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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-Walking On The Waves's so calm here. I wonder how it would be like on a stormy night. Must be horrible

Just like the story in Enid Blyton book.

It was said long ago, Jesus wish to pray up at the hill. Hence he told his disciples to take the boat and go over to the other side of the lake to wait for him. He will come to them when he is ready. They too the boat and went

As Jesus was praying, a storm occurred. Jesus saw that Peter and those in the boat were having a hard time controlling the boat and that they wished that he was there with them. He did.

He did a strange thing. He walked over the waves to them called out to them not to be afraid for he had come.

Peter the shouted if it is Jesus, please tell him(Peter) to come over to him. Jesus did. Peter was amazed that he can walk on the water. But the for a moment he doubted and started to sink. He cried out for Jesus to save him

Jesus stretcthed out his hand and helped Peter. He reproached Peter for doubting him.

How I wish Jesus would hold out his hand to me in my times of need. And maybe he did...coz Mamarazzi received two mysterious bookmark yesterday

The sender did not write down his/her name. Forgotten maybe? Garu-ing Kepala who is the "anonymous" . Thank you very much for the bookmarks. Mind revealing your identity here or maybe e-mail me?


  1. Auntie know who is the anonymous. Keh Keh keh. See oso can guess. =D *wink*
    Smallkucing wanna know who? Let auntie give you some clue. Den you go play Sherlock, wokay? Once find out liao, go thank anonymous for the prayer cards.

    1. The anonymous stayed in Bintang Warisan somewhere last year... or was it February this year? I can't recall.
    2. The anonymous is a MALE.
    3. The anonymous sent auntie some pressie for auntie's birthday... something really sexy and only to be used in the kitchen, and also a similar prayer card.
    4. The anonymous is a jolly man.
    5. Your Mamarazzi sumbat-ed the anonymous with some a box of 'food' via pos laju last month.

    Why am Auntie so certain about anonymous's Identity? Kakakaka... the writing. Auntie recognized the writing and remember the hotel name that anonymous stayed. Plus, anonymous prolly used the same ballpen that he used to write for auntie's card for the note. Looks like same ink. Mwhahahaha... aiyo, auntie beh tahan. Shud go back into investigative journalism and make more $$. Ish.

    ps: Mr. Anonymous wants kuali for Xmas, so you must remember to buy kuali for Mr. Anonymous when you go back KT. LMAO!

    Dono who yet? Can knock Mamarazzi's head. LOL...Mamarazzi know who is Anonymous.

  2. I cannot walk on waves either - sure sink like a stone - too heavy. Muahahahaha!!!! Ooooo...nice cards! I wonder who sent them. Hehehehehehe!!! Where's that fairy, the Cleffairy? Maybe she will know... After all, she's a fairy mah! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  3. Auntie Cleff

    Oh I See....Auntie also waiting for Kompiah from Anonymous one is it?

  4. STP

    cannot walk on water ah? Eh..I thought can...coz got "natural" pelampung already hehehehe

  5. Auntie Cleff

    oh ya..kebetulan betul la..the Tyndale book "Almost Heaven" which is about angel came yesterday too then the bookmarks came pulak

  6. Small kuching, do be careful when you are standing on the beach. If big wave come, must run away quickly. Did you find any seashells, or see any starfish?

  7. the anoymous is stp eh. hahahahaha. lovely bookmark there!

  8. Ya...ya...I'm such an angel!!! Itu nama fairy, but so hantu, that one! Muahahahaha!!!

  9. He he he, Peter the fisherman....I really like to fish leh!

  10. ahahah....i think by looking at then envelope can guess jor..LOL

  11. @Cikgu... what hantu? Me so guai la... vampire onli! LOL!

  12. Goldflower

    hahaha....Mamarazzi have to do some detective works :p

  13. Autumn

    Sadly there is no seashell on that beach :(

  14. Mommy Ling

    Finally found out the Anonymous punya ID. hahahaha

  15. Pete

    and loves to cook also ya...maybe you can do cook show like chef Wan . Sure will famous :D

  16. Auntie Cleff

    Vampire is hantu la..ang moh hantu LOL


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