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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Teaching My Uncles To "Sik Taufu" at Restaurant Leong Ya, Balakong

Uncle Chai, don't asyik sms girlfriend la. Jom eat Taufu.

Wei! Gimme some. Papa don't sapu all leh.

I want some of the "Paper Wrapped Chicken". The gravy taste very good with white rice.

A plate of mixed Yong Tau Foo. Delicious.

Yup...sweet pots leaves again. Tasty. Fresh and young.

Naughty Uncle Hock. Trying to drink my Ribena.

End of the meal. Total "damage" after 7 pieces of Chicken, 35 pieces of Yong Tau Foo, 5 bowls of rice and drinks, RM69. Hmmm...boss salah kira kot? Hentam lah...another Raya gift for me loh

Those who are interested to makan here, the address is 26-28, Jalan Dagang SB 4/1, Taman Sungai Besi, SK4, Balakong, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor. Tel : 03 8941 5942 .


  1. omg the yong tau foo looks delicious! my fav! :)

  2. wah...a little bit costly, issit?

  3. Ah...sama as Jalan Ipoh yong tau foo! I prefer the ones in soup though...

  4. STP

    They have soup also. You have to tell them which type you want

  5. Angel Bear

    Not really. Nowadays YTF in KL it's around 80sens to RM1 perpiece and the chciken is like RM5.

    Don't know how much this restaurant is charging but i guess they counted wrongly as the amount should be more

  6. oh, this restaurant very famous for YTF and ZBG, long time never been there already.. RM69 is ok lah, i would expect that price for so much you order lor..

  7. yummy~
    there's always good food in KL & selangor area

  8. I like the red shirt of small kuching, he looks so " fatt" you know what i mean? like got money coming in type lah,,,,

  9. Yum yum! So much yong tau foo! looks delicious! And very reasonable price!

  10. Oh...I ate in this restaurant before. Very nice 'paper wrapped chicken'.

  11. I used to got there very often with my uni mates and bf (hubby now) during my uni days :-)

  12. Raya promotion offer ma.. cheap..

  13. The paper wrapped chicken looks good as party food too! I think certain people may like to eat it & drink beer :-)


  14. yum!! lots of nice food here alway! :)

  15. SK

    THis shop used to be a tiny stall under a big tree where now The Mines Shopping Complex was.

    Mamarazzi thinks the Taukeh salah kira as there were a lot of people there that day

  16. happyiyi

    Yup...everywhere. In Seri Kembangan village also have a lot of good food...chinese and malay food.

  17. Lenglui Witch

    This shop memang famous for YTF

  18. Eugene

    That is Baju Raya...Baju Melayu. Just cant find the kain samping only LOL

  19. mNhL

    ya this restaurant been around for very long time already

  20. Prince and Princess Mum

    hahaha...we are big eaters.

  21. Boey Joey

    wow....pak tor under the tree ah> This shop used to be a tiny stall under a big tree wor

  22. Claire

    Ya hor...maybe saw my baju "ang ang" kakakaka

  23. Dora

    ya should goes well with beer

  24. I think RM69 is considered cheap loh. Wah....hahaha....this time Joshua got the company of young and unmarried uncles, eh? hehehehe....then can teach Joshua how to pikat his 'dear' since the young uncle is already hands-on in it....hehehehe! ^_^

  25. We used to go there, but not anymore after office has relocated to Old Klang Road. The chicken is nice but I think not worth it lor. They increased the price and reduced the size. Normally we eat the rice and noodle there. They have this salad pai kuat quite nice. They have a branch in Puchong also.

  26. We just ate here after staying in PGH that day. The YTF is RM1/pc and the paper wrapped chicken is only RM2.80 each. Very good biz ler this shop.. Did u notice that they have 3 branches in the same area itself?

    I used to eat there during my uni days too so everytime we're around that area, sure go there :)

  27. Yea, Leong Ya, if want to eat paper wrapped chicken, this is the best place to have. Their vinegar pork leg also very very nice!

  28. ALice

    Dont know the shop got salah kira or not. Surprised that it's cheap

  29. Chee Yee

    Ya ka? In Puchong. Wokay. Thanks for informing. Didnt know they have expand again. hahaha

  30. Chloe's Mummy

    Yes..the other two no air-cond(facing each other)..but now not sure they have installed Air-cond or not coz didnt drive to that side of the block.

    The Papaer wrapped chicken is so cheap ah? Didnt know. Thought it would be around rm5 per piece.

  31. Annie

    aisay...didnt know they have so many other type of dishes there. THanks :D

  32. Quite some time didn't eat here liao! I was at the Mines last week!


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