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Friday, 10 September 2010

Thank You, Anonymous & Yee Poh

Balik Kampung sure real syok. Will always bring back many goodies. Here is one of the goodies. Mini Pineapple tarts.

Wanna thank my Yee Poh for this. We went to the shop to get this delicious Pineapple tarts but all was sold off. Then Yee Poh said these tarts are made by her friend. Thus, she brought us to her friend's house. Bought it directly from her friend. Tarak discount but at least it's fresh from the oven

Another "mum mum" that Mamarazzi bought. She bought it for Papa coz Papa loves to eat kacang.

But then I found out. I also lawan makan with Papa. See who wins. Lucky Mamarazzi didn't join in else surely not enough to eat.

Not only us "balik kampung-ed". Anonymous also "balik kampung-ed". Anonymous gave us two Pineapples. Very sweet and juicy. Habis walloped by Papa and me.

Also some funny looking biscuits and buns. Taste? not bad la. Mamarazzi walloped all the buns.

Thank you very much, Anonymous. Next time get more buns ya. Sedap


  1. Pineapples? Eeee...I just wrote a post on pineapples - I curi my old lady's one... Hehehehehe!!! The post is scheduled for Monday, I think. Don't forget to drop by and see, ya?

  2. hey..your anonymous so good one.. and of course, 2nd grandmother too.. i love pineapple tarts,.. ordered 50 pieces from my colleague last week..

  3. hey..your anonymous so good one.. and of course, 2nd grandmother too.. i love pineapple tarts,.. ordered 50 pieces from my colleague last week..

  4. Oh Bananaz lup the kacang and pineapple tarts..

  5. Finally, someone posted a food tat i can eat haha XD

  6. I love pineapple tarts, start eating difficult to stop.

  7. yummy! love all the titbits!!

  8. Claire

    Mamarazzi loves pineapple tarts too. These are mini one; Just 1 mouthful 1 biji. very nice

  9. i love pineapple tarts and the kacang thingy! =D

  10. Kelvin

    Haiz....nevermind...temporary cannot eat only

  11. Ken

    Lol...looks ike most peope love these :D

  12. i love the pineapple cookies too.

  13. Goodies again. :) I like to eat pineapples too.

  14. YES! everyone balik balik kampung, ease the traffic in KL. lOL

  15. My MIL bakes some mean pineapple tarts too so this is the typical cookie I tapau back to KL each CNY :-)

  16. Wenn

    Nice hor pineapple tarts but some are too sweet

  17. Medie007

    Ya can zoom here and there :D

  18. Mummy Gwen

    Mamarazzi don't like pineapple but love pineapple tarts. Papa and Joshua ate all the pineapples :P

  19. AMD

    You are so lucky. To buy from the shop is so expensive

  20. Hmmm...if not mistaken the bun is from Yong Peng, Johor. They sell all kind of Foo chow stuffs such as bun and foo chow noodles (noncook).

  21. Mommy Ling

    Ohh...the buns taste good. Like got oat or something inside. Good when tum tum hungry leh

  22. *swallow saliva first*

    the biscuits all look so good.


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