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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Restoran Cincai Steamboat Buffet, Setapak

Hari Malaysia, Auntie Little Bird ajak us out makan. She asked me what I wanted to eat. I said "Cincai lah". Mana tau she really bring me "Cincai" makan.

It's a steamboat Buffet restaurant similar to Yuen Steamboat. It's relatively new. Not many people know about this restaurant yet.

Hmm...Public Holiday wor also not many people ah? Don't know mean good news or not.

Apart from our table there is only one other table occupied there.

I wonder about the choice of food

Wow...from the look of it, the choices are similar to Yuen Steamboat. All sorts of "balls" and "sausages", product from the sea and farm.

All sorts of noodles, kuih-muih and fruits.

Wow! They even have BBQ Chicken wings, nuggets and Fried dumpling. I love the crunchy dumplings. Mamarazzi "sapu-ed" nearly the whole container of Chicken Wings.

They have homemade Yoyo Ice Cream. I walloped a lot of it. Lucky tarak cough. Auntie Little Bird and Mamarazzi walloped nearly the whole container of the Asamboi Ice Cream.

No wonder la they can eat so much. You see the above scallop? The 6 of us walloped a total of 104 pieces of that. Container habis liao, we asked the Taukeh to refill some more. The same goes for the prawns and sotong.

I think the Taukeh will garu kepala. Why? Coz we walloped so many scallop but only got 3 shells on and under the table. Maybe he thought we gila makan till makan-ed the shells too.

Where are the rests of the shells? In Auntie Little Bird's bag lor. She wanna bring home and make seashell art wor.

Sad to say that the crabs was not that fresh. Else sure will ask for refill.

The taukeh refilled the tubs for 3 - 4 times but each time we sapu-ed clean. Guess the next time the taukeh sees our face he will fast-fast put "Reserved" sign on all tables and say the restaurant is fully reserved.

Hehehe...I tidak kurang makan jugak.

The soup taste better than Yuen Steamboat. I ate a lot of fishballs but I don't like the star shape and bear shaped fishballs. Taste weird.

I walloped a lot of noodle too. Slurppeelicious noodles.

Auntie Little Bird took a lot of this "Chuk Than" but then dare not eat pulak. Said looks "geli". Mamarazzi had one. Hmm...not that fresh.

But Mamarazzi did had a lot of prawn. Alone she ngapped nearly 2 kg of prawns. Kept saying the prawns taste very sweet and fresh. See the shells? By the time Mamarazzi finish makan, there were TWO big plate full of prawns shell in front of her! Terror leh!

That is not the ending. Auntie Little Bird also "tapau-ed" food for us. Her Mummy made Muffins , Tupat and rendang.

I had the Muffins for breakfast the next day. Thank you very much Auntie Little Bird and Auntie Claire

Here is the address of the restaurant if you are interested to have a go at it.

Restoran Cincai Steamboat Buffet
No.22, Jalan Prima Setapak 1,
Off Jalan Genting Kelang,
53300 Setapak
Kuala Lumpur


  1. oooohhhh..where is this place???

  2. What a name..haha..cincai. geng can eat so much!! Tabik.

  3. you qualified to be YUEN gang, given the amount of prawn that we ate. :p

  4. great and healthy food,and a very cute little boy!

  5. hahaha, i think the taukeh will remember your face and will freak out whenever saw you guys in his/her

  6. looks like a totally fun outing with lots of good food!

  7. Omigawd!!! All that prawns!!! Cholesterol plus-plus!!! No photo of what Aunty Bird ate? In the end, had to carry her to the car? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  8. son told me that there is one outskirt of Kl that served the best steamboat. He mentioned but I cant remember which one. Looking at those scallop...gosh we dun hve this in Ipoh...we have the normal ones know what I mean...kedekut...frankly speaking we dun mind paying a bit more but give us good stuff la :(

  9. Oh wow! The taukeh sure made a LOSS that day... how can you guys eat soooo much?!! salute salute!

  10. one thing i know for sure.. i wont open steamboat restaurant if got u and the gang to come and wallop like mad!!
    eh.. how come my name there? paiseh Joshua.. next time come ipoh.. i take u go wallop in kuala sepetang.. hahaha...

  11. smallkucing got very nice t-shirt with the m'sia flag on it. sapu-ed so much of prawns and scallops. Really terror.

  12. Angel Bear

    It's in Setapak. Not very sure the area coz Auntie Cleff bring one

  13. Mummy Gwen

    Was very surprised to see the name of the Restaurant kakakaka

  14. TZ

    Hahaha...Yuen now open evening only. We used to go Yuen noon time coz less people. Can sapu more chicken wings and sttuffs :D

  15. Goldflower

    Ya loh...the taukeh scared of us already. Ate so much. Next time see our face sure fast fast close the shop :p

  16. tuti

    it was coz we monopoly the whole place.

  17. STP

    No photo of what Auntie Cleff eat coz she ate till no more "evidence" left. Plate also kosong. She wallop the scallop till the shell also gone. No shell left

  18. Elin

    where? If we "serang" that shop sure the taukeh scared of us already.

    when u come KL must makan more :D

  19. Irene

    if you see our body size you be more shocked how we wallop so much. sat there ate and ate and ate :p

  20. Claire

    Thst Auntie Cleff la. Made me confused. Kejap say it's she belanja makan. Then kejap say it's you who belanja. Gua makan till pusing already. To be on the safe side, better thank both la LOL

  21. Haha, this steamboat restaurant definitely new to me. Even I stay in Setapak haven't patronized the restaurant yet. Will drop by probably this weekends.

  22. mNhL

    Mamarazzi sew the Flag on the T-Shirt one. Hari Malaysia mah

    Kecil kecil cili padi lo...all can eat a lot

  23. like the name of the restaurant...hopefully is not cincai prepared also...

  24. muahaha... finally someone open a restaurant called 'cincai'... next time I know where to bring ppl when they tell me cincai la.. :p

    BTW, pricey or not ah?

  25. oh CHARM... I just saw the price on the banner.. .RM18.80 for adult with buffet.. not bad la... this Saturday we go la.. muahaha..

  26. I thought the name of the restoran really called cincai! :) much per head like that?

  27. wah, the name also not nice, where got people want to go there?? "Cincai", don't sound even promosing also..

    wah, mamarazzi you really ate a lot leh, and somemore all the expensive ones!! sure the boss shoke his head, rugi to you already, hahahaha!! :D

  28. Shenny's Mommy

    Ya...auntie cleff say new restaurant

  29. Vialentino

    Not cincai prepared :D

  30. Cynthia

    wokay set :D...cham...duno the boss still remember our face or not....

  31. Ann

    The restaurant is really called RESTAURANT CINCAI surprised when we arrived there

    RM18-90 per head

  32. Haha the name of the restaurant is so funny!!
    Wah very keng ah, can eat so much scallop and prawn... I'm surprised that they serve scallop there lor since the price of the buffet steamboat is so reasonable.

  33. Wahh..looks like all the seafoods are so fresh and alive..hehehhehe

  34. Baby Sumo

    Surprising, right? Some more the restaurant not as big as Yuen. Well, if they can survive the Balik Kampung Gang eating there, I guess some day they will be as big as Yuen

  35. Mommy Ling

    That day we ate the sotong, prawns and scallop were good la. But the crabs not fresh.

    Didn't take much of those meatball, fish balls and whatever ball so cant comment about those.

  36. Haha I don't like those fish balls meat balls for steamboat. But got other choices like prawn and shell then ok la. Wah mamarazzi ate so much prawn, not worry about high cholestrol??? And Auntie Cleff brought home the sea shell some more *SALUTE*!!!!

    Anyway, the price looks cheap ler with the choices of food available.

  37. Chee Yee

    Wanna join or not next round :D

  38. Oh.....when I saw the word "steamboat buffet",my stomach feel hungry lol.
    I love to eat steamboat.

  39. Haha sure, just let me know earlier. :)

  40. I salute you for the amount u ate!!!!!! How to eat 2kgs of prawn at one go??????? The taukeh sure rugi wan......

  41. 104 scallops? You guys eat buffet really "sik fan poon".. got untung summore but kesian the restaurant owner.. sure rugi haha.

  42. Mery

    LOL...if you come KL must go for steam boat buffet

  43. Chloe's Mommy

    Coz scallop small only..can easily telan a lot punya. Maybe next time the taukeh will omit this as one of the choice lo :p

  44. Joshua's Mummy

    kakaka coz kiasu ma :p

  45. wow wow wow wow!!! You all really sapu all the food! Geng!!! 104 scallops??? tsk tsk tsk .

    Good good, no rugi. :)

  46. Annie

    Now you know ah..we kecil kecil cili padi one. Can eat a lot :p

  47. Choi Yen

    RM 18-90 or rm18-80. Forgot coz Auntie Cleff paid


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