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Friday, 1 October 2010

Goreng Goreng Outside Lido Kopitiam, Brickfield

The other day I was real naughty. Mamarazzi was changing my pants in the morning and I "accidentally" super-kicked Mamarazzi's face.

Piang! Spectacle rosak again. One of the lens fell off. Thank Goodness didn't break else my bum-bum will be stripey like the Zebra.

Off we went to KL to get the spectacle fixed.

Since we were at K.L , might as well go Brickfield to have the delicious CKT.

Then Mamarazzi remembered reading some where that there is one stall selling delicious Goreng Pisang outside Lido Kopitiam(Next to YMCA)

Previously, Mamarazzi thought the stall mentioned was the Kuih Muih stall located right in front of the Lido Kopitiam. Mamarazzi bought goreng goreng and kuih from that stall before and it tasted just so-so.

This round, Mamarazzi noticed there is another goreng-goreng stall at the side of Lido Kopitiam. It was man by an old man and a young fella.

Papa stopped the car and Mamarazzi went and bought some goreng-goreng. Some Fried Banana, Karipap, Yam+Sweet Potatoes+Lin Koh and a bomb.

I love eating the "bomb". Yummy. Guess this round, we found the correct Goreng-goreng stall. Next time must super-kick Mamarazzi's spectacle again. Then I can have goreng-goreng to eat.

I hope the Anonymous would love the goreng-goreng too.


  1. Hello SK, ha ha, always loved your down to earth humour. Not many have your lively sense of humour.
    I too used to go to Brickfields back in the'70s for banana leaf rice and those delicious goreng pisangs...
    Very often buying them for the parents of SYTs I to bribe, ha ha....then mother will smile I take her beloved daughter out.

    I must have bought hundreds of goreng pisang, putu mayam, kledek goreng, whatever in B'fields.

    Love your pics.
    Have a nice day, Lee.
    Ha ha, lucky glasses not broken!

  2. havent had goreng2 for quite sometime..hrm...

  3. whenever i hear of the word ,Lido it always reminds me of the old time cinema,,, hey by the way, did you really have to drive all the way to KL town to fix your glasses,,,,

    never mind lah,, can get goreng goreng somemore, that is a plus

    have a great weekend my friend, ya

  4. Brickfields again? Sure lah...your mama must have stopped by that book place - good excuse to go there. Got best ckt there kah? Hmmmm...maybe I shouldgo and stay at the YMCA when I go to KL next month...

  5. Nice time get one for me too eh~ eat alone no fun... 

  6. Goreng goreng shares at the stock market...ha ha ha

  7. Makan session again...Oh....your post always make me feel hungry.

  8. Angel Bear

    These are great. Love the batter. Crunchy

  9. Uncle Lee

    Brickfields just got a "face lift". Now most of the road had become "jalan Sehala" Guess the Mat Salleh would be confused.

    Still a lot of great food to be had there

  10. Eugene

    Yup, went all the way to Pertama Complex. Coz biasa with that particular shop already. It's easier.

    If go to other shop they might not be so obliging and maybe give excuses the frame cant be use and asked to make one more from them

  11. STP

    The PLB sale not daily there ler. Hahaha...

    You will be in KL for how long? Stay Brickfield would be better coz sort of near to everything. Near to petaling street..bangsar...PJ...

  12. Pete

    Dare not goreng share market lo...later hangus. Unit trust not bad la

  13. TZ

    wokay..deliver to your office :D

  14. Hahaha! Hi5! Chloe was a specs "serial murderer" too. The daddy, mummy, mah-mah, ah ma, gung-gung's specs have all undergone some form of abuse by her... either kena broken, snapped or twisted! But she's not as lucky as smallkucing lor... no goreng stuffs to eat after that haha. Scolding got lah.

  15. Walau..i duno u can be that ganas abusing ur mamarazzi spec..luckily she dont has a panda eye. Yes, the bomb is great lor!!

  16. Sobs... Auntie wan goreng goreng... as long as goreng...sure nice to eat punya. Come... letsgo find goreng goreng to makannn!

  17. how i wish my son could give me a kick too! So then i have excuse to change my old out fashion spectacle ma .

  18. What's the bomb?? Very nice ar? Inside got what? Next time belanja me one, can Smallkucing? Hehe

  19. i love those goreng goreng stuffs too...but everytime after eaten will get sorethroat. Wah....smallkucing so pandai to do super kick.....haha

  20. AUntie Cleff

    You go eat Poh Chai Yin la..tengah lausai dont eat goreng goreng

  21. Oh, again, specs rosak! Hahaha....normal-lah, when have very young children around, be prepared to have many things rosak becos of their itchy hands and legs. You know, just recently, I went to withdraw money from ATM machine and Juan Or was with me. He was running around at the ATM area and I had to keep on turning my head back to see what he's up to, then suddenly the ATM machine telan my card simply becos I was a tad too slow to take the card! Now my money is frozen in the account becos mine is a bookless account and the ATM card is gone. Next day, the bank opened up the machine and they can't find my card! Ai, susah, susah.

  22. Mommy Ling

    I super kick bruce lee..

  23. u guys are food hunters man! haha, time to change new spec lo, thank your lil kucing! hahahaha!

  24. Wai Kitt

    Dont wish for something that you might regret lo . Got 1 shop in Pertama Complex service good and price cheap

  25. mNhL

    yummy goreng goreng..after that drink coconut water :D

  26. Lenglui Witch's red bean inside

  27. Sobs... but goreng goreng more sedap than the pills! LOL! Kasi abit la...auntie very cham leh!

  28. Ha the correct stall's goreng pisang is real tasty la... em, must try.

  29. Alice

    Ya lo can be very distracting when the boyu running here and there. Kept worry he'll run out :(

  30. lil bulb

    ya the goreng goreng that the correct stall sold was very nice

  31. Irene

    Baru the other day got new spec :(

  32. oh..i remember there is a stall near the road..opposite YMCA...i go there every weekend to buy the kuih muih, buns, white radish cake, yam cake and a lot more, i love their food, but not sure still there or not. Always is a long queue.

  33. Annie

    The stall is still there, Mamarazzi bought kuih muih from there before. Taste so-so.


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