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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Slumdog Millionaire(Originally Published as Q & A) by Vikas Swarup

Mamarazzi have been hoping to get her hands on this novel since she read "Six Suspects" which is also written by Vikas Swarup.

This book was originally published as "Q & A". It was made into a movie and have won awards.

This novel tells the story of Ram Mohammad Thomas(funny name ya?There is a story behind that) participated in a game show called "Who Will Win A Billionaire" and won. He was just an 18 years old poor Waiter from the slums.

Later he was arrested and questioned by the police on suspicion of cheating in the game show for the organiser did not believe a poor waiter from the slum have the knowledge to answer all the questions correctly.

He was torture. There was a moment where he felt he can't take it anymore, a lady lawyer came and rescued him. She brought him to her place. He was asked how he knew all the correct answers to the questions.

It seems that he "know" the answers to the questions due to his life experience. For each question, a chapter of his life unfolds.

Mamarazzi love this book very much. Each chapter is a new story but ending all merge together to a good finish. She give it 5 stars out of 5.

She finally finished reading this at 2 a.m. this morning.

Lucky Mamarazzi can wake up early enough this morning to go for Dim Sum at Restaurant Khee Way. Very yummy Dim Sum. She only remembers to snap photos after everything is in the tum tum.

And I learn how to "pick" my teeth using a toothpick by observing Papa. When pick teeth must close the mouth with one hand while the other hand holding the toothpick.

Mamarazzi had a yummy book and I had a yummy breakfast.


  1. With a name like "Q & A", sure wouldn't sell one... People will think it is a lawyer movie... Oooo...I love yam puffs. Use sure somebody did not use it already, then put back and you use the same one? Eyewwwww!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  2. Read someone's copy of this back when it was still Q&A and LONG BEFORE the movie was made.

    When I heard that the movie wasn't that faithful to the book, I never bothered to sit through the Slumdog movie.

    I liked it, but not enough to want to buy a copy for myself.

  3. STP

    very famous book leh

    eee.......u did that on the toothpick ka? used then put back. yuck!

  4. synical

    Mamarazzi didn't watch the whole movie. Just the part of the Taj Mahal. Ya..that part is not the same as in the book. There was some real hillarious scene.

    You are lucky to found someone have Q & A to lend to you.

  5. I love this movie and I'm also trying to find a copy of this book.

  6. I watched the movie,and a pretty sad and touching movie. I love yam puffs too.

  7. haha....i know the song, Jai Ho, better than the movie.

  8. Mery

    Yup...lovely dim sum breakfast

  9. i just watched the movie but not read the book, it's indeed a very nice movie, enjoy that very much.. and just last night it was showing on HBO, i watched it again~~ :p

  10. Rose

    The book have longer story than the movie. Very good book

  11. A.M.I.N.A

    The book is different from the movie. BOth also good

  12. Chris

    Some say the movie is better than the book

  13. SK

    Ya Mamarazzi caught part of the movie in Astro also.

  14. Saw this movie on Star Movies I think. I don't like the movie lah. :P

  15. Mummy Gwen

    It was on one of the Channel la but forgotten which one. Not english movie


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