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Friday, 17 September 2010

Snake vs Snake Exibition 4th Sept -10 Oct 2010


Wanna know what I spied?Snake Exhibition! The Snake Exhibition is going at Museum Negara right now till 10 October 2010.
Saw this guy giving the snake a bath before the performance.

Mandi bersih-bersih ya.

Hmm...looks cooling. I wanna mandi also la...can ah? Hmmm...I wonder this big drain have got snakes or not.

Hmm..the show haven't start yet.

Maybe go get some refreshment first.

Kakak, please gimme two mineral water and a 100Plus. Thank you. I hope the show haven't start yet.


Jeng~jeng~jeng~ the first snake.

Wah lau eh! I didn't know snake can be use as so many things. According to the man..can wear as belt, can wear as neck tie and even as selendang. See! He was doing just that!.

Next comes the dreaded Cobra. The man said if kena Cobra bite won't "mati" one. Can "Mampus" only. Ish... dahsyat betul!

This man is a real sweet talker. He wanna steal a kiss from the Cobra.

He finally managed to steal not one kiss but TWO kisses from the Cobra. Wah...I wanna ask him to be my "sifu" la. So pandai "kao lui" one.

The Python. Won't bite but kill with its crushing strength. Very fierce. It wanna bite the man. Caught it but it also caughted the man. It wind itself around the man.

To show the strength of a Python "belitan", the MC stood on the Python. still would not unfold from the man.

The last performance f the show. This kor kor stuffed TWO head of the snake into him and survived. Lucky never bite his tongue as the man said there is no cure if bitten on the tongue.

There was a photo session after the show RM10 a piece of photo with the snake. I wanna take photo with the snake but Papa and Mamarazzi tak bagi.


  1. I hate snake... so you give me RM100 for a photo with snake. I will not do it. If you give me RM100K then i will do it for that money only not because i like snake... ;-)

  2. there is no way i wud want to get near that place!!! (me afraid of snakes and reptiles...)

  3. Ewwww! Guess Auntie wun be going anywhere near museum til the blardy snakes go away! YUCK... geli... damn geli! Stay away from Auntie... ewwww~

  4. clever kucing! not scared of snake. :)

  5. Kucing not afraid of snakes meh ?

  6. wah, the snake exhibition so "real" one ah?? i thot it's like those in zoo, where the snakes are kept inside glass boxes and you just see like that.. this one got live performance and you can touch them somemore ah?? yeaarrrr, but i still think snakes are very "geli" lor~~

  7. Angel Bear

    aiks...bear scared of snake ah...

  8. TZ

    Snake cute wat...not colourful

  9. tuti

    wanna play with snake some more. After the show I went up the stage and stroke the snake but Mamarazzi dont wanna pay for my photo with snake :(

  10. SK

    These snake are tame need to be scared. Can see on the stage they put "Ngau wong" powder. The snake also pening already. No time and mood to attack

  11. i think the venom all taken out.. otherwise.. alamak...
    very dangerous to have a python curled round body hor.. so high risk.. so worth watching or not..

  12. Aunt Cleff

    Aisay...I saw the snake so cute...Thought wanna get one in Christmas for you as pet geh

  13. Eeee...i also scare of snake..BULU roma naik if sees it..take photo somemore? No need la..

  14. Wah....nice exhibitions. Plan to bring the kids there one of the day.

  15. Eeeewwww! Auntie got snake phobia and super-hate snakes! Sure run far, far away when see such exhibitions haha.

  16. Ask mamarazzi take enough already lar.. no need to waste money! hehe.. so many snakes! Scary la..

  17. what a syok weekend for little J. Better not let HQ see this post, else he will pester us to bring him.

  18. The king cobra makes me shiver..scary looking lah. Yes..mampus if kena gigit. The python so fierce lah. Nice show.

    Take pic with python oklah coz not venomous mah.

  19. 1st time see snake taking a bath 0_0

  20. Claire

    Wokay la..those are expert and the snakes already pening from the "ngau wong" powder. WOnt attack one :P

  21. Mommy Ling

    aisay...was just thinking of getting one for you as pet during for for auntie cleff and one for anutie Claire *evil grinz*

  22. Chloe Mommy

    Then must wait till Nov baru can bring Chloe to musuem lor :P

  23. mNhl

    Ya...Musuem have been renovated and now inside the museum is no longer gloomy and dark. All light up like ballroom

  24. Boey Joey

    Uiks...HQ like snake ah? These snake quite tame la

  25. Lenglui Witch

    Ya lor...snap photo from far enough already

  26. Kelvin

    Have to take bath first else smelly. hahaha

  27. Mummy Gwen

    HAHAHA but Python can belit people tilll the bones also break wor.

    Anyway the way the white shirt guy narrate the story and explain the origin of the snakes was very entertaining. Making everyone laugh like mad. It was him who said "Tak mati...mampus only". and another one was when he said if kena King Cobra bite not to be afraid.

    Kena patuk kat tangan..senang aje..potong tangan..kena pauk kaki...potong kaki...kena patuk kepala..potong kepala..darn funny.


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