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Thursday, 30 September 2010

In Search of Good Hawker Food at Desa Aman Puri

Anyone know where good hawkers food can be had at Desa Aman Puri? We usually go to Restaurant 999 but kinda "sien" already.

The other day we went to one of the shop near Restaurant Fei Fei Crab. Gosh! The food and service was horrible. So much that Mamarazzi was too shock to even snap photos nor remember the shop name.

Mamarazzi ordered Prawn Noodle(yellow noodle + Bihun). The girl came back and said they are out of bihun. The bowl of noodle that finally made it's appearance was without much liu and the vege in it not even kangkung.

Papa's one's worse. He ordered special the house speciality. Black Beans noodle with pork ribs. Shxx! A plate of something that looks like "Singapore Fried Bihun" came. First of all they told Mamarazzi they are out of Bihun but now they give Papa Singapore Fried Bihun?

Papa returned the plate of bihun saying that it's not what he ordered. He ordered something with pork ribs.

Five minutes later, the same plate of Singapore Fried Bihun appeared AGAIN and this round with a few piece of pork ribs. What the #$%^!!!

Then we went to the Great Wall food court. Seems to have many stalls and quite a lot of people.

We ordered ABC. Taste Ok-ok. Nothing special. And the same goes for the fried rice.

Mamarazzi order Port Tripe Soup. REGRETTED! Can really taste the soup is made of one of those instant perisa. Not much of pork tripe and it cost RM5. The one at Restaurant Lai kong is much better and worth it than this.

Next comes the CKT. Papa ordered Keoy Teow without chili. It came Keoy Teow + yellow noodle with chili and lime. Alamak! Mamak stall ka?

Yuck....anyone can recommend better hawker food at Deasa Aman Puri? Saw many shop...but mana satu is good?

Well, all these are just my personal opinion. It does not necessary represent the truth as each person taste is different.


  1. Aisehh... Auntie tarak tau that area ask Auntie if Setapak, Auntie kno where to melantak lorrr...

  2. No good? Know of any nice makan places near KLIA... Thinking of staying there (Concorde Inn) when I go to KL to wait for my daughter...

  3. Auntie Cleff

    Hopefully got other kakis knows

  4. Hey, Cathy, i hope me and my lovely wife will be like you, always cari makan.

    for us,we will round round the whole island,then eventually will end up eating in the same old makan store.

  5. 1st Place : Trying to con people.

    2nd Place : lousy quality.

    Overall... 1st and last time..

  6. Hmm too bad I can't help as I'm not familiar with that area.. I guess it's time for you to explore? :)

  7. Terrible service. haha...sure make you and hubby no mood to eat.

  8. Come to Ipoh Garden gourmet square.. surely better one.. hahaha...

  9. I knew that Curry Fish Head at Great Wall not bad. U can try Sze Chuan noodle (Dry version taste great) @ Fook Kee :)

  10. hmmm, seems like it's the attitude problem, i hate attitude problem lot more than food problem..

    want nice CKT?? go to brickfields!! hehehe~~ :p

  11. Chamzz...cari makan also not easy,huh.

    Ok, i seldom being to that area, probaly you can ask Pete.

  12. Whats wrong with Singapore Fried Bihun? (~_-)

  13. Kathy: That is bad way of doing business :( hope someone can recommend you a better restaurant :)

    Arthur : I stayed at Concorde too when I sent Jo off to UK. We ate their buffet dinner...lousy and at RM50+ per person :( KLIA food court serves better food. So Melissa is back for her holidays! Can guess how excited you are now :p

  14. teh char koay teow looks yummy :) how much per plate?

  15. sometimes it's scary when kitchen gets 'angry'. dunno wat they do with the food before serving.

  16. STP

    KLIA ah...Dan Neh Noh!! kakakaka

    alamak...not sure where to makan wor.. but recently we went to sepang bad the food. The post schduled jor for next week

  17. Eugene

    Sometimes we do that too. Round every place...end up old place also

  18. Lenglui Witch

    yup ...exploring like Dora The Explorer

  19. mNhL

    Ya "gas" already full.

  20. Claire all the way to ipoh ah....errr.....wait ah...later Papa cekik me :p

  21. Choi Yen

    Okie noted Curry fish head and si chuan noodle

  22. Mommy Ling

    Ya lor ..that area he should be very familiar :p

  23. SK

    Night time wor..that CKT stall where got open?

  24. Kelvin

    Coz we didnt expect it to be Singapore Fried Bihun. The Menu stated Pork rib black bean noodle. Then suddenly S'pore Fried bihun appear. Before that Mamarazzi asked for Bihun + yellow noodle in the Prawn noodle, they say bihun finished.

  25. Elin

    Written off that stall already .

  26. Tuti

    Ya lor...duno they have added something "extra" or not. But then now we have written off that stall from our makan place.

  27. Faisal

    Forgotten how much. About RM5 I think


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