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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Kedai Ayam Panggang Wong Ah Wah, Jalan Alor

 Makan lagi. Dinner time mah.  This is my first time here. Heard so much about this shop.

Papa's Lime Juice with Asamboi. Mamarazzi's and mine Coconut. Alamak...half way through we discovered the whole table cloth have become wet and the coconut water missing from the coconut.

Look see look see found that the shell at the bottle was breached. Informed the Waiter and he replaced for us.

 Wah...ordered so much. Betul-betul Somalia refugee ah?

 Top left, is "See Hum Rebus". Papa and Uncle eat till syok syok. Top right is Pork Rib with Mayonnaise. Very tasty. A must try.

Bottom left is the famous Chicken Wings. Ordered 5 pairs for the four of us. Papa and Uncle said delicious but Mamarazzi found it normal aje.

Bottom right is the grilled Stingray. Nothing to shout about.

 Next comes the noodles. All are portion for 1 person but we shared out. Just wanna have a taste. Top left is Fried Tanghoon. Nothing special. The one at Old Klang Road taste nicer. Mamarazzi said the Tanghoon have a weird smell.

Next is the Roast Pork Noodle(Top right). Very tasty. Yum Yum.

Bottom is the Fried Rice. Not bad-lah. One of the better Fried Rice that I have tasted.

This round I tried my hand in eating "See Hum". I didn't know how to open the thing. Tried popping whole "biji" into my mouth but caught by Papa in the nick of time. Papa then open the shell for me. Fed me. Eeeeee...yuck...soft soft lembik lembik...I don't like lah.

Next time I don't wanna eat this ya.


  1. Wah, the pari like terbakar liao!

  2. Eeeeee.... smallkucing make TZ drooling in the middle of the night.

    If TZ got fat, TZ will exercise his rights to sue Smallkucing to make him FAT by posting all the delicious food... *Wink Wink*

  3. Somebody told me to go and eat the chicken wings there...but somebody told me he ate there and had ceret-beret. In the end, I never went. Perhaps I should go this time - when I go in November...I usually stay around there.

    My daughter and I went to one a few doors away - fried rice, one plate of veg and oyster omelette...over RM50 and ALL horrible. We just had a mouthful of each, didn't like at all and left... That's why I always tell people - food at Jalan Alur sucks BIG TIME! Expensive and horrible... Tipu the pelancong only.

  4. oh?? become a shop already?? i remember last time just a stall selling siew gai yik only woh.. anyway, i rarely go to Jalan Alor, things are very expensive there..

  5. the grilled string ray is so hangus.

  6. Really a lot of food for just the 4 of u! At least your boy is willing to try the see-hum... unlike C, who will refuse all weird looking stuff without even wanting to try!

  7. i hvn't eaten ayam panggang for quite some time already..yummy.

  8. Haha, small kucing's funny expression after taste "see ham", very cute lar.
    It is ages not going to Jalan Alor liao.

  9. Wow! Macam feast to me, order so many food! hahahha! I think small kucing would not want to eat clams anymore.

  10. STP

    Cirit Birit ah? Haiyo..kesian. Bad luck kot.

    Ya it's rather expansive. Used to be cheaper in the old days.

  11. mNhl

    Quality control gone haywire

  12. SK

    Not "a" shop. We noticed that its at least 3 shops. The taukeh really kaya lo

  13. Chloe's Mommy

    Coz by the time arrived there we sort of "kebuluran" already. So ordered a bit of everything lor. Asked them to make it portion for 1 person. Rather expensive

  14. Shenny's Mommy

    Papa and Mamarazzi also have not makan at Jalan Alor for....hmm..many years already. More than 10 years I think.

  15. Rose

    We order small portion. Portion for 1 person except for the chicken wings la

  16. Oh I was just at Jalan Alor a few days ago! Got many ppl recommend me the Wong Ah Wah chicken wings.. normal only ar? I didn't go there in the end.. went to another shop to eat hawker food!

  17. again.Your post reminded me that I have not been eating SeeHam for more than a year.

  18. I love the BBQ chicken wings there, crispy skin, yum yum~~

  19. Aunty like "see hum" very much! Next time you don't want pass it to me woh.

  20. hrm...time to hunt for pari panggang in KK~~~~

  21. Kathy,

    Aiyo... looking at the'see ham ' rebus.. 'lau how sui' niah. Hubby won't let me touch those delicious shells :( Btw , I silap boil the thong sui and you know what happened, the sea bird nest ( translated ) go all mushy ( overboiled di ) and I brought some for Claire. Hot hot it was okay but when afternoon comes and in air con room, the whole bowl of thong sui set as jelly LOL!

    haih old lady adi la ,next time must just put it in for a short while then it won't be mushy. First time boiling such thong sui....a seasoned chef also can make mistake leh :p Thanks so much for them but you did not give me the tips together with it on how to boil them :) Just kidding...practice makes perfect :) Seh Seh :)

  22. Lenglui Witch

    For mamarazzi the chicken wings tasted normal la.

  23. Choi Yen

    The stall memang famous for it la. But Mamarazzi taste it's normal only

  24. Wai Kitt

    hahaha...when when? Can ajak Yong and Wendy also

  25. Angel Bear

    Next time dont know when :(

  26. Elin

    Mamarazzi also dont know how to cook. The Lady said boil thong sui. THe lady use it boil thong sui like Ling Chee Kang. Very nice wor. The seaweed was still in strand like snow fungus. Crunchy.

    Mamarazzi came home and try, tak jadi. The Seaweed hancur. Hmmm...maybe boil the thong sui 1st then put in the seaweed for 5 mins only ah? Jom trial and error.

  27. Ooooo, I love sea ham rebus! Quite a long time I didn't eat sea ham rebus already.

    How's the price like for this shop?

  28. Alice

    Rather pricey :( Total around 100+

  29. i love see hum rebus... but small ones only. the big ones are so geli.

  30. High Five, I love kerang alot!

    Pork Ribs with mayonese? Must try next time.

  31. Joanne

    hahaha... The ribs okie la


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