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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Story Of Ruth

You still remember my bag of "pulut"? Given to my by one anonymous during our makan at Restaurant Cincai.

Mamarazzi managed to cook once only. Used about 1kg. Now starting to have "worms". How ah? What else to cook? Tak kan la ask me to eat Loh Mai Fan daily? How I wish Ruth is here then I can give it to her. Have you heard of the story of Ruth?

Well, one of the story in Enid Blyton's Bedtime Stories and Prayers is The Story of Ruth

Long time ago there was an old woman named Naomi, who have two Daughter-in-laws. One named Prpah and one named Ruth.

Both her sons have died and Naomi decided to go back to her old Village and live. Ruth was very good and loyal. Ruth begged to be allowed to follow Naomi back to her village so that she can continue serving Naomi.

They were welcomed in Naomi's village and to support their life there, Ruth took to gleaning on the fields during harvest time. Gleaning is picking up stray ears of barley when they have been cut.

She went to the field of a farmer called Boaz. People told Boaz how good Ruth to Naomi. He went and saw Ruth. He found that Ruth was indeed as nice as what people had said.Boaz instructed his workers to purposely drop more barley at the place where Ruth was gleaning. And after the harvest, he married her. And they have a beautiful son. They took care of Naomi too.

The moral of the story? Must have a loving heart loh. But easier said than done. Must try harder.


  1. !@#!@#! That pulut company penipu besar... outside say Beras Wangi... inside is pulut. Penipu!

  2. Cook it all one go...and go sumbat that skinny auntie! Muahahahahaha!!!

  3. STP

    Already cooked some to sumbat her..The balance 4Kg thought cook and sumbat you when you come over *Evil Grinz*

  4. Auntie Cleff

    told u to throw back at them u dont want.

  5. Interesting story! first time heard about it. Thanks for sharing! =)

  6. I just bought a packet of 1kg beras pulut this saturday. Gorgot you got a lot, should ask from you earlier..."sigh"

  7. kind heart is good.
    despite the consequences sometimes. :)

  8. Can make lots of bak chang....he he he

  9. Some people like to take advantage of someone as good as Ruth. Luckily she met her prince charming. You have so much pulut? I like pulut like lo mai kai, pulut inti, pulut panggang, kuih nyonya pulut with kaya, pulut kunyit and also lemang. Aiyoh, I'm hungry already.

  10. Wai Kitt \

    You still want pulut or not. Pass to you some la

  11. Pete

    Ya wor......can sell at pasar malam

  12. Autumn

    Someone wanna buy rice but tersalah buy. Got Pulut instead. So she pass all to Mamarazzi lor


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