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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Story Of Ruth

You still remember my bag of "pulut"? Given to my by one anonymous during our makan at Restaurant Cincai.

Mamarazzi managed to cook once only. Used about 1kg. Now starting to have "worms". How ah? What else to cook? Tak kan la ask me to eat Loh Mai Fan daily? How I wish Ruth is here then I can give it to her. Have you heard of the story of Ruth?

Well, one of the story in Enid Blyton's Bedtime Stories and Prayers is The Story of Ruth

Long time ago there was an old woman named Naomi, who have two Daughter-in-laws. One named Prpah and one named Ruth.

Both her sons have died and Naomi decided to go back to her old Village and live. Ruth was very good and loyal. Ruth begged to be allowed to follow Naomi back to her village so that she can continue serving Naomi.

They were welcomed in Naomi's village and to support their life there, Ruth took to gleaning on the fields during harvest time. Gleaning is picking up stray ears of barley when they have been cut.

She went to the field of a farmer called Boaz. People told Boaz how good Ruth to Naomi. He went and saw Ruth. He found that Ruth was indeed as nice as what people had said.Boaz instructed his workers to purposely drop more barley at the place where Ruth was gleaning. And after the harvest, he married her. And they have a beautiful son. They took care of Naomi too.

The moral of the story? Must have a loving heart loh. But easier said than done. Must try harder.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Potluck at My Dear's Place

Last weekend we had a delightful time at my dear's house. Potluck. 

Fuiyo...Mamarazzi really tak malu. Yau sik yau tapau-ed (Eat and tapau-ed)

We had Nasi Lemak "potluck". Before the "party", Auntie Cynthia did a Menu Check in Facebook. A friend saw. Kesian him. He hinted that he will be removing some of his friends for torturing him with food.

Don't merajuk ya... Next round you come to K.L we will feed you good food lah

Wah...all very spicy punya leh. Auntie Cynthia make the Lemak Ikan and Sotong. She said "No cili..only have Cili padi". Aiyoyo.....this one really cukup "kick".

Then Auntie Little Bird made Curry Chicken. Lucky not that spicy. Even my dear can eat that. In fact my dear love the potato very much. I see her eating the potatoes I also scared. She can really take spicy stuffs.

Mamarazzi paling "cheh kai" Make Sambal Petai with Prawn. Kira okay lah since it's her first time making. The Petai a bit over-cooked.

Lucky Auntie Cynthia clever. Got ready 3 biji of cucumbers. Nice nice cooling cucumbers.

This fried sotong dish VERY laku. Put on the table within 2 minutes all gone already. I didn't even have time to taste. Major "DBKL" were Auntie Little Bird and Papa lor.

 Ah....Acar. Again...I didn't get to eat. Looks lovely though.

What is Nasi Lemak without the Nasi? Brown rice Nasi Lemak. Wanna try? Yumm..

Auntie Cynthia really pandai. Maybe she knows I can't take much of spicy food. She made ABC soup. I syok syok ate rice with ABC soup.

For dessert we had Mamarazzi's Rocky Cucur Pisang. Why rocky? Coz hard as rock lor....too much flour and not enough banana.

But at least the Ondeh-ondeh not bad la. Just too bad tarak pandan water. Had to use colouring instead of natural colouring from Pandan Leaves.

 This is the BEST! Cream Puffs! Auntie Cynthia left it to the last moment to do the filling coz she wanna know what flavour we wanted. Auntie Little Bird said Chocolate. These puffs really yummy leh. Not too sweet. Just nice.

Not only that! Auntie Cynthia baked a batch of cookies too. I get to take a box of these delicious cookies home. I love them Thank you very much, Auntie Cynthia for the cookies and for having us at your home.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Service with A Smile?

Went to makan at Pizza Hut, Subang Parade not so long ago. Papa was craving for their Cheesy Pizza.

 Ding Dong! Am ready to order.

Waited and waited and waited..still nobody came to take our order.

Restaurant not crowded what!Why nobody come and take order one? Not peak period pun.

Grrr....Auntie Cleff even suggested that we go online and order the pizza to be delivered to Pizza Hut, Subang Parade. Pizza Hut Delivery Service would have been faster than Dine-In.

Well, somebody finally came and take our order.

The soup came first. Mamarazzi had two spoon of this soup and she said enough. It's that bad.

Usually the Garlic bread would come together with the soup or nearly the same time. But this one not. We had to wait and wait till the soup was cold and Papa had to remind the Waiter, they baru bring us the Bread.

Hmm...really spoilt my appetite

Also had to wait long time for the Pizza to arrive. Does anyone know whether the 15 minutes waiting time applicable for Lunchtime only or is it throughout the day?

Taste? So-so only.

 Forgot what is the name of this thingy. Mamarazzi didn't eat that coz stomach full already from all the waiting.  The "sausage" also "kedut" already when it arrived our table.

 Mamarazzi's order of Chicken Wings. I think it's Honey BBQ Wings. Tasted too sweet. Much of sugar instead of honey.

 After makan, we saw a booth promoting UniFi. Papa went and enquire whether our area have this service or not while Mamarazzi brought me to meet the Clown.

The "smile" on this Clown face really pasted on. He "smile" with paint instead of mouth and eyes. Well, maybe it have been a tiring day for him but's his job mah.

 Anyway, he made me this "pink" coloured sword. "Pink"? 

 Then we went around the corner and saw this smiley Clown at Sime Darby booth. He is one Jolly fella. A bright smile on his face. Very much different from the Clown at UniFi booth.

Maybe he kesian me with my pink sword. He made me another sword. This one is blue colored. Thank you very muchie!

Now I have TWO swords. It's time for LITTLE BIRD and ALIEN hunting! Sword fights!!!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Almost Heaven By Chris Fabry

Mamarazzi received this book complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers. Mamarazzi was not required to give a positive review and all opinion expressed herein are solely hers.

The main character in this book is Billy Allman. He had a tough childhood, a near death experience and a Guardian Angel.

He idolised his father but lost him at a very tender age. His only legacy was an old Mandolin which his father taught him how to strum. He was gift not only in playing the Mandolin but also fixing things.

He have a good heart but not much of social skills. Even his guardian angel was puzzle why Lord singled him out for special protection. Billy seems to be in good shape. He believe in the way of the Lord and did many good things. He would never do a bad thing. But why he is in need of a guardian angel.

He managed to built himself a radio station in his home though the town people was not as optimistic as him. There is one woman who supported him but he was unable to open up his heart to her. This is because he carries with him a brutal secret.

But would the help of the guardian angel and the love of a woman be enough for him to battle the demons that haunt him? Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out.

I can tell that Mamarazzi loves this book. She said the first few chapters were very moving. Cried a river. But the some how the book lost it's steam in the middle. However, it managed to pick up the pace again just before the ending.

Mamarazzi gave this book 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Mamarazzi is hoping to get her hands on "June Bug" which is also written by Chris Fabry. From the excerpt, June Bug seems to be another delightful book.

Dinner At Restaurant Seong Mun(Kuala Kubu Bahru) and A Snack

uAs I have said earlier, we wanted to have the Nasi Lemak again. But when we got down from the hill, the Nasi Lemak finished. 

Hence we proceed with Papa's back up plan. That is to have dinner at Restaurant Seong Mun, No. 204, Kampung Baru, 44000 Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor. It's located along the main road. Papa read that the restaurant have very nice frog leg dish.
After they "jalan" so much, they really have to "replenish" their legs energy. 
 Saw something under the table.

 One doggy. Looks clean and friendly enough. Not begging for food type.

 Enjoying  cup of tea while waiting for the food to be served.

Jeng~jeng~jeng~The frog leg dish. Wow! very big portion. The frog meat taste just like chicken. If you see properly it looked a lot like chicken drumstick too. Very yummy. If not mistaken this dish cost RM25. Not bad la.

 Next come that Pai-Kut. Taste not bad. Quite good. 

 We totally love this Claypot Taufu dish. Very tasty and a lot of "liu".

After makan, Papa wanted to go exploring. We went to the town. Then Papa spotted this van parked opposite Argo Bank. It's selling Yuk Kon Roti.

Apa lagi. Mulut gatal lor.

Mamarazzi went down and bought 3 roti.
The man was very friendly and a good sales person. Managed to convince Mamarazzi to buy half kati of Yuk Kon from him. 

Wow..they come all the way from Ampang to sell this. The man even mentioned that he also go to "Man lau" to sell. Mamarazzi don't know where is "Man Lau" Anyone knows? It's in Cantonese.

 See...the roti look so yummy. Papa loves the soft bun.


 See this Yuk Kon. Not much black. The man said he purposely trim off the black thingy coz it's not healthy wor.Papa wanted more black coz more crunchy. Papa ate one slice and love it. So Mamarazzi end up getting down from the car and buy 1 more kati. Quite cheap at RM30 per kati

Oh what a day. Makan all the way.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Two Dinosaurs and An Energised Bunny Going Up The Hill

In case you are wondering, the hill that I mean was Fraser Hill

Very narrow and winding road. Hence they imposed contra flow traffic. Odd hours for cars to go up and even hour for cars to come down.

 The reason we come is to play water and ride horsey. first stop, Jeriau Falls.

 It's a long walk to the water fall site.

 Along the way saw small stream going downhill. The water very clear.

 Stopped halfway to play with the swings there

 Enjoying the scenery. 

Finally arrived. Hmmm...rather disappointing. Thought the Waterfall would be huge and a lot of gushing water. This one very small only.

There were two man made "pool" there to catch the water from the fall. Papa brought me to the one which water not so deep.


 Water no so deep. But it's freezing cold.

 Nevertheless I love it very much.

Nice to play water here. Won't kena sunburn

 Splash ah! Splash water at Papa.

 Alamak! Papa revenged. Brrrrr...cooooooooold....

 Cabut lari lu.....Help me Mama!!!!!

 Alamak! Water went inside my ears.

 Don't want. Don't wanna take photo lah. Tired already lah.

The journey back from the Fall was...ahem ahem...painful and slow. So slow that I managed to spot a bird nest on top of one of the trees.

The two "dinosaur" was crawling slower than a snail. Coz have to climb back up from the waterfalls mah.

By the time got back to the car, no more energy to go horse riding anymore.  Mamarazzi sat there like a dead piece of meat. Guess she needs more exercise gua.

For the rest of the journey, we just sat in the car. Papa drove around Fraser Hill. Didn't get down from the car to snap photos as both were too tired

I saw this lovely Pos Office The wall full of green thingy plant. Is it called Ivy?

 Then I saw this clock tower too. Mamarazzi told me last time it's not full of the green leaves. It was bricks. But that was many years ago. A lot of things had changed.

We got down from Fraser Hill around 4p.m. Just nice to cari makan for dinner.
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