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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-David And The Giant practising Baling Batu. Ready...Steady...


Aiks..not like this ah? David didn't baling batu like this ah? Aisay...I thought wanna copy David as in David and Goliath. You know the story?

According to Enid Blyton story book, this happen long before Jesus was born. There was this Sheppard boy name David who was very brave and fearless.

He and his brothers joined the army that was fighting against the Philistines.

There was this great big giant who was at the Palestinian side and challenged them for a man to man fight. Everyone was afraid of the giant but not David. He said he would fight the Giant.

King Saul was apprehensive to send a boy out for a man's job. But David said he have confidence in Lord God and that HE would help him to defeat the Giant.

The army gave armour and shield to wear but that was too heavy for him. He shedded the heavy armour and shield. Instead he took his staff , sling and 5 pebbles from the brook running nearby and went to face Goliath.

Goliath was surprised those see David and scorned him. But David was not afraid. He said to Goliath "You come to me with a sword, a spear and a shield, but I come to you in the name of God who will fight with me and conquer you!"

With that he took out his sling and pebbles. He whirled his sling around and flung the pebble. It was well aimed and it hit the Giant at the forehead where the armour did not protect him.

David was so brave. I wish I am as brave as him


  1. wah, kucing so brave!
    nice capture of pic!

  2. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE17 October 2010 at 14:12

    Nowadays it don't really holds the truth anymore - The powerful person might rule for limited time for now

  3. Good story! Auntie sure you will be a brave man one day.

  4. Giant? Me kah...or your papa? Muahahahahahaha!!! So you're David lah! Eeeeee....I takut! LOL!!!

  5. Baling batu....jangan terkena mamarazzi lorr....

  6. whoa. i don't think i can be as brave as david =p

    what about you?

  7. LOL... baling batu to monster kah... mana monster? LOL... cabut liao ah?

  8. wonderful smile!
    muwahahahaha ;-)

  9. MRC

    Rule for limited time also can wreck havoc

  10. Pete

    aKena Uncle Pete nevermind hor :P

  11. STP

    You Giant ah...scared scared lor..

  12. AUntie Cleff

    Learning to baling batu at Auntie LOL.

  13. smallkucing kucing-ing Goliath? Good purrfect fearless shot..

  14. Yes, I like this Bible story too as a child when I was still attending Sunday schools.

  15. ALice

    Nice to be reminded of the good times

  16. Bananaz

    Muhahaha..this smallkucing can become Lion when needed

    Nice shot leh? From the new camera...Mamarazzi just finding out the nice functions.


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