :D

  21. Aiyo, Klang where got far? At most, half an hour from Midvalley. Yup, distance maybe slightly daunting 30km or so.
    Sauce a little sweet, yes. But he's the King of Ribs. And to produce a slab that's so tender and without hardened/fatty/coagulated bits, that's very rare.

  22. J2Kfm

    We went there from Shah Alam. So it's not that far.

  23. food look ok wor, taste so so only?

    I love vinegar pork knuckles too!! Yummy!! My mother in law cook very nice vinegar pork knuckles. :)

  24. Annie

    For Mamarazzi it taste so-son only.

  25. Hehehe...paiseh, I have never been to this reataurant before even though I came from Klang. Anyway, basically, I'm not a pork lover. I'm a seafood lover.

  26. I love pork...yummy lah all the dishes. Actually I don't quite like pork knuckles vinegar.

  27. Kathy, you like Vinegar Pork Knuckle? Then, I am sure you enjoyed the food during your confinement period.

  28. Joanne

    Nope..confinement tarak vinegar pork knuckle nor chicken wine


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