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Monday, 6 September 2010

Restaurant Hao Hao Kee, Taman Desa Jaya (August 2010)

Adoi...headache. Put some Tiger Balm first

Sit in the car so long till bum bum also no more already. Set out around 10 a.m. Now, 7p.m. baru arrive. Haizz...

Yum yum...Salted Vege and Taufu soup. Very refreshing. Just nice since Mamarazzi had a spinning headache.

Some thing some thing bamboo taufu something...hahaha...Mamarazzi have forgotten the name of this dish but taste still as good as our previous visit.

This is called "Tak Tau Mati" dish. Why? Coz Mamarazzi tengah dizzy and yet she still wanna eat this Fried Intestine. Sure will vomit la. But then luckily tarak vomit. Delicious wor she said. Cannot finish at the restaurant. She "tapau-ed" home.

Last but not least, Sweet Potatoes Leaves. Very young and sweet. Also cannot finish but Mamarazzi didn't "tapau-ed" home.

Saw something weird. Saw dried Chili hanging all over the ceiling in the restaurant. Mamarazzi "38" and asked the Taukeh. He said it's to chase away the insect.

Another weird thing is that the service of the restaurant seems to be super good that day. Makes Mamarazzi wonder whether Uncle Pete had informed the Taukeh that she had blogged about this restaurant previously; or is it that they saw Mamarazzi holding camera and snapping photos of the food; or is it that their service memang biasa also this good.



  1. Aii...really can chase away insect ar..dono cicak n cockroach can or not leh...cos aunty hse got a lot of these creatures...can save my energy to chase and PIAK them

  2. serious? set out at 10am, sampai at 7 pm, for makan, for me it is a sure no no.

  3. mamarazzi didn't go eat CKT yesterday meh?? i actually dropped by brickfields to tabao fried beehoon from the auntie, didn't manage to go to the book fair leh..

    eih, that soup and the toufu looks very nice leh!! i'm just having bread with jam in office, so tempting leh those food..

  4. din know dry chilli can chase insects away >< sure not some fengshui thing?hahahaha

  5. The food looks ok... Ya, the chilli... It seems to attract flies, ants but I have not seen people doing that for a long, long time. Interesting!

  6. Really funny post.. see see all the yummy dishes...then suddenly see one chili dangling ...some more dry one..hhahaha... reminds me of something :)

  7. hi~
    didn't know dried chilly can chase away insect :)

    Nowadays restaurant owners are getting aware of bloggers snapping away before makan, that explains the good service. hehe

    nice blog!

  8. wah...i must hand dry chilli too...does it work a not?

  9. Mommy Ling

    Not sure wor but Mamarazzi put dried chilies into the rice container so that tarak "Mai kuk"(rice beetle?). It wrks for beras

  10. Eugene

    Serious. Coz we stopped many places. Went to but the rocking horse, lemang, auntie woo's place, HaiPeng kopitiam...etc. That's why 7pm baru arrive lo

  11. Angel Bear

    Ya very nice especially after a long journey and then stomach full of wind

  12. SK

    Ya makan-ed CKT yesterday morning

    We didn't go to this Hao Hao Restaurant. We makan-ed at this restaurant on our journey back from KT

    Tofu is good but Mamarazzi love the pork intestine the most LOL. Too bad that day the Duck Satay not open

  13. Beii

    Mamarazzi know it will chase away the insect/beetle from the rice pot la but duno abt Fengsui lo

  14. STP

    The restaurant must have been desperate gua.

  15. Claire

    Reminds you of what ah??? kekeke

  16. Happyiyi snap photos have to be very discrete :p

  17. I can't eat all the food except the last one T T

  18. Vialentino

    it works for the rice bugs.

    Maybe it works for the restaurant also coz there where no flies when we were there

  19. aiyaaa u just make me swallow my saliva lar haha

  20. Prince and Princess mum

    Yup...Mamarazzi always bring tiger balm , plasters, nail clipper and what not in her bag. Hence so heavy hahahaha

  21. Manglish ah. That day you didn wallopped kau kau meh

  22. Kelvin

    nevermind la. when your gout is better then you can wallop

  23. dried chilli good, natural way to chase away insects!

  24. Hi SK, I have always loved hum choy tau fu tong, or pai kuat. Love that vegetable dish too.
    You eat out very often, huh?
    What about chi keok and kai keok? Like them?
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  25. I put dried chilis inside the sack of rice so those small insects won't come.

  26. ha ha ha, I sent my 'Ma Chai' to visit them already, so now service better liao! LOL!

  27. ic, dried chilly has its importance..

  28. All the food make me drooling... Btw, we need to travel so many hrs only can reach the place?

  29. Chris

    Now baru know. All along mamarazzi though works when put into the rice container

  30. Uncle Lee

    Papa also love Pai Kuat.

    Lol...was on the way back from balik kampung. Tiring journey leh. Thus we eat first before go home

  31. Pete

    *horrified* wah you so "keng" one ah :p

    Next time ask them to give complimentary fruit can ah?

  32. Mummy Moon

    No la...we were coming back from K. Trengganu. ARrived KL evening lo. So we ate out instead of go home and et. thus the time lag.


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