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Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Kucing That Lay The Golden Coins

Note : Disgusting poo photograph ahead.

Lately I love to copy Papa and Mamarazzi putting things into their pocket. My pants usually don't have any pocket. I stuffs the "barang" in my waist band lo.

This is what Mamarazzi found the other day when she changed my diaper. She can't stop laughing at this. For moment she thought I was poo poo-ing money.


  1. hihihhi...need to ask mamarazi buy u pants with pockets lor.... =p

  2. waaa waaa... what happened? Small Kucing hiding money in diapers now too? :P

  3. hey..the yellowish is the pee pee or the reflection of the Gold Coins??? :p

  4. Ah!Pengsan!Don't know what to say!

  5. Hahaha....coins in the diaper? I'm speechless.

  6. Kelvin

    Looks loke have to do some "money laundering " :P

  7. Angel Bear

    At home wor...thought no need pocket lo. Mana tau this happen LOL

  8. LV

    Economy not good. Robbery everywhere. Hidden money in diaper is the safest lor.

  9. Angeline

    Macho boy that hide $$ in the diaper

  10. Last time, mothers used to tell their daughters to keep their money "there" but these days, they are not sure whether it will be safe anymore... Muahahahahaha!!!

  11. STP

    Ish ish ish...Mamarazzi thought supposed in the bra? Stuffed too much $$ in there hence the invention of the sharp cone shape bra like Madonna's. LOL

  12. Hahaha...Luckily, he didn't stuffed in the $100 bill! haha...

  13. Kristy

    LOL...not rich enough to have $100 bills laying around the house hahahaha

  14. Hahaha! Funny la smallkucing. You didn't hear the jingling sound when he walked meh?

  15. hahahaha....sorry to laugh...but your reaction is very cute! hmm....must hunt for pants with pocket.

    Wah....can 'poo' coins. hehe

  16. Chloe's Mommy

    No sound wor..maybe coz got "padding" hahaha...rally pengsan when saw the coins there...thought it's poo


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