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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Man Who Came Through The Roof

Mamarazzi was feeling unwell the other day. I recalled the story from Enid Blyton story book about The Man who came through the roof.

That man have a bunch of good friends.

You see, the man was feeling very sick and he was thinking maybe it's punishment for all the wrong things that he had done in his life. He was very sorry for all his sins and hope that his sins would be forgiven.

One day one of his friend came to him very excited. Say that Jesus is coming to town and Jesus can cure everything

The man can't walk so this friends carried him in his mattress to the place where Jesus was. But the then can't get in coz there were just too many people crowding the door.

Then one of his friend got a brilliant idea. The roof of the house is flat. They will bring him up the roof and lower him down from there and they did just that

When Jesus saw that man's face, he knows what the man had wished for. Jesus told him o rise and that all his sins are forgiven. The man felt so happy for all his sins have been forgiven.

Well, I may not be Jesus but I can go and fetch medicine for Mamarazzi to take to make her felt better. That was just what I did. This was not the first time I did this.

Whenever Mamarazzi is unwell I would go to the drawer to fetch medicine for her. I know I am not suppose to eat the medicine.

After that I would go to the kitchen and get her some water to take the medicine with.

Don't worry. After my loving care, Mamarazzi is A-okay now.


  1. Wah, little kucing can take care of mommy liao!

    Eh, betul kah that medicine...not birth control pill ah? LOL!

  2. lovely story small kucing!!

    Have a happy thanksgiving!
    jen @

  3. Wah so sweet of you small kucing a purr-fect loving son..A speedy recovery to Mamarazzi..take care.

  4. sweet :)

    U are the best medicine^_^

  5. ah good good you are feeling better now. take care!

  6. If I came through the roof, you would know why - too fat, too heavy...bocor the roof! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Pete

    Millidon la, Uncle Pete. Kekekeke. Mamarazzi feverish mah

  8. Tuti

    Overheated. Thats why feverish

  9. STP

    But first of all can get up the roof or not? Scared of height or not?

  10. Tai kor chai jor..know how to tk care Mamarazzi edy..Good time i buy u more lolipops..LOL

  11. Wah SK so good boy! Mamarazzi sure recover fast! :D

  12. Chee Yee

    Mamarazzi recivered liao under my loving care :D

  13. Mommy Ling

    Thank you very much for the lolipops..Mamarazzi use that to toilet train me . For each day I good boy and uidnt pee in the pant, I get one loli. Now nearly finished already the loli *hint hint*:P


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