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Friday, 3 September 2010

Keropok Losong & Kuih Muih, Kuala Trengganu (2010)

Guess almost everyone knows that Losong is the place to get some good keropok lekor.

My "Yee Poh" showed us this stall in Losong that she claims to have the best Keropok Lekor. Stall name "Keropok Losong Adik-Beradik".

This stall sells keropok keping and prepacked fried Keropok. There is one type of fried Keropok that is called keropok "Sira". It's spicy keropok. Papa loves this. Hard to find it in K.L.

Here is the lady getting ready to wrap the steaming hot Keropok Lekor. These small ones are 20sens per piece. Just like those found in K.L. The bigger size one is RM1 per piece.

Mamarazzi said gotta borong some for Auntie Cleff else she will bising say miss keropok losong.

While Mamarazzi busy "borong-ing", it's time for me to be mischievous.

Time for "exploring". Saw a cat "doing biz". The cat scratch the sand like this. I also follow la. After all, am smallkucing also what...ish... kena marah again.

Yayay! got two pieces of steaming hot free keropok lekor to eat. The lady gave me one. Say I am cute wor...yum yumm...

Tak cukup with the keropok lekor. Papa stopped by a junction near a school. We borong some more kuih-muih to eat.

This place very famous for its "kuih-muih". Alamak! Mamarazzi have forgotten the name of the place. Have to ask Papa.

I saw Coconut Jelly. Papa bought a cup for me. Taste okay. Not as good as the one at Restaurant Kim Heong, Seri Petaling.

Gosh! I think I have gain weight with all the makan-makan here.

Ah Mah pulak daily fried one tub Keropok Keping for me to eat. She fried in the morning and by evening its all gone.

Auntie very nice one hor....can fry some more me to eat ka? Mamarazzi hates frying wor. I wanna try some to those "french fries" keropok, okay?


  1. wah......keropok lekor.....hungry...

  2. Trengganu keropok not as nice as Sarawak one. Wait...when I go over, I will bring. My daughter's friend from Trangganu gave us a lot once - ok lah.... Ours better! Hehehehehe!!!

  3. Angel Bear

    These are 100% original K.lekor. Not hose that found in KL which is full of flour

  4. er sarawak better than terengganu? stp must be joking :P

  5. is it pasar losong? where you can eat and try it first? :)

    you bought the chili sauce too?

  6. Keropok.......make me feel like having some now.

  7. I like to eat keropok lekor oh...hungry already.

  8. T_T yesterday, auntie cleff try to make keropok sira with some thai sauce with the keropok keping... how come tarak jadi gehhh??? *cries*

    ps: Cis... ur word verification... 'kojjol'. walao, so cilaka!

  9. Faisal

    Not really a Pasar. More like a row of houses that sells keropok lekor. Ya they will let you taste 1st before buying. Very obliging punya

  10. Faisal

    Nope tarak buy the cili sos. They give with the keropok lekor.

    As for keropok sarawak..well..Cikgu been staying there for so long. Thus of coursze love Sarawak keropok.

    Like I live durian but ang moh sure say YUcK. LOL

  11. Auntie Cleff

    WOI! Keropok sira eat like that only la. No need tambah sos. Pengsan

  12. Mummy Gwen

    Keropok kenot fill the tummy la

  13. Love love love all types of keropok but must be fried ( I can't eat the boiled one only ..uhuhu)

    Love keropok sira too .. yummy !

  14. Hidayah

    Ya Mamarazzi also preferred the goreng ones instead of rebus. Geli to eat the rebus ones

  15. wah you must had great fun with all those keropok! :)

  16. BBO

    Everyday also ask Ah Mah to fry keropok :P

  17. Missing those keropoks already... cincai drop by any stall in Terengganu also nice one.

    Btw, I noticed something different... papa bought a new car? ;)

  18. Chloe Mummy

    Actually Mamarazzi have some keropok for chloe but tarak passby your place yet. Dare not use pos service coz sure hancur


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